Biafra: [Slave Trade In Libya]: Is There Still Humanity In This World?

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
November 29, 2017

Africans seeking to cross to Europe, enslaved in Libya
The ongoing slavery and slave trade in Libya has caused a set back in the history and development of mother Africa; this ugly trend will impinge on Africa the more not to utilize what is in her soil. The rate at which these uncircumcised Arabians are treating the black race in Libya has become a thing of concern to the rest of us that sense of humanity still runs in the vein.

The question to ask... was slavery and slave trade not abolished or was the Europeans and the Americans halted it for a while when the heat was becoming unbearable to them that all men are born equal; and by virtue of their birth are free men not bonded by men. The unflinching rate and desire at which this slave trade is booming within the borders of Libya and Morocco without any form of hitch from the rest of of the world means the world is an accomplice to this inhuman acts.

Why making bond men and women in this 21st century? What have happened to our collective sense of reasoning? Are these Arab men that are turning these able black young men and women into bond men and women better than them or were they being created by another God that we Africans don't know?. I have carefully studied and taken into considerations that Africa must unite and invade Libya in order to stop slavery within the Africa soil.

It is an incontrovertible fact that the Arabians are the sole merchants in this ugly scenario taking shape and effect in Libya. I have carefully studied the magnitude of continuing demonstration of incipient paranoia against the black race by the rest of the world mainly caused by Europe and America; why is Africa always a place for them to carry out all form of inhumanity activities and why must it take place here in Africa.

The Western world failed till date not to present any form of justification why Gaddafi and his reputation in Libya was smeared to warrant the Obama administration and that of David Cameron together with the then French President Nicolas Sarkozy that invaded Gaddafi and turned his people against him which now gave room to this uprising and the ugly situation she is facing now. What do the West benefit from destabilizing Africa thereby causing tension?

With documented evidences of maiming, killings flying all over social media, it is imperative we make sure that good conscientious people of the world hear and help these neo-bond men and women out; they are not criminals neither have they committed any crime against humanity; their only crime is that they went to search for greener pastures in a foreign land outside their comfort homes. Why must we be silent on them, why?

The gory pictures and videos of this modern day slavery and slave trade in Libya calls for urgent attention by all means available. I have seen hypocrisy of the world towards Africa. Afterall, they will tell us that Africa remains underdeveloped because of her political leaders and won't blame themselves of their involvement in causing commotion in Africa.

Sentiment apart, it is high time we question this grave silence of the so called Western powers that invaded Libya; got Gaddafi killed leaving them without any structured government; does it entail that their sole aim of invading Libya was to kill Gaddafi and set the pace for this slave business? From all angles all I see is quietness from the world's humanitarian organizations including the disunited - United Nations.

It seems crystal clear that Africa is no march to question the Western Powers over her inept behavior concerning this neo-slavery in Libya; the supposedly world powers brought and left this inhumane vestige of slave trade in Africa around 15th to late 19th century, and it has become pertinent to question...why immediately they killed Gaddafi this ugly event started afresh? Who are the persons buying these young black men and women from Libya?. Who is patronizing this inhumane business in Libya? Where are they been sold to? Who is benefiting from this evil transactions of selling a fellow man for paper called money?

The video that sent spine down my sensitivity was when two able black men were placed in a smoking kiln and were roasted like meat; this forced my humanity to return back, and I try to ask; do humans with conscience still live in this planet earth? This has caused my heart to pound and my spines to quiver as if I have seen a ghost. This has caused a great psycho-neutral intense to my whole self that I considered it a niffy thing to write since my job is to reporting events for humanity sake. Writing this, is a kind of psycho-neutral muscular activity which helps to bridge and integrate the conscious and subconscious humanity to be on alert over what is happening in Libya.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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