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December 5,2017

The Director of Afrawood Entertainment World; a Biafran national entertainment industry has boasted that the industry will eradicate poverty in Biafra, promote Biafran culture and tell the pure and true story/history of the existence of the people of Biafra. In a chat with the recently set up executive arm of the industry after a state meeting with IPOB African Rep, Jurge Onyeibe, he indicated their readiness to swing into action as soon as documents and treaties that would seal the corporation of IPOB for the industry is complete.

“We don’t want to run a kind of private industry that will be bastardized and poorly managed or with limited vision. We have great vision that deserves Afrawood being incorporated with IPOB and under the leadership’s authority while we function independently” Director of the national industry said.

Reacting to the ongoing formation of a sustainable leadership and creation of offices; he noted that the formation is almost done and offices have been erected but few offices are left. Speaking in an executive media chat, the Director said.

“Some offices are yet to be erected; we have paid money for our website which will enable people to visit and drop suggestions on how best to make a world class indigenous industry; we are professionals and have had experience in this but we still need more. Our website will be all inclusive website through which online registrations and sponsorship can happen. We have met the IPOB African Rep who is the highest IPOB officer on ground and we have written and submitted documents to him, notifying him of Afrawood activities and pattern of corporation. My media director has also been directed to write to state coordinators and inform them of our plan to have Afrawood in all states with Rivers state being the headquarter, this move was as a result of the endorsement we received from IPOB to carry on” The industry which came into public notice after Princess Kann the last daughter of Eze Okwu Isreal Kanu, the father of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, made known that the industry will be floated to help diplomatically fight for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. In what appears like preparing for the inevitable restoration of Biafra. Afrawood has begun to state its vision and how it wants to achieve it. The national director, Ifeanyi Chukwu Francis stated Afrawood will not be like every other entertainment industry, citing the inability of Nigerian Nollywwod to make impact in the country but rather copying others. “We want to make sure that we enlighten our people about their history and culture; present Afrawood as a tool of unity; entertainment will secure and strengthen our unity which has been under political threat” he said. Meanwhile; Afrawood media director Maxwel E. Nnabuihe who spoke during the media chat also noted that the reactions of the people of Biafra towards the establishment of Afrawood have been overwhelming. He indicated that Afrawood has been very systematic because of its observation and corporation of overall leadership of IPOB. He further noted that reasons Afrawood may have not taken steps towards executing any project yet is because of the need to get the necessary documents that will be a sort of authority from IPOB leadership. He however indicated that their last meeting with IPOB African Rep has cemented everything and by 2018; they will be kicking like a due embryo.

His words “ Biafrans with knowledge of Afrawood existence have overwhelmingly reacted but we don’t want to jump protocols by rushing into the business of entertainment. We have also written to IPOB interim National coordinator our operation, proposal and everything that has to do with Afrawood, and inclusive of the leadership so far, we are underway to officially write to Igweocha state coordinator Mazi David Njoku who represents Afrawood headquarter even though we have been talking about it” Speaking further; he noted that Afrawood will be launched into the Biafra populace properly only when they have received responses. We will officially launch into the public when we have received yet official response from African Rep, interim national coordinator and headquarter state coordinator. We are preparing enlightening fliers and articles and other modalities. As soon as we get green light from authorities; we will start publication and decimation”

Afrawood administrating director John Okike commended the people of Biafra for accepting Afrawood and appreciated the out pour of support and desire from Biafran youths. He boasted that Afrawood will never fail the people of Biafra and is on ground to harness talents and project harnessed ones. He further marveled at the number of over Two Hundred Willing (200) members so far who are on the whatsapp group of the entertainment industry and hopeful that by the time they get the ground running, things will be even easier. He stated that those (200) are artistes of different category, music, modeling, acting, football and so on.

Meanwhile; Afrawood has not chartered registration procedure as membership is yet free but the industry indicated that registration process may be outlined in due time without mentioning if it’s for already existing members or new ones. On the idea of fighting unemployment and poverty in Biafra land; the director of the industry noted that the industry will attractively pay her established artists and also allow talent to prove itself. He indicated that structures are on ground to recruit and make sure Biafrans utilize their talents, which Afrawood will use to fetch money and return the money to the people and also help other unseen or to be harnessed talents. Speaking on the brand of the industry; he held that films, music, football, modeling and all entertainment categories in Afrawood will reflect the value system and culture of the people of Biafra. He further opined that there would be less foreign practices as such practices will not be orthodox to the industry as much as they won’t bar or stop foreign practices. Going further; he emphasized that the industry will abide by the culture of truth which will help eradicate corruption in entertainment industry and bring total discipline. On the rampant sexual harassment and immoral acts associated with entertainment industry in recent time; the director seems to have a modus operandi by which such activities will be curtailed. He stated thus.

“Biafra is a holy nation and anybody associating with it will be holy; we serve God and the project of Biafra is God’s project; Biafra is a nation that belongs to God. Anybody found in immoral act of sexual harassment, gay or any form of crime will be dismissed from taking part nationally in anything that has to do with entertainment for Biafra. We will teach our people the right thing devoid of immorality”

Finally; the director of the industry urged the people of Biafra to hugely invest in the industry which can also go through the leadership of IPOB. He noted that Biafrans in Diaspora and within must step up to making Afrawood financially fit to facing its vision.

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