December 5,2017
TheBiafraPost : (The Untold Story)

Recently when I visited Bayelsa for a meeting, I was delayed in a park and while waiting for my friend, I decided to go into a restaurant; I waited patiently in that restaurant with just a can of water. Shortly; a car parked in front of the restaurant and gorgeous women alighted. The two of them had sun glasses and walked in majestically into the restaurant, seated just behind me and I declined to take notice of them. I maintained focus; having a lookout through the window of the restaurant. The restaurant attendant approached the women like they did to me; and they ordered for fried rice, salad, chicken and juice. I was careful to making sure nobody noticed my attention; the attendant served them and they coyly got on it. I was not hungry so I did not bother looking at the dish or savoring; but when my mind came back on their table; they had finished eating; but what was left was still enough to make another launch. Their handkerchief carefully took care of their wet soft hands; it was time to rest and I tarried, but I was getting uncomfortable with my stay. I could remember that I told my friend I will be in Bayelsa before 2 O’clock. But just as I was thinking; I overheard one of the women say that she can’t endure her loneliness any further. She complained that her husband has been away for more than two months for his business in Canada. She went further and bitterly complained to her friend how she is suffering as a result of her heart that grows fonder. That moment; I inhaled remarkably, I just remembered that another innocent woman has been in dirty Nigerian prison for 11 years now. I just remembered that she was arrested and taken into the prison when she was pregnant and she passed through labour in the prison. She gave birth in that same prison and nursed her child; her problem was larger than world, I just stood and walked away because I dont want to hear the woman complain over her heaven, when I know of another woman in hell.

11 years ago; Nigerian DSS stormed the home of a pregnant mother and arrested her and her husband’s sister who stayed with her to help her through the time of her pregnancy because his husband was a freedom fighter who left her for the struggle to liberate his people. Taken to the court and charged with treasonable felony with 7 months pregnancy; she and her unborn baby have to go through the stress and frustration of Nigerian detention facility. She was yet to come to terms with what was going on with her life; she is not a member of MASSOB and neither is she a party to the activities of MASSOB; her only crime was that she fell in love with a freedom fighter. Nigerian DSS had picked up Ten Million Naira in her home and confiscated all her properties and left her in the walls of a dark prison. Few weeks gone and nothing is happening and some months later; she was taken to the court, charged with bogus treasonable felony. Nigerian government with its prosecution opined that marrying a freedom fighter is but a treasonable felony; her love for the husband she married was labeled treason. Since eleven years till date; Mrs Onyekachi Orji with her co-defendants have been on trial and Nigerian court is doing what it knows how best to do. Adjourning and indirectly suffering an innocent woman; eleven years now, there is no verdict and in most cases, the accused are not brought to the court and when brought to the court, a judge heartlessly adjourns. What she is yet to attain is if she has been given spiritual life imprisonment by the country she found herself in or the inability to try her is because she has no case to answer.

When she was arrested eleven years ago; many believed that it was a strategic move to use her and get her husband- the prime target of the government; but time has proved otherwise, because even as his husband surrendered himself, his wife was not released and even as the prime suspect has been released, the wife has not been released. The inconsistent judicial practice in Nigeria has further withered the hope of justice; a common man is hopeless in Nigeria. Last week on the adjourned date of the case; Mrs Onyekachi Orji and her co-defendants were to appear in federal high court Awka but as the judge waited for her; the prison authority refused to bring them to the court on the order of those that own Nigeria who found pleasure to seeing innocent Biafran woman rot in jail. Once more; she has lost the hope freedom after her case was adjourned indefinitely. Man’s wickedness against man is monstrous and more wrecking when a woman is on the receiving end.

Report by Ifeanyi Chijioke 
Published/Edited by Anyi Kings                
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