By Odiranchinma Ezeobi, Godwin Chinedu - TBP November 20, 2017 The Biafra Post Reporters happily welcomes their numerous readers to this week systematic and expository discourse on "Hard Truth". Our readers; you know how " The Biafra Post" reports to events without placing favouritism on any side of the divide, anyone who wishes to get unrefined news stick to our news outlet for such matter[s].
Here on "Hard Truth" a programmed designed for open discussion on major events that took effect within the week, readers get the undiluted and raw truth about the happenings in Nigeria and Biafra unedited. For truth please stay tuned with "The Biafra Post" as our reporters brings to you a firsthand accounts of the Nnamdi Kanu bucket detonation in Anambara State Gubernatorial election last weekend being 18th of November, 2017. Hint: as Anambrians declared [Nnamdi Kanu's Bucket ], civil disobedience, a blessing in disguise; Biafra reporters toured Anambra State to record the election exercise and its boycott effect on the Nigerian politics in Biafra. To many Biafrans it was a day of jubilee, merriment and surprises as the much anticipated "Ofe Nsala" day i.e: the IPOB sit at home order came to effect and gone living an unforgettable, indelible mark in the lives and history of not only Biafrans but to the so called Nigerians and her occupational Government, and African at large. There has been lots of speculation on the build-up of the event as some people said that the Indigenous People of Biafra are towing the wrong part on her quest for Referendum cum self-determinism, that boycotting of election will lead to war; anarchy and some in their condos did said that the Indigenous People of Biafra are nothing but toothless bulldog that Anambra State Governorship election can't be boycotted by IPOB just ranting and making noise where not needed.
The the big question is was the election boycotted? Where is the state of anarchy now in effect? Will the much mouthed anarchy by the politicians later come to effect as they are planning now? Well to know "Biafra Post Reporters" were live in Anambra State during the election period and can attest to the readers only the Anambrians on ground provided the much needed answers to those question. Here with Biafra Reporters was Mazi. Nze Cyril .O. Gbuzue; Mazi Nze Cyril is a Biafran Veteran also an indigene of Anambra State from Nneobi to be precise but reside in Onitsha both in Anambra State. Biafra Post [News Correspondents]: Sir we will love to know your experience on the Nnamdi Kanu bucket detonated here in Anambra State last week Saturday which is supposed to be the Governorship / re-run election?

Mazi Nze Cyril [Respondent]: My children in all honesty, I have been mute ever since the "No Election" Campaign was going on since few months back, I keep wondering the possibility of achieving this goal collectively as a people but what I saw last week Saturday was one of its kind. Giving my experience as a Battlefield Biafra Veteran, you must agree with me that before now it is difficult to get our people into accepting to carry out a single task as such demanded by the Indigenous People of Biafra; considering our divergent view's and thoughts but last week Saturday was something else. I can categorically confirm to you [The Biafra Post Reporters], that here in Onitsha or should I say the whole of Idemili [East, West, North and South] Local Government Area of the State complied to the sit at home order and at this point I must commend our son the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for a job well done. If not for any other reason but for the unity he engraved in the hearts of our people to completely and totally adhere to one central command, which we as Veteran don't enjoy under his Excellency Late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. The Biafra Post [News Correspondents]: But Sir before now there has been fear that the detonation of [Nnamdi Kanu bucket] which is election boycott exercise will trigger anarchy, can we have your take on that?

Mazi Nze Cril [Respondent]: My dear as you CAN see am not a graduate of any school of higher learning in this country; am finding it difficult to understand the word "anarchy" but if anarchy means military invasion, then i can confirm to you that we experienced anarchy last weekend, I do recall that the Nigerian armed forces came to my house [compound], and other neighbouring compounds asking us to go out and vote, but I told them that it is our right whether to vote or not, one of them nearly raised his hands on me but thank goodness he refrained. I can confirm to you that as at 1:30PM in the noon of same day some party's official went on door to door campaign begging us with ten thousand naira [#10,000] for each vote, before I could say a word my elderly son told them that Biafra is worth more than [10,000'000 USD] ten million U.S Dollars each to us; then talk more of tissue paper such as Nigerian currency --Naira.

