By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP December 05, 2017 Retired General Jack Yakubu Gowon grills again on hearing about the resurgence of the Biafra he killed believing that he had interred her body to deteriorate with the earth; I will personally ask Mr. Gowon what happened to the Biafra spirit that he did not murder as well. Gowon and his Nigeria military government won the war loosing the battle pure as that, necessity gave room for Biafra which becomes an ideology and an ideology cannot die, the people that invented it must have passed it to the next generation which will continue to be a movement until it is been realized. Nigeria maltreated her goose that gives her the golden eggs for her survival. To drive home my points, this column will upturn all that were hidden from the rest of the world; in what year did General Jack Yakubu Gowon reached or had the peaceful agreement with Late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu? And in what year did Ojukwu declared Biafra? Who is to blame for Ojukwu's action if not Jack Yakubu Gowon that thwarted the peaceful accord reached with Ojukwu in Ghana, suddenly with the help of the British government and her BBC media Chukwuemeka Ojukwu was labelled and called a rebel to help design the picture of events the way it will suit and favor the British empire with her Hausa-Fulani savages. This is the time for enlightenment, Gowon needs not to nag the Biafrans again over the Federal government of Nigeria failure to embrace the Biafrans as part and parcel of Nigeria since the war ended leaving the lost battle rather Nigeria till date treats Biafrans as dissidents. In heterogeneous state like Nigeria interdependence should have been a thing of concern to which the mind disillusioned Nigerians and her leaders lack to a halt. One; Nigeria lacks human relations with the Biafrans since the war ended, as heterogeneous state should have operated on a loose Confederacy system of government where interdependence with other regions would have help the Nigeria state to grow along her regions creating competitive challenges and opportunities to be tap into so as to harness their solid and mineral resources. Effective interdependence can only be built on a foundation of true independence, its like mathematical settings where algebra comes before calculus. I have looked back to survey the terrain to enable me understand when Nigeria will be in good term with the Biafrans but the answer coming is on a negative scale rule; then where is Nigeria heading without been in a smooth relationship with the Biafrans. From my standing point of view, it is obvious that every decree or rules made in Nigeria is against the survival of a particular region the defunct old Eastern region of Nigeria. Nigeria decided to take the Biafrans as slaves without their consent to it in a union that the British government made. Now the road to that slavery is blocked, no short cuts either, no way to parachute the Biafrans back into slavery in the Nigeria project; to the Biafrans the Nigeria landscape ahead is covered with the fragments of broken relationship and sentiments from the different ethnic Nationalities the British crown lumped together, the people have tried to make Nigeria project work but they are found tired, Nigeria failed to reintegrate the Biafrans back into the different systems of Nigeria organs. Nigeria lack the much needed maturity to handle conflicting issues concerning the Biafrans rather the Nigeria government from the onset has always considered using her military to cajole them into being submissive slaves not until the arrival of Nnamdi Kanu. I am enthused that Retired General Jack Yakubu Gowon, now suddenly wants a quick fix to his failed one Nigeria project at the already expended time given to Nigeria since the war ended, I think there is need to get a screwdriver open the Nigeria brain and rewire her war and negative perception on Biafrans this time around, I have consistently seen a thread weaving itself that Nigeria always talk their way out of problem without addressing the root cause of the matter. Gowon should know that Nigeria can no longer have the fruits coming from Biafra land no more because they failed to tilling the ground properly and sowing to root. It is the natural principle of sequencing, self mastery and self discipline are the core values toward building a strong foundation founded on trust help to build a better society for all which in turn help the Nation to grow at her pace; Gowon failed to understand that self respect comes from dominion over self and had he encouraged true independence would have help re positioned Nigeria to another level of trust and good human relations. Retired General Jack Yakubu Gowon and his core Arewa Northern people think that Britain created Nigeria for them to coerce others, rule and dictate events, the Hausa-Fulanis thought this to be a great achievement not knowing that soon doom will hit up with Nigeria and now they are crying foul on whose fault? Be that as it may that is the gospel truth in Nigeria since inception that born to rule mentality savors their brains.

Nigeria [Hausa-Fulani] lack the spirit of interdependence with the Biafrans ever since Gowon reneged on the Aburi Ghana accord, Jack Yakubu Gowon is talking about dialogue, which of the so called dialogue have Nigeria implemented so far? Kiama declaration is there, Ibadan declaration is there too, Aburi accord is there too, Confab report and resolution is there too. The failure of the core North to see other Nigerians as human capable of making decisions the way they deem fit has caused Nigeria not to live in harmony and real independence of the so called Jack Yakubu Gowon unity in diversity. Gowon I sensed reasoned from his personality ethic of he, that man who fought to keep Nigeria together rather he should have think from his character ethic, the foundation that he laid because he did laid a bad one not worthy of emulation; with this move made so far by Gowon asking Nnamdi Kanu to embrace dialogue with Mohammadu Buhari; I sincerely hope the world can see duplicity in this octogenarian and his Northerner successors. Because of one man who refused to admit his sins till date Nigeria has been on pause. Nigeria has not been able to build any meaningful thing or sustain the much taunted unity in diversity which is causing Nigeria her interdependence to grow with other regions that constitute to what the British nickname Nigeria. Gowon and his one Nigeria apologetics never come in contact this natural principle of sequencing that techniques and skills use in Nation building are the ones that flow naturally from a truly independent character given to other regions. The term Nigeria is no longer value driven to the Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that the Nigeria government under Mohammadu Buhari went to murder in his home; what have Jack Yakubu Gowon said about that ugly trend, what have Jack Yakubu Gowon said over the senseless and incessant killing of the Indigenous People of Biafra under tyrant Mohammadu Buhari and his genocidist Chief of Army Staff Gen. Yusuf Burutai's watch. As the Indigenous People of Biafra look at the terrain ahead, they rejoice because they see a whole new dimensions of a new Nation to be called theirs; they have vowed to nurture her survival which Nigeria lacks in strong terms. Biafrans their will power has vowed to explore her interdependence with her other regions as a heterogeneous state knowing the value driven in interdependence will open worlds of possibilities for deep rich meaningful association with her constituent parts, for geometrically increase productivity, for serving, for contributing, for living in peace which brings all about growth of a Nation. Yes Biafrans knows for starting from the scratch it won't be that rosy for them, here; there will be pain, frustration as a started, road blocks to happiness, success but their happiness lies in a free Biafra Nation. In conclusion, Nigeria refused not to work in an interdependence atmosphere with the Biafra region which is the goose that produce the golden eggs [oil and gas] that Hausa-Fulani so much cherished and will kill for it anytime, this has caused lack of trust, open communication and positive interactions between the Arewa North and the Biafrans. For Nigeria to continue to get those golden eggs [oil and gas] on a regular basis need to take a very good care of the goose [Biafra] but it is surprisingly that Nigeria and her handlers failed woefully instead the people are treated with disdain as they are being called dissidents by the Hausa-Fulanis since the war ended. The Indigenous People of Biafra is not a rag tag movement causing problems to warrant them to seek the face of dialogue with Nigeria government no more rather Nigeria should consider referendum the next option in line to tow so as to give peace a chance.

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