Biafra: An Open Letter To Mrs. Stella Oduah Member Representing Anambra North Federal Constituency

The Biafra Post | November 16, 2017          

Stella Oduah
Madam, I have always respected your person and considered you to be a virtuous woman endowed with wisdom of discernment between good, better and best in the Nigeria society we all found ourselves. But being in that position must respect people's views no matter how little or of no importance their views are to the Nation's growth. I see your person as a woman who work round the clock to get things moving for better for the people your person claims to represent their collective interest.

I am in a state of awe that your personality has failed my instinct on your calibre of person, possessing natural wisdom that is rare amongst women. No doubt you are an honorable member in Nigerian 8th Senate representing Anambra North Federal Constituency in the Nigeria State.

I was amazed to read a Nigerian National Daily [Vanguard] were it was noted that you goofed mercilessly; your likes are pictured as Late Prof. Dora Akunyili, Dr. Ngozi Okonjie Iwuala and Mrs. Alison Madueke et al., these women mentioned herein worked round the clock tirelessly to impress the Nigerian Government and the so called Nigerians but were considered unfit for their jobs because of where they all came from.

The Nigerian quota system Government bullied and rubbished them out of office not minding their outstanding performances, reason being that they perceived them to be Biafrans and because of the pathological hatred the Nigerian Government and Nigerians have for the Biafrans since inception.

Honorable member Stella Oduah; I hate myself to live in hypocrisy and denial of facts in the face of a much glaring facts that substantiate my claims; first from the writer's view point your person callously considered to protect your position and then chant the Indigenous People of Biafra that the people of Anambra State must not adhere to the boycott election standing order by the Indigenous People of Biafra leadership.

Your person quickly acted as the enemy within while we search elsewhere, your recent utterances and vituperations had catalogued you as a 'social climber' one forcing herself on Nigeria for acceptance; Honorable Stella Oduah you want to be relevant where your not needed in all clarity terms instead you will be booted out of office and rubbish to nothing.

Now I will be a bit discourteous to your person; you may say that I am bittered, arrogant, and angered. Yes it is expected of you to pacify your thoughts in that manner but I must tell you that your thoughts for or against me doesn't matter at this critical time in our history; all I care about is the meat of this letter getting to you in person for you to re-examine your conscience. This letter is considered much important that I must write to you because Biafrans want to redefined their stand in the Nigeria context of which you ought to channel their views but failed woefully.

Madam Stella Oduah, what is "Social Conscience" to you? This is democracy and supposedly you represent a people but instead of you to listen to their plights has chosen to force a lone ideology on their vast ideologies which is selfishness on your part. Let me take you back to memory lines: during Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration, your portfolio in Government then was Aviation Minister. On your ability you revamped the Enugu International Airport as seen by South-Easterners which is a major constraints to economic development and activities in the South-East region where you come from; recall that your head was demanded for embarking on that project.

The North and Western Regions of Nigeria saw it as a big slap to their faces for halting an avenue by which the milk the Biafrans dry. Were you not victimized out of office? Yes Nigerians called for your head with no substantial evidence to nail you down and dismembered your body parts and spirit or better still send you to prison; the evil Nigerian machinations dusted and brought up the bullet proof motor saga against your person all in a bid to disgrace you out of office and not until the Biafrans stood firmly behind your back that Nigerian Government withdrew their machinations against you.

I was dismayed that you [Honorable Stella Oduah] became very quick in frustration to averse to the people's will which you tend or pretend to represent their collective interest in the Federal House; I hope your sound in mind with the Nigeria 1999 fraudulent constitution you claim to work with for advancement of purposes. Where is the burden of proof in the constitution as referenced by your person in approbation that if the people of Anambra State boycott the upcoming election will attract a declaration of State of emergency by the Nigerian occupational Government.

Honorable Mrs. Stella Oduah, your stand so far has pictured you to be a lackey to the occupational Nigerian Government in Biafra territory that subjugate and annihilate life out of innocent and defenseless Biafran citizens. Had President Mohammadu Buhari the Nigerian tyrant and his co-conspirator[s] Willie Obiano et al., not created this state of precariousness of butchery, mass murder and second phase of genocide in Biafra land, Nnamdi Kanu wouldn't have asked his people to boycott the election that will still produce another killer in Awka Anambra State Government house and I am surprise that you suddenly found your feet now to challenge the Indigenous People of Biafra tenacious resolve to stay at home.

Honorable Mrs. Stella Oduah, you failed to enlighten the general public or convince the Biafrans what they stand to gain in Nigeria if they keep on voting, hope you know that boycott of any sort is an effective weapon used in registering your displeasure over an oppressive state and this is democracy and this is where it is necessary to make use of it. What effort have you made to table or present the general interest of the people of Anambra North Senatorial Zone talkless of discussing referendum in the Nigerian Senate house with your fellow honorable members?.

The South-East Nigerian-Biafran political class has considered the plethora effects and damages of this election boycott exercise from the Indigenous People of Biafra that will mare their hungry political selfishness and their stand in Nigeria calling them back home and because of this; Mrs. Stella Oduah is crying fowl when the head is already off.

Honorable Mrs. Stella Oduah, you are quick to implore or charge the Indigenous People of Biafra to drop the election boycott exercise but also have failed not to make good use of your office and position to question the Nigerian Government on the whereabout of the man behind this boycott flag off. You failed to ask the Nigerian military to produce the "Res" [Nnamdi Kanu] who is the arrow head behind this order.

Madam, I wish to state it categorically clear to your person that the people of Anambra State must and will boycott the election so as to create the much needed plethora effect that would help chart a new course for the Biafrans which will help undermine the survival of Nigeria in Biafra again; for now Nigeria is seen as being oppressive and a body of enslavement to the Biafrans. Till then stay safe.

Yours Faithfully
Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi

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