Mazi Nze Cyril [Respondent]: hahahaha.... (he laughed) the feeling was great, it afforded me a wonderful moment with my family, the joy and fun is still unprecedented, I and my lovely WIFE was able to share our 1967-1970 experience with the children, secondly it's my thirty one years of marriage and since our children became of age, my wife refused entering the kitchen to prepare meal for me, many years now the children do prepare meal for the family, they are good cook of course but you can't compare food prepared by a loving wife with that of your children, so when I heard it's "Ofe nsala day" I gave them money to buy the necessary foodstuff for the soup in quote, to my greatest surprise when one of my daughter was set to prepare the meal, my wife restricted her from entering the kitchen; stating that since it's "Ofe nsala day" she won't fail to make a delicious Ofe nsala for the family.
Mazi Nze Cyril continues...... I must tell you that I felt fulfilled looking at my achievement as a Veteran having lunched the Ogbunigwe rocket propelled missiles also called Ojukwu Bucket in the 1967-1970 war and here i'm joining force with the golden generation of Biafrans to also make the Nnamdi Kanu bucket a success, even when the Nnamdi Kanu bucket is peaceful and takes no life but i can confirm to you that I saw the election boycott taking off breath from the Federal Republic of Nigeria;I want to thank everyone that made the election boycott a success and also to the leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra for choosing a peaceful part on the restoration of Biafra, and I also wish to demand for referendum date from the United Nations since we have proven that we are mentally fit and need such, also to you; young Biafran journalists working for your Country's future, keep it up for the future is brighter than you think. The Biafra Post [Correspondents]: After speaking with many more people in the Onitsha axis, it was confirmed that the Governorship election was boycotted completely by the indigence and non indigence living in Onitsha and its environs, many even proposed that every November 18th should be celebrated as Ofe Nsala Day. On our arrival at Ogidi in idemili North of the State, Biafra Post Reporters met an All Progressives Grand Alliance [APGA] stakeholder who was in high spirit though he gave condition in which he can speak with us and that was on the ground of anonymity. The Biafra Post [News Correspondents]: Good day Sir, as we can see, you are in a high spirit and it must of course not be unconnected with the just concluded Anambra State election. What is your experience? Anonymity [Respondent]: "It was a very hard day for us, but in all God have victory over all that just happened. It is his will that we will remain in control of this State in other to better the lives of our people, our enemies fell so I have to be happy. The Biafra Post [News Correspondents]: Sir, from reports made available to some online news outlets that includes videos and pictures of deserted polling units and streets, from the INEC statistical records it was in tandem that upto 2 million people are valid registered but not more than 5000 voted. Does it mean that the boycott declared by IPOB was successful? Anonymity [Respondent]: I will just have to stick to the truth, the election was boycotted by a good number of people, today I must say, I respected IPOB the more; they are set of determined youths that go out all to gain what they desire, I give them that credit. But there is something that is clear here, yes many people boycotted the election; you can say majority, yes I agreed but the fact remains that even if is two persons that voted, there must still be a winner so far there was no violence recorded. The Indigenous People of Biafra might have achieved their aim of majority boycott but APGA also have achieved their aim of forming a Government in Anambra State.

