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November 29,2017 For how long shall Nigerians continue accepting absolute nonsense from these men without an iota of shame left in them. Is it not more assaulting to the Nigerian state that a man whom the lives of over 180million civilians have been entrusted into his care can carelessly make speeches filled with naked lies and fabricated fallacies expressly showing the people that he can play games with their existence and would get away with it. Some may say, why do I analyse the Burutai of a man in such despicable manner. Who in Nigeria or any part of the world no matter how rotten the conscience may be does not at least in his heart condemn the invasion of Nigerian army into Nnamdi kanu's home? Most one Nigerianists that have sold their souls to baphomet are criminally silent over this issue of invasion solely because their is and can never be a means to justify what they did. Burutai who was acting on the order of the so-called president of Nigeria carried out the most unintelligent attack on Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB few days before he will be appearing in court and the federal government realizing the folly of the order given to Burutai to eliminate KANU had absconded Mr Bururai to bear his cross and of course he is battling for survival. Out of desperation to save his already bastardized face, Mr Burutai and Nigerian army have taken to their own law to label Nnamdi KANU as jumping bail and on the run. How do you justify the fact that a man whom your government had not being able to provide evidence to jail him is running away from the court. If we are to invoke case study in such issue, we will as well discover that Mazi Nnamdi KANU has never missed appearing before the court since he was arrested, in fact from evidences that abound, it is the federal government that kept on running away from appearing in court take for example, their case with KANU at ECOWAS court, they have tactically dodge appearing in ECOWAS court Abuja for up to three times, such attitude led to ruling made by the ECOWAS judge recently in which Mr kanu was to be paid a sum of 10 million naira by Nigerian government for wasting his time and staying away from the court. It then beats my imagination why a man that is winning a case will abscond from court. Bururai, how do you justify the fact that you invaded Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's home without obtaining a warrant of arrest from any court of competent jurisdiction and same you is turning around to say you cannot provide Mazi Nnamdi KANU. How do we justify the fact that Nigerian army which is visibly the worst enemy of IPOB shows up to answer "MY LORD,I" when the court asks "who is the last person or group of persons seen around Mazi kanu's house before his disappearance" and turns to claim they were only their to have a drink with him.

It is said that evil men do lives after them. Nigeria as a state have murdered millions of Biafrans since 1945 and the military men have always being the willing tool to carry out such despicable acts but for the first time, Nigerian army cannot as usual exonerate themselves from the raw use of force against peaceful and law abiding people.
For the first time, the federal government ran out of ideas and tricks to "kill and accuse the killed" of committing murder.
Federal government and of course Nigerian army must understand as a point of advice that the silence of Biafran youths over the kidnap and possible murder of their leader is not a sign of weakness but rather a calculative movement.
They must understand that Biafrans are not silent because of the fake radio Biafra they are installing in all parts of Biafraland rather they are calm because they obey one single command which is IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi KANU.

They must understand that those men that stood before them harmlessly in Aba and Nkpor can be very harmful if armed.

Nnamdi kanu disappearance and possible death is a time bomb that will do Nigeria no good, is time to release Nnamdi KANU and stop hallucinating and building castles in the air.

Burutai, delay might be very dangerous..

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