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December 04, 2017

There are calls for the IPOB to form a political party in Nigeria to push for the independence of Biafra rather than seek it via a referendum. Most of those suggesting the need for the formation of a political party have stated that the constitution of Nigeria does not include a referendum and any move for that by IPOB will be illegal. Scotland is always mentioned as an example for the people of Biafra to emulate in pushing for their independence.

There may be some convincing reasons why the people of Biafra should form a political party or support a candidate to push forward their quest but I want to remind all and sundry that politics in Nigeria is too biased and corrupt and will thwart the quest for the restoration of Biafra. As always revealed in elections, politics in Nigeria is for the highest bidder and not for those with majority votes. The total compliance to the boycott of Nigeria government organized election in Enugu, Anambra and recently Akwa Ibom States by Biafrans has exposed the complicity of the Nigeria’s electoral commission as fictitious results are announced whereas there was nobody in sight to participate in the vote exercise.

As Scotland is always used as a case study to convince IPOB to join politics, let me also use the political party, All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) which was created purportedly to protect the interest of the Eastern region. APGA which had the support of Late Biafran leader Odumegwu Ojukwu is now a group of politicians seeking their personal interest using his portrait and past speeches to beg for vote but after elections becomes a nightmare to the voters. Anambra state led by APGA still holds the record for the highest number of extra judicial killings and violence against innocent and defenseless Biafrans. Even global human right watchdog, Amnesty International, issued a petition against the governor of the state demanding the setup of an inquiry into the atrocities against Biafrans.

The Nigeria government can continue to proffer ignorance to the reality of boycott of elections in Biafra Land but these are diplomatic moves that are well-documented for future references, for surely the tides will change. Common sense should tell those concerned that the deepening crises in neighboring Ambazonia (Southern Cameroon) will definitely cause disarray in deeply divided Nigeria. How long the shut down boundary between both countries shall hold forth should also be considered in a case of total violence. I have always told those who cared to listen that Muhammadu Buhari is more interested in bringing to end the activities of IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu but forgets he is fuelling the creation of Biafra sympathizers who will not subscribe to the diplomatic moves of the IPOB leader.

The Nigeria government has consistently violated the fundamental rights of the people of Biafra and there is no guarantee that they will ever be protected or respected under the current political settings. The constitution of Nigeria solely written by Former Military Head of State, Abdusalami Abubakar, has no input from the citizens and legally should not have any binding on the people of Biafra. There is a 1914 amalgamation treaty that was forcefully binding on the people of Biafra to create the contraption called Nigeria and has expired after a hundred years. Fifty years after the genocide against the people of Biafra, the sovereignty of Biafra is ripe enough to be considered via a referendum

Those demanding that IPOB should form a political party should channel their energy in asking the Nigeria government to implement at least one, out of the numerous National Conference reports littering the archive of the Abuja Presidential Villa. IPOB is the only true opposition to the vile and tyranny of the Nigeria government because it is supported by the citizens and not political office holders. The clamor for the restoration of Biafra can best be soothed via a referendum for the sake of peace.

The Nigeria government should be pressed on to be civil and shun the barbaric acts of killing and violating the rights of Biafrans clamoring for Self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations Charter. Nobody has a monopoly to violence as dialogue is never exhaustive; referendum remains the best approach for the avoidance of bloodshed and to clear every doubt over the choice of the people.

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