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November 21,2017 

The Much talked and campaigned of Anambara State Governorship Election Boycott have come and gone, with IPOB Boycott and Sit at Home order recordings 98% Success. All thanks to IPOB Anambara State for strictly hearken to the sit at home order from Ipob leadership worldwide Under our supreme leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu . Many thanks to IPOB media teams that campaigned vigorously both online and offline to see the success of this record creating history in the whole world . And most importantly those Biafra media team and international observers that risked their lives to cover the shambolic selection and imposition of leadership against the will of over six million indigenous people of Anambara State Biafra land who refused to legitimate the zoo 50 years leadership imposition by refusing to come out to cast their vote,and In the other hand casted a vote of no confidence in the zoo occupational government. I say thank you all from dept of my heart starting from  the first hand reporters down to the editors and publishers of all the branches of IPOB media teams Under RBL /BTV that worked tirelessly day and night to expose the zoo and their media to what they are .Your work has not just only helped IPOB in creating history but as well it also helped to expose more to the eyes of international communities that Nigