Written By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP December 05, 2017
First I would like to furnish the knowledge of my readers with this fable story where and how Nigeria got it all wrong from day one; Nigeria like the foolish poor farmer killed her goose with the golden eggs. Before I go down the story lines, in my perception, permit me to continue with this fable story of a poor farmer who one day discovers in the nest of her pet goose a glittering golden egg. At first she thought it to be a kind of trick but as she starts to pick up the eggs she has another second thoughts and takes it in to be appraised instead .
The eggs are pure gold! The poor farmer can't believe her good fortune, she becomes even more incredulous the following day when the experience she has earlier on repeated itself. Day after day; she awakens to rush to the nest find another golden egg, she suddenly becomes fabulously wealthy, then to her it all seems too good to be true. But with increasing wealth comes greed and impatience and unable to wait day after day for the golden eggs, the greedy poor farmer decided she will kill the goose and get them all at once . But when she killed the goose she finds it empty; there are no more golden eggs and now there is no other effective means to get more, she foolishly destroyed the goose that produced the golden eggs that made her wealthy, which is the source of her richness. Retired Gen. Jack Yakubu Gowon, I hope to bring this to your knowledge for proper discernment that you caused it all; sentiments apart and let's face fact. As a Journalist I live above personal emotions and trauma, I present nor discuss facts the way it should be treated. The acts of bridging and destroying accords, dialogues, treaties, resolutions, recommendations by the rest of other Nigerians for building a one united Nigeria that you Gowon so much anticipated was initiated by you and your military government. Gen. Gowon, let me teach you a bit further why your much anticipated one Nigeria and her unity in diversity cannot and will no longer work out is that Gowon military government took upon them arms and committed genocide against their fellow citizens and compatriots in a gruesome manner. This act alone since then undermine the effective growth rate of Nigeria. In a sane clime; allow me to demonstrate clearly and eloquent to you [Yakubu Gowon], and to the rest of Hausa-Fulanilized Nigeria so to say Arewa [Elders and Youths] Consultative Forum for being too rambunctious to man-handle, mistreat, kill or murder any other parts of Nigeria that dare try to question the impunity you [Yakubu Gowon] created, you balkanized the old Eastern region of Nigeria in the heat of not implementing the accord and creates minority from where the North had their tentacles cemented on for effective exploitation. The degree at which your Northern brothers do not recognize the rights of other ethnic Nationalities that live with them in the Nigeria context has called for restructuring from some quarters while the old Eastern region of Nigeria solely believe in referendum to save Nigeria from this mess; there is no harmony which is the modicum towards either survival and stability, then since there had been innumerable acts of violation of these peoples rights by the Arewa North calls for disintegration in peace or destruction in pieces. On a ten point scale, Nigeria has failed on her numerous opportunities to rewrite her wrongs, the core North are operating on another scale of value and reasoning best known to them leaving the Biafrans they forced back to the Nigeria union to die miserably on a different scale of hardships and marginalization. Had Retired General Yakubu Gowon been more matured enough he should have respected and stick to the dialogue or resolution he had with Chukwuemeka Ojukwu rather Gowon borrowed wisdom after the accord was made. Borrowing wisdom and strength builds weakness, it builds weakness in the borrower because it reinforces dependence on resolving issues; Gowon you allowed the Sultanate, political sycophants and the British crown to deceive you into waging war against Biafrans. Now I can tell Gowon point blank that he and Nigeria lack the repertoire in every facets of life if to be use as criterion to bring or preach one Nigeria again to already tired people in it. Retired General Jack Yakubu Gowon, you violated the dialogue in agreement to returning peace back to Nigeria you had with Chukwuemeka Ojukwu in a sane and serene clime devoid of hostilities there in Ghana; Gowon reneged on the dialogue to which forced Ojukwu to not to come to terms with Gowon until he effect into action their accord. Instead Retired General Jack Yakubu Gowon, unleashed his military mights against Chukwuemeka Ojukwu and his Eastern region. Can Gowon be truthful and tell us which region in Nigeria first raised her independent flag and chanted "araba araba" against the rest of other regions in Nigeria? Gowon did Ojukwu raise an army against the Nigeria state if not for the invading impasse at which Northern soldiers were deployed all over Eastern region to kill Ojukwu in secrecy as they did to Ironsi which forced Chukwuemeka Ojukwu to form an army out of necessity. The invading army becomes expedient that Ojukwu raised an army because of the events unfolding at that peak in time; Ojukwu raised an army on a defensive and survival basis when it becomes crystal clear that Gowon wants him eliminated by all means available, the Gowon army of perdition caused more harm than good. People should stop to distort facts and figures because they are benefiting from Gowon's wrong chart he plotted against the Biafrans. I as a writer i hate to distort vital information which can help all to rewrite our wrongs. Gowon should for now before calling Nnamdi Kanu for dialogue as he rightly called him his younger brother admit that he is responsible to the war crimes committed against the Biafrans if he is man enough; for a man not to accept his mistakes makes him irresponsible. Response-Ability; here is the way a person has the ability to respond to underlying issues of the moment while being Irresponsible is for Gowon to come out not accepting his colossal mistakes that under his watch the Biafrans were killed. Is Gowon telling the world that his much anticipated Nigeria did not take up arms against the Eastern part of Nigeria? For Gowon to charge Nnamdi Kanu to seek the face of dialogue with the Nigeria government depicts that Gowon is an irresponsible man not to admit his fault lines because evidences abound for Nnamdi Kanu to substantiate his claims that the Nigeria government has been killing his people within the pretext of one Nigeria and nobody is answering for it.
Gowon your much anticipated Nigeria should allow the Biafrans exercise their natural rights of self-determination, they should allow the Biafrans to exercise their choice of freedom in Nigeria; for now Rtd. Gen. Jack Yakubu Gowon should forget about his counsel to Nnamdi Kanu to seek the face of dialogue with the Nigeria government that had been on rampage killing his Indigenous People of Biafra over their well grounded rights as a universal law, the only counsel left that will yield effective result is the counsel for a referendum to be conducted and supervised by the United Nations

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