November 16,2017

I read in the news that Muhammadu Buhari will tour southeast; then shortly, I watched online video where youths dressed like Biafran Ninjas and elite Commandos read out messages to him. Their message was strong but the missing idea was, for your threat to be taken serious, your target must see something that will spark fear. I don’t understand the idea of threatening a president with Biafra flag; flag don’t kill, what kills is gun.

Ordinarily; if I were Muhammadu Buhari, I won’t fear anything, I will observe my guard of honor and call for a welcome on the biggest ground in Ebonyi state. I will freely shake Nigerians in Biafra and speak to them and I will make my tour to Biafra land memorable. I will pass a message with the tour and tell the world that yes; Biafrans are still Nigerians, you could see them hailing and greeting me.

Even though nobody may come out to welcome Buhari; Nigerian politicians will do it their way, rent a crowd from anywhere and make it memorable. The country is under recession; everything virtually came to a halt, even my phone network is suffering. The people will wholeheartedly accept Two Thousand Naira each to welcome Buhari in Ebonyi state. People from other states can even come; Kastina and Kaduna, there was the need to make the tour memorable. I followed the visit and I was so disappointed; Buhari did not tour southeast to meet the people but to meet his political allies. He was not welcomed by indigence and neither did the people of Biafra see the president of Nigeria. Even the guard of honor mounted for him; the president was restlessness; fear could not let him take the honor. He came down immediately and rushed inside a room for his safety. Some said that the President is not the president but one Jubril from Sudan who underwent plastic surgery and that is the reason he boycotts public and critics. They said he was aware that the people may take time to see him and access him properly. He knew that the people are wondering how terminally sick Buhari took three months to become stronger than 40 years old man. He avoided the public to avoid them seeing where the surgery showed signs of stress.
Of course; he should be afraid of the
people of Biafra because he quite knew he is in the enemy’s camp; he fought the civil war and can tell about the capacity of the people of Biafra. Ogbunigwe could be planted anywhere in Ebonyi; nobody needs to tell Buhari about the ruggedness of Ogbunigwe, both guard of honor and himself will be no more unless Ogbunigwe did not go off. He is very much aware that Biafrans can build a local missile and once it comes; everything will be gone. The fear of the president is understandable; he is very much aware of history of Nigeria; he knew how Aguinyi toured and was murdered; he doesn’t want to take chances. The police had earlier said that they won’t disclose how many Thousand personnel sent to Ebonyi state; the personnel were sent a month before the news of his tour. Secret service scattered everywhere; army stationed here and there and police like fish in a river. They deployed entire Nigerian security to that part of Biafra; no wonder Boko Haram had the chance to bomb a mosque in Bornu. But all is well; the tour worth it, it was not easy finally coming to the enemy’s camp.

The photos and videos of Buhari’s visit; I was not impressed, they tried to get the politicians (crowd) that came for the president in an auditorium but that was a shabby one. Possibly; thousands of secret police sent down to Ebonyi must have gathered there, and the president kept his distance, everybody is a suspect, he has killed so much Biafrans and he is conscious of retaliation. But why afraid of those governors, they are slaves and cannot retaliate.

Let me remind Buhari that the title given to him is a disgrace to his personality; in our culture, we don’t confine someone in a room and give him a chieftaincy title but we call the villagers, the people of the state who are the owners of the land. We organize a feast where everybody comes and we share love; the people take part in the title ceremony and without that, the title is incomplete. By virtue of this; the title given to Buhari is a political title and not indigenous title.

Buhari can go and come back for the people; the political tour is not enough to be considered a tour, if he has nothing against the people of Biafra, he should tour Biafra like he toured Arewa.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist in TheBiafraPost  and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from  Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland
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