The Biafra Post | November 04, 2017

To them; politics is a top profession even though it’s a dirty game in Nigeria and Africa at large; it doesn’t need another profession once you identified with it. Those that embraced this career end up doing everything possible to remain afloat; they kill and cause unrest in their various countries. They forbid resignation even when their people want one; notwithstanding such resignation will bring about progress or peace.

They are the attributes of politicians in Nigeria; illustratively, it took bloodshed and threat to soak monkey and baboon in their own blood for Muhammdu Buharu to cling power in Nigeria. The quest for political power can push politicians to doing unimaginable things. Slowly; politics became survival of the fittest and a "do or die" affair simply because it became a source of living for them.

This is so because politics in Africa and Nigeria at large is a money making business enterprise; politicians venture into it for the purpose of enrichment. Some venture into it to get connected around the world; one example of that was when Rochas Okorocha sculptured a statue of Jacob Zuma and gave him a title in Imo state. There is no doubt that Rochas Okorocha took advantage of his political office to go about his selfish interest.

Nigerian politicians are merchants of deceit; violence, ethnicity, hatred and all forms of vices; they are merchants of the peoples’ wealth and destinies, they are merchants of death and all sorts of evil and they know their merchandise like they know their heartbeat.

Above all; they have known the terrains of the business; how to lure the people and make them succumb to their game plan. They live luxurious life and forget the welfare of the people; they fail their primary responsibility because they answer to nobody. Since the fake Nigerian independence; politics has been a thing of unaccountability.

But when it looked like the people have come to their senses; their trickery multiplied and they are on another level of deceit. These politicians drift away like a whirlwind as soon as the people gave them power and never come near until they need renewal of their power. In the cause of the quest for renewal; they share the wealth they have accumulated and getting ready to adrift away once more to a further land.
They know us closely like an unruly master knows her wayward mistress; the master that comes in the night and fall on the toes of his mistress just for the cold night to pass. As soon as sunrise opens its bright eyes; the master hurries to leave even without considering the money to keep his mistress neat for another cold night. That is the business we found ourselves with current crop of politicians.

Surprisingly; when the people found out that these politicians have been using them and their taxes to enrich themselves, they said they won’t vote them again and politicians came with a new style of deceit. Recently; we saw Obiano that we have never seen since over four years he has been in power in his tinted Prado jeep enter Keke napepe (tricycle). He did enter keke napep to tell us that he is with us or sensitive to our plight only because it is election time. His Prado jeep is parking and he would drift away with it once he takes what he wants from us.

Rochas Okorocha suddenly became a corn roaster because election is around the corner; he would choose a candidate very soon and deceive us to vote him. His presidential ambition is coming closer than ever. Even when he chased corn roasters out of Owerri; banned keke napepe and made life unbearable for Imolites, he dares to fool us. He used our taxes to host a business friend and sculpture statues instead of helping the needy. Okorocha suddenly became a corn roaster because election is around the corner; who is deceiving who?

Peter Obi and Bianca Ojukwu suddenly became market man and woman; buying crayfish and cocoyam on the streets of Anambra state because it is election time. These people have really taken the people for fools and can rob them in the broad day light. They have no respect or regard for the people anymore; they have shown that deceit is their merchandise.

The people must know that these men are not sincere and must for the sake of their future reject them with everything they have. The people must avoid Anambra state election until there is a new cause that can secure the future and lives of the people. We must not continue to vote which gives them the ticket to fraudulent or insensitive leadership. The people must endure this time; stay awake to their deceit and reject them for the purpose of teaching them lesson. If we don’t reject Anambra state election today to enable us decide our future, we shall forever remain wayward mistresses in the hands of these politicians.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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