Odirachinma Ezeobi writes on anambra election boycott - November 04, 2017

In recent age, intelligent and learned men tend not to engage in the war of weapons. Warfare in recent time have evolved to psychological aspect which is empirically more dangerous and disastrous than the war of guns and bullets. Politicians use this new theory as a tool to silently victimize and suppress unsuspecting civilians. Politicians are no more conscious of their behaviour because they believe they can easily have their way with the people no matter the level of hatred the people harbours for them.

Making a very negative use of the concept of psychological war tools, politicians (Nigeria) created artificial poverty as a measure to keep the people under their unscrupulous watch and bidding; the people are not well disposed to the manner in which their affairs are being conducted by those they voted into power but the power of the people to voice out their displeasure lacks finality because they are easily subdued by lack of continuity and courage.

To the politicians, the greatest mistake Nnamdi kanu, the embattled leader of the indigenous people of Biafra made was to declare a total boycott of election in Anambra state. To them they have the power to control the actions of the people; they so much believed that their very position that made them command the nation's wealth have helped to 'zombified' the will of the populace; to them they believed that no matter how the people hate their conduct, that they can use money to make the people scale the devil's fence.
They believed so much that the poverty which they have created will forever keep the will of the people in check as anyone that tends to be too insistent will either receive the "compromise or die" option.
They became so confident because they have used this same theory for ages past and it worked; no revolution had ever withstood the will of the political leaders who created and enjoyed the evil theory for years.

The only effect that worries these men is that Mazi Nnamdi kanu had succeeded in increasing the price with which they can buy the will of the people or at most cage it for the main time, they believe even though the people can never reject being bought, they the people will request for more than they were given.

The politicians lost it by believing that there will be no serious consequences of Nnamdi Kanu opening the eyes of the masses to see clearly the position of their mental accuracy towards the happenings in their own soil.
They got it wrong by never understanding the fact that no matter how perfect a theory is, there is always a tendency of flaw. That flaw is what has been identified by Mazi Kanu. You cannot cage the will-power of the people with some slave theory for ages and believe that a remedy will never emerge.

Now the campaign is so clear on the part of Mazi Nnamdi kanu and his followers, it is a total revolution since the political leaders were beaten below the belt. How do you explain to the people that the same promises they received for ages is what you have for electioneering campaign today? How do you convince Anambrarians that the only man that stood up to proffer a new solution to his peoples' disease is a criminal and terrorist?

Times are different as the people have begun to reason from that only angle that can set a shackled brain free. Yes the people knew you were evil and yet they collected your money and vote because they had no alternatives, there was no Nnamdi Kanu to stand and proffer a solution that will save mankind. There was no IPOB to stand and take the bullet against the islamization of their people. There was no IPOB to convince the people that freedom is far greater than one thousand naira election gift, 3cups of rice, invincible scholarship and what have you.

Today there is a revolutionary leader that have sacrificed all for his people. They are now pumping money into Anambra state to play their game as usual; but many days is for the thief, and just a day for the owner and that day is fast approaching.

Anambrarians, the choice is ours, to free our selves from the psychological tool that tends to dehumanize and rape our collective will. It is time to save our generations from inheriting a free bondage as a home. The money will flow but we can control our mindsets and win this war once and for all. It is very easy to break free from its shackles because the undiluted truth has been spoken, for the holy bible made it clear that for us to be free, the truth must be spoken and only same truth can do the miracle.

Sitting at home on November 18 2017 will heal us from hundreds of years of slavery in the hands of men we trusted with our well being. Our compliance on that day will make our dream of a better future come to pass. We are not cursed, and we must show that truth can heal the mind no matter how many years.


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