The Biafra Post | December 02, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Supreme Leader
My orthodox column on The Biafra Post throughout the week has sufficiently focused on the yet to be officially announced Biafra referendum. I have creatively tried to answer numerous questions and set the ground running for the people of Biafra. I have also given less attention to those opposed to the referendum and given everything to the proponents but I have never failed to pin-point the fact that it will never be an easy adventure.

Today’s column will conclude the daily focus on this impending history to be made by Indigenous People of Biafra in the middle of the year 2018. I intend to use this topic to summarize and capture things that were not previously captured. Nigeria is trembling and wishing this referendum fizzles out while Biafrans desire it more than their wives in a cold night.

The referendum is gradually coming to public assurance; IPOB wants to slowly reel it out and waiting for opinions or reactions. It seems the country is cold over the potential referendum; contemplating if IPOB would officially announce it or allow it fizzles out. Opposition doesn’t want to talk about it; Nigeria also doesn’t want to make a noise as usual because referendum will mark the beginning of the final phase of the struggle. By 2019; IPOB will be agitating for the state they won through independence referendum to be recognized and no longer a referendum date. This will automatically change or heat up the polity in Nigeria, believe you me, that singular act will spill into Biafra statehood.

I have received messages from Nigerians and Biafrans; they are screaming, some is a scream of joy while some is a scream of disapproval. One pointedly told me to make sure I set up security that would secure the lives of the people of Biafra and another told me that I should stop misleading the people of Biafra into conducting a referendum that their soldiers will slaughter anybody that comes out to vote if the referendum date is given. I have constantly told them that I am only sympathetic to Biafra cause and know nothing about IPOB structure.

The cost of Biafra Independence referendum will be much, the two major challenges are, cost of manpower and financial cost, and they will determine the ability to conduct a successful referendum.

Cost of manpower is a category on its own which includes, ability to provide security against murderous Nigerian forces, ability to reach the nook and cranny of Biafran territories, forming defacto government etc and ability to harmonize different Biafra groups to come under the already established and tested leadership of the champion of the struggle. Referendum is something that must collapse all diverse agitating groups to achieving the needed result with good image. In order words; IPOB must set up a committee to take care of everything mentioned above and this committee must include non members of IPOB and representatives of various agitating groups. But IPOB must first set up a committee of its own to reach out to others and accommodate all under a roof.

The security aspect of ensuring a successful referendum is immense; the biggest challenge to it is security. Like Catalonia did; her regional autonomy (security wise) played important role in securing voters even though human rights were scarcely observed. Nigeria is a kingdom of savages and barbarians; conduct of referendum will be a bloody experience for the people of Biafra and this is why security of the people must be the first thing to put under consideration. BSS can be collapsed into Biafra National Guard as the situation has to do with external aggression. The security of the people of Biafra if assured and worked on will ensure large turnout of voters and save lives.

The people of Biafra have been mobilized and there is no need of fresh mobilization; what needed to be done is going to the nooks and cranny of the territories of Biafra to inform and prepare the people. Meeting various community leaders to negotiate and discuss the referendum and how best to win; with the presence of the people in remote places, Biafra will have a successful referendum.

Financial cost is another big challenge; financing Biafra referendum will go a long way because logistics will be vital to a timely and secured election. Manpower must not always be expected to be gotten on a platter of gold. Due to the likely intrusion of the Nigerian government to thwart the referendum, IPOB must be strategic in setting up booths. If booths can be set up on every street in Biafra; it will beat the murderers to their game because large turnout will be experienced and the murderers will not be able to have a target. It is another thing to conduct the referendum and lose in the poll; that will cause a big blow to the quest for the restoration of Biafra.

Finally; in the absence of payment of staff and production of voting materials; the cost of hosting observers and many more; the cost of self-defense remains the priority of the people of Biafra. To achieve a successful referendum; self-defense must be the priority of the people of Biafra.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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