Analysis By: Mazi Odirachinna Nwawube Ezeobi; Mazi Chinedu Godwin; Mazi Onyegbula Solomon -TBP
November 17, 2017 This is an all importance "Analysis In Relation" to the Upcoming Anambra State Gubernatorial Election. Greetings to your way eminent Biafrans world over and lovers of freedom.

This week on "hard truth", another episode of the election boycott exercise will be in the theater of reasoning for dissecting purposes. Biafra Reporters are out here to analyze the recent event of the just boycotted election in Enugu State. [Local Government Chairmanship Election]. That act alone; scripted as a preamble to a test run or prove towards what will happen in Anambra State election boycott as demanded by the Indigenous People of Biafra, Biafra Reporters are ready here to analyze the just ended event in Enugu with respect to Anambra in review; Our learned columnists are here to analyze and will enlighten the public the more on the very lessons that the indigence of Anambra State have to learn from that successful election boycott in Enugu State.

Biafra Reporters will also be looking critically at the height with which politicians are seeking to control power even if it means death to the voters, the threats and counter threats all pointing to reasons why Anambrarians should sit at home and enjoy their "ofe nsala day" which will definitely break the camel's back which will help expose the South-East and South-South politicians as political puppets and stooges. Biafra Reporters are looking at the relationship or differences between the just boycotted Enugu State Local Government Chairmanship Election and the proposed Anambra State election in review. It is no more news that the will of the people have being thwarted for so long as politicians already discovered the weakness of the masses which is poverty that the selfish politicians created.

But the 4th day of November 2017, undoubtedly must have sent a strong message to Anambra State politicians that you never can tell the extent to which a determined people can go; on the other hand the alleged improvise explosive devices that just exploded, have also some lessons to teach the Judases among us of the extent the Nigerian politicians of Biafra extraction can go to win any elective position in Nigeria. While we congratulate the Indigenous People of Biafra in Enugu for a job well done, even without much publicity on the botched or boycotted chairmanship election, which they successfully boycotted thereby telling our evil politicians that power truly belongs to the masses or the electorates. Another implication of the successful boycott of the election is to tell the world at large that we seek not to have anything with Nigeria occupational Government in Biafra again and never will the Biafrans participates in their charade called election again until a date for referendum is set outside to test and know the Indigenous People of Biafra resolve and their determination to self rule.

Of what benefit or impact is the just Enugu State boycotted election to the November 18th 2017 Anambra State gubernatorial election?. 1. It has set a pace for us to follow, in other words, if the indigence of Enugu State can do it without publicity, then Anambra State as the first son of Biafra can do even better, considering the huge publicity and resources being put in place for the Anambra State upcoming election. 2. Once again the people I mean Biafrans will prove to the world at large and our Nigerian-Biafran politicians that enough is enough.

3. Boycotting of the election will make the world and our Nigerian-Biafran politicians understand that when we say no retreat and no surrender we mean that we can't capitulate until Biafra is restored; If Anambra gets it right then be rest assured that Biafra has come. May I tell us that the same law that gave me right to vote; also gave me right not to vote. The power of boycott which is a civil disobedience can not be over emphasized; if the blacks in America through there pragmatic Leader Martin Luther King Jr. Can successfully boycott bus in America for 351 days and eventually restore their dignity, then the Indigenous People of Biafra anywhere in the world through their one true Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, can boycott the Anambra State election for just one day, to restore their pride and lost identity as the great Biafrans before the coming of the British crown that balkanized their territory.

Biafra Reporters wish to remind us all that Anambra State election boycott, is a task that must be accomplished. The people must show their anger to subjugation, maltreatment, mismanagement of public funds, misappropriation of public funds and rights, man's inhumanity to man that the evil Nigerian-Biafran politicians put us into for decades by simply boycotting the Anambra State Governorship election. For "vox popli, vox dex" the voice of men is the voice of Chukwu Okike Abiama. Shalom.
And to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and her co conspirator Ohaneze Ndigbo; our fraudulent and compromised elites on quote it was a great shock to them as the people of Enugu State boycotted the local Government election. Actually Biafra Reporters were hoping in awe with keen interest to see the so called war or anarchy as some uneducated people said that "election boycott" is a call for war and anarchy. The Nigeria government and her clueless Governors in Biafra land are pretty much aware of the "No Election" campaign order by the Indigenous People of Biafra, but they fail to understand what the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra means to us as a people, that's why the Nigerian media houses are so ashamed to tell the world of the just boycotted Enugu State, the unprecedented effects on our criminal politicians. Apart from the State-Sponsored Terrorism acts implemented by the Nigerian police which led to the reported bomb blast, the Enugu State has set the records straight for others to emulate and follow. Nigeria will never remain the same from this exercise, the best option left for Nigeria in other not do disgrace themselves is to implore the Nigerian Government to set a date outside for Biafra referendum period. For now the world view Nigeria Government as an occupational Government in Biafra which has dent Nigeria image beyond recognition. Referendum doesn't make you an enemy to your former region rather it creates opportunity for healthy competitions among allies.

Report by Biafra Reporters Crew
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