The Biafra Post [News Correspondents]: Sir you said there was no violence and abnormal behaviors, but there was cases of bombs detonating in various quarters of State (Anambra) and it was alleged that party agents were seen going from house to house begging people to come out and vote and get paid. How do you explain this to us Sir?. Anonymity [Respondent]: Thank you young man or would I say journalists; the issue of bomb detonating was as a result of some individuals with evil hearts who knew very well that we are taking the state back; they wanted to cause fear in minds of people so that the election will be cancelled. They are bitter political foes but thanks to the IPOB boycott anyway, at least in all the supposed blast no life was lost because the polling areas were not too populated; for now we can't say we recorded any violence. As of those going from house to house begging people to vote and get paid; I confirmed it myself, that is to show you how frustrated some people can be, when they see very well that the few people that came out to vote were incorruptibly APGA faithfuls, they resolved to going house to house to disturb people enjoying their "Ofe Nsala" as IPOB vowed........[hahahaha, he laughs]. I totally agree with you guys [Journalists] that such behavior was abnormal and I wish to use this medium to disassociate APGA from such behavior." The Biafra Post [News Correspondents]: Finally Sir, what do you have as an advice for those that boycotted the election. ? Anonymity [Respondent]: For now nothing much on my mind; they are fighting a good cause, I personally understands what they are doing. I wish to commend them for not resolving to violence but peaceful means like the civil disobedience tagged "Election Boycott Exercise". I wish to let the world know that the Indigenous People of Biafra are set of determined people and should be given their inalienable rights of referendum after all we are all humans so far you don't resolve to violence, you are good to go. In the cause of our fact findings the Biafra Post Reporters also spoke with one of our mother Mrs. Nkeiruka Okafor, who is currently married in Abia State, Ohafia to be precise. According to her she came back all the way from Abia State to her family home here in [Ogidi] Anambara State to witness the Nnamdi Kanu bucket effect in her State of origin. The Biafra Post [News Correspondents]: Mom why did you traveled this far to see for yourself this election boycott pronouncement initiated by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra to the people of Anambra State to sit at home and enjoy their Ofe Nsala, Mom why are you here in Ogidi today? Mrs. Nkeiruka Okafor [Respondent]: Yeah I came all the way from Abia State down to Ogidi my home town of origin so I can be part of the historical cause that took effect today; I don't want to be told of how it happened, We are angry, for years now; we have been doing this thing the political class call voting for this same heartless human beings who don't have our interest in their heart . This time around we say No!, Enough is Enough!. They may deceive whoever wishes to be deceived but the truth remains that IPOB said boycott the election and that has been fulfilled. I am not the only one that traveled down here as you can see most of my age mates that got married out side Anambra State also came back home to witness the "Nnamdi Kanu bucket" and the one that sweet me pass is that of Ofe Nsala; Wow you need to see how tasty our yumy yumy yumy "Ofe Nsala" taste with wheat flour.

The Biafra Post [News Correspondents]: Mom you said most of your age mates came down here in Ogidi to witness this hallmark event can you tell us what it feels like? Mrs. Nkeiruka Okafor [Respondent]: To us as mothers it's an "Ofe Nsala" competition, you need to see the love and comradely meeting family members and friends you haven't seen for a long time had concerning this Nnamdi Kanu Bucket; truth be told, Nnamdi Kanu's bucket is truly a blessing in disguise as the event unite villagers here in Ogidi together; you can imagine people from other compound dishing out their own Ofe Nsala and sent to you when they know you also prepared yours, you will in return dish out yours and send to them, then every body will eat with out any fear of poison or whatsoever. This are the kind of love and trust that our people lost long time ago but the Nnamdi Kanu bucket brought it back, most of our young ones here grew up without enjoying the unique childhood we enjoyed those days. How many homes and villages today do enjoy "Egwu Onwa" moonlight play that was part of our culture and heritage as a people? But last weekend after boycotting the election with our Ofe Nsala; the village elders called out for our children from different home's and family together for the very first time after many years to share historical stories and most especially the Biafra story which now become part of our history as a people also, the children were very much excited; watching them reminds me of the good old days when were pretty young. I can confirm to you that with what I saw last weekend, the election boycott have both spiritual and physical positive effects on the entirety of Biafra land cause it have cleansed and purged our land from the cage of this evil political elites and their co-host in the North and I am very much glad that the Nnamdi kanu bucket took place in my time.

In conclusion by the Biafra Post Reporters, the success story's behind the Nnamdi Kanu's bucket of sit at home order [civil disobedience] won't be overemphasizes as it also serves as a clear test run on the supposedly democracy Nigeria claimed to be practicing where some ethnicity are alienated from carrying out their meritocracy rights as enshrined in the Nigerian 1999 constitution written by the Nigerian Military Government which is fraudulent to what a democracy should look like, now the onus is on President Mohammadu Buhari -APC- led Government to set outside a date for a peaceful dialogue between the Nigerian Government and the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra as the world waits on Nigerian Government to act right and civil towards resolving these much differences. The Nigerian Government should enlist the term referendum in the Nigerian Government curriculum and fix a date for the Biafrans to exercise such right. 

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