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November 17, 2017

Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegbu Ojukwu
Seven months ago when I visited General Innocent Orji in the prison; he narrated a story of how Ojukwu released some money to Biafra National Guard for the execution of a project in 2007. I am not entitled to tell the story; but part of the story that moved me was when he said that Ojukwu invited him to his home in Nnewi and took his hand, placed it on his chest and said, “You are my son; I have no son and have been looking for a son that could be like me”. Gen. innocent Orji further said that that same day, Ojukwu gave him the rank of General. When I stormed the court on the day of his defense; he detailed to the trial judge why he is addressed by the rank ‘General’.

The words of Ojukwu were poetic and they tell more of a man that longed for a replacement child because when the bones of a hero are being crushed by season, he often looks up to a son he had and when such son fills his void, nothing is as soothing as that. Ojukwu might have refused to die because he wanted more sons from Bianca to see if his like will come forth. Yet, what contributed to the demise of Ojukwu was lack of a biological son able to fill his void; hence those from Bianca are still tender.

Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu is a hero; a man that fought for what he believed in, a man that forfeited wealth for the sake of his people. A man that sacrificed his ambition for the safety of his people and a man that against all odds took side with his people. Had Ojukwu played the script of politics; he would have been a power broker in Nigeria. As an educated military governor; he had everything it takes to lead Nigeria, all he could have done was feign ignorance of the massacre of his people and play politics of selfishness like we see today.

As the candle of Ojukwu’s youth went down; there was the need to find one that could replace him, many had expected one of his sons to stand in the gap, as Ojukwu is shedding his heroic skin, one of his sons will be wearing it. Any son of Ojukwu that comes up then will have the backing of the people and his father; the throne was there but Ojukwu had no heir. The shoe of Ojukwu was there to fit any of his sons that dare but he had no son. It doesn’t require much work; what was needed is bravery or fearlessness. What was required is just the mind and the step and the hero will continue from where his youth ended.

Some said that Ojukwu married more women because he loves women but I disagreed with them; as a man that saw tomorrow, he was looking for a replacement son. He had observed that he had no son- his blood is not in the veins of his children and he sojourned to finding a son, just one son. He really observed that the blood of his wife overwhelmed his own blood in his children and so he continued to look for the woman that will have less blood presence in his children.

As a man that saw tomorrow; today, we have seen the tomorrow he saw in his so-called son joining APC? I would be so happy even though I don’t fancy politics to see Ojukwu’s son with APGA, or at worst with PDP. My reason is very simple; Ojukwu killed his personal interest to preserve his people, Ojukwu had pride and dignity, he was a man that was not pushed or tossed around by circumstance. I could not imagine Ojukwu’s son joining APC; a party we all agreed or passed a vote of confidence on- as anti-Biafra party. If that son is really Ojukwu’s son; then he can’t be a glutton and scavenging without honor.

Recently; the son woke up to accuse Ojukwu’s last wife of killing Ojukwu, that is the height of stupidity and disgrace we can get from frustrated son of our hero. The reality remains that anything from Ojukwu’s family points at the rest of us. The people of Biafra must urgently help any biological son of Ojukwu; give him money when he is hungry, give him attention when he needs one and we must cover our dirty underwear. The sons of Azikiwe were left to become nothing; that is understandable because his statue is always left without a head due to his decisions which facilitated our present situation but Ojukwu did everything for us, his sons must be aided when in need.

Hunger might have pushed the so-called son of Ojukwu to joining APC against the wish of the people of Biafra. Hunger must have pushed him to turn and embrace his father’s rivals. He needed to get some money from Buhari and we must save our faces. I urge Biafrans to as a matter of urgency begin the process of assistance; Ojukwu deserves everything from us. Whatsoever that pushed the biological son of Ojukwu to leave his father’s legacy is something he could not help even though Ojukwu had no son, the people of Biafra must stand in the gap.

Finally; Ojukwu can boast of many sons continuing from where he stopped in 1970, he can boast of Nnamdi Kanu, he can boast of Asari Dokubo, he can boast of Chidiebere Onwudiwe, he can boast of Uche Mefor, he can boast of Kelechi Rising Sun, he can boast of Ebere Okolie, he can boast of Cynthia Anyikwa, he can boast of Chnwe Korie, he can boast of Anyi Kings, he can boast of Onyinyechukwu Ezeosika, he can boast of Chukwuebuka Nzeh, he can boast of Uche Okolie he can boast of Francis Ifeanyichukwu, he can boast of Chika Mmadu, he can boast of Amaka Maduka, he can boast of Prince Darlington, he can boast of Prisca Chiamaka Abel, he can boast of all of you I cannot mention. Ojukwu today has sons upon sons.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - [Mazi Chijioke writes for The Biafra Post]

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