Let me for once decline voice of reason; we must not be politically right always, sometimes we fight dirty hence victory is underway. What I am very certain is; nobody will give Biafra referendum; Biafra must conduct her referendum and decide her political future. We can wait till eternity; fall on the feet of UN, create coalition, create memorandum and create dodorandum, Biafra will decide her future by herself. The strategy the future is decided on is a key and not clustering in the euphoria of wishful thinking. Whoever told you that Biafra will be given by written documents; sitting down, meeting UN and TN with coalition or meoalition is just a merchant of insincerity. Freedom is taken and not given; IPOB has done everything required of her to get a referendum but if Muhammed did not go to the mountain, the mountain should go to Muhammed. Conduct a referendum and meet UN and EU with the result and make attractive gain out of it.

All these sudden movements from one place to another is an act of hiding under fear; we cloth ourselves with fear in the name of coalition or troublition. You are a merchant of fear; you want to restore Biafra from your comfort zone? Freedom fighting is not a hunting done in a costly suit; it is a hunting done with sweat and discomfort, blood and water, sand and air.

Do I have to mention a name? Let me leave it to the merchants of freedom, but whatsoever the case maybe, we must admit the simple fact that IPOB is ripe for a referendum. In absence of things done right or wrong, things not done at all and things to be done tomorrow, IPOB is due for a referendum. When a thing reaches its peak; if it did not deliver, its starts to wear down and the child IPOB carries is referendum. Whatsoever the consequences may be; a referendum is due and it would keep the pace or momentum time has offered IPOB.

One told me a certain time that Biafra needs a coalition; memorandum and treaty so that other minority entities could join Biafra. See; please help send this message to Tony Nnadi; Biafra was before his birth and before his father’s birth. Help tell him that we are not after a new Biafra and Biafra has never been a new nation. Tell him that we are carrying on from where Ojukwu and Effiong stopped and nobody is talking about treaty because we were never a different people. Tell Tony Nnadi that before the civil war; we were together and one people. Tell Tony Nnadi that treaty does not bind us together and can never do that now and tomorrow. Tell Tony Nnadi that we have natural treaty binding us together which is our value system, our culture and tradition, our religion and everything we are. Tell Tony Nnadi that Biafra doesn’t have minority or superiority. Tell Tony Nnadi that creation of states and tagging of southsouth by Gowon will not set agenda for us. Tell Tony Nnadi that we have conquered divide and rule and headquarter of Biafra is Rivers. Tell Tony Nnadi that Delta state is more Biafran than Enugu and Rivers more Biafran than any other state in Biafra land. Tell Tony Nnadi that IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu has restored Biafra even though political restoration is the only thing left. Tell Tony Nnadi that Omiomio helped conquered this divide and rule and he will be remembered for everything his ex led-HOD helped Nnamdi Kanu to achieve. Please make sure that this information gets to Tony Nnadi so he may keep quiet and know that IPOB which he is part of is ripe for referendum.

We must admit the order of nature; when a fruit is ripe and it was not plucked and used for juice or consumption, it would be infected and it starts to damage, its overripe will attract a lot of parasites and germs and they will destroy that once beautiful and ripe fruit. Time is very crucial; and this opportunity time gave the people of Biafra for a referendum, let them use it at all cost. Let them eschew their differences and join hands together. Let them wait just a while and thrive as opposition in Biafra as a sovereign state.

This is the last lap of Biafra restoration; Biafra is up for taking and the finishing touch is what is needed. We all must admit the fact that the job is done; the brave must stand on his feet and take Biafra. Don’t tell me that Biafra has to go back to square one; write memorandum and treaty and start all over again, you smoke too much weed? Biafra is there for a taking; if you cannot take it, why not relax and help look for who may take it on your behalf? Abi now we don reach the final line; we go walk back and start the race again? Since 19 years this struggle started; it has been about meeting UN, UC, EU, ED, AA, PN, tah! Make we rest jor, this referendum will be conducted and whatsoever comes out of it, we see it kolokolo.

This referendum is not about Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB under his leadership but it is about what time has given the people of Biafra. If referendum is not conducted now; it might not happen again, even though it happens, bones might have gone weary. If there is a strategy you know can help to make it successful; please quickly communicate me or IPOB leadership and I will give it attention.

Tony, please; leave the Zidane 360 (turning) you wan play and work towards this referendum time has given us. Nobody owns Biafra; just work towards this finishing touch which is referendum and believe you me; somebody like me will take note and preserve the record for the sake of tomorrow when you may aspire for a political position in Biafra.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist in TheBiafraPost and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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