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In the United States of America; a man woke up a certain morning, picked up his gun and went straight into a church and murdered worshippers. He was pursued by a neighbor and later, news came that he died, either shot himself or by the police. The bad news there was that nobody had the chance to interrogate him or ask him what gave him the impetus to kill people in the supposedly presence of God.

In Ozubulu, a town in Anambra state, armed men waited patiently for the church service to commence and the supposedly holy spirit of God to come in before walking directly into the Catholic Church to shoot carelessly at worshippers, at the end of the day, scores were murdered in the supposedly presence of God.

In the whole of Southsouth and Southeast; that was the first time such news was heard in the land; Southern Nigeria is a Christian dominated region and one of the places church is respected. It makes the highest contribution to Rome- headquarter of Catholic Church and there is no church today that can boast of success without having population of the South in it. So the killing that occurred in Ozubulu is clearly a change of perception, the church has lost respect.

In the North; killings in the Church was seen as a normal culture owing to the fact that Islam has control over that region. Recently in Amoku, worshippers were also murdered by unknown gunmen while returning from crossover service.

I had come for an exchange when a Muslim bureau de change customer told me a story of where a pastor was caught for using human beings to make his church foundation. He noted that church is now a business and unholy place and he wondered why people still go to church. I tried to tell him that there are good churches but he persisted that all are the same, citing another example. He said that they all use charms, kill fellow human beings and attract people for money. His condemnation of the church was so huge that I had to wisely end the chat.

I traveled to Delta state; the home town of our gallant soldier Nzeogwu, it’s called Okpanam, and there is a major entrance road into the town. It was a Sunday morning; and immediately I entered the single way station to the heart of the town, I had a look at my left hand side and I saw a church, on my right hand side is another church and that was how different churches were located next to each other. The loud speaker of the churches disturbing each other; but they were okay, I allowed my car to slowly move and I was able to capture everything. Church buildings scattered like a market site.

I went into the town and saw more disturbing church buildings, a shop was used for church and peoples home converted into normal church and standing in the front door of the church is a man and a woman with envelope and card for offering and tight. Members are offered the envelope and the card to put offering and tight which will later be collected by the ushers. The female usher gives the card and envelope to female members while male to men. The pastor on the 'pull-pit' was on top of his voice; prophesying breakthrough and success. In another church; the pastor was praying against witches and wizard holding the destinies of farmers and other professional members. I observed how determined the few members within the range of my sight were. They were really being given what they needed; to succeed and to have a breakthrough.

I asked my friend what is really going on in his town; he told me that churches are scattered everywhere and that churches love Okpanam these days. The people of Biafra love God so much that anything about God is their priority and many have taken advantage of them. This is why Islam could not have a space in old Eastern region; they so much love God.

Further investigation showed that church presence in Opkanam rose to all time high when the community started selling their community land and buyers paying more and building homes. There was inflow of money and circulation of it in Okpanam and that attracted churches in that community. Majority of church members in Okpanam sell properties to survive and parts of the money is put in churches to please God, either by seed sowing or tight or offering.

The commercializing of church has played important role in degradation of the church hence it has become an enterprise instead of a place of worship. Pastors in a quest to attract more members indulge in unholy acts simply because they were not chosen. A call is something special that works on its own; brings money and stabilizes life without hunting for money. The one that created a bird also gave it wings to fly.

The restoration of the church must start with pastors and General overseers; the commercializing and scattering of churches in every nook and cranny of the country is being abused by so called pastors. It is high time these preachers go back to cell fellowship and terminate unnecessary extensions that breed corruption in the Christendom. The church must go back to its place of respect and where it belongs but the quest starts with the pastors and church owners. The major purpose of the church was for people to gather and worship and praise God but the mission of the church has been abused and narrowed to money making venture.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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