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January 18,2018

Strategy is the only sure way to success; if one does not have a strategy, trial and error will definitely lead him to anywhere. That is the current situation of Nigerian Christians; they don’t know where to go, what to do and how to handle the situation they found themselves. They have declared fasting and prayer but faith without work is useless. They have shouted with numerous press statements and prophesies yet to no avail. They have pleaded to the government of Nigeria and threatened rain of fire but Islamic fundamentalists know their Book said ‘battle is not of flesh but spiritual’ so why Fulani kill them physically, they kill Fulani spiritually. Fulani herdsmen and Boko haram unleash terror at will because they know they cannot fight back. Didn’t the book also said love your enemies; give them your other cheek if they slap the other one and Jihadists have thrived on those verses, killing them like Christmas chicken and getting loved in return. The highest Christians could do so far was to starve themselves of red meat in the name of fighting Islamic economy.

The Nigerian far rights will say I have come again with strategic column in trying to lobby them to accept Biafra while liberals will sit down and assimilate my message. I have always made it clear right from inception that Biafra is a Christian asylum. This position of mine was further buttressed when a Christian group from Nasarawa told me that they will join Biafra and all oppressed Christians in Nigeria will go with Biafra. They further urged me to see Biafra beyond political or geographical thing but more a religious thing. I agreed with them because it is very certain that Nigerian Christians have nowhere to go. Biafra restoration remains the only option to stopping Islamic takeover of Africa through Nigeria. If Biafra is not the only option; you can please outline the strategy to combating 1987 Abuja Jihad declaration that is happening today.

As soon as Buhari took over; he did not hide it that he would give attention to the Muslims that voted him and Christians can have 3% attention. Shortly; Fulani herdsmen began to raid Christian populated communities. Boko haram was labeled misguided brothers against the initial designation of it- a terrorist organization. He indicated the willingness to negotiate with terrorists and give them whatsoever they want even when all they wanted was Islamic reign or Sharia enforcement across the country. That was how it all began- Jihad launched by Fulani and Hausa Boko Haram. Till date Christians are dying in Nigeria and nothing is being done about that.

One thing is when Jihad starts; it doesn’t stop till its objective is achieved, under Muhammadu Buhari’s watch, Jihad commenced and up till date, Jihad is still ongoing. Nigeria will be taken if nothing is done and the best thing to do is first carve out Christian asylum (Biafra) and then confront Jihad with equal measure.

If Biafra doesn’t top agenda for Christianity; the purpose of this ongoing Jihad will be accomplished and before dusk, we will bow down in worship of Muhammed’s god. People have been displaced in Benue; many displaced in Agatu, more displaced in Nimbo in Enugu state. Christian community in Taraba is under siege and the government of Muhammadu Buhari looks on and feigning ignorance. These displaced Christians will soon start to accept the Muhammedian offer to remain alive and have a home. The worst aspect of it is; instead of Christendom helping the displaced Christians, they are busy praying for Holy Ghost intervention like people that have lost touch with reality.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist in TheBiafraPost and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from  Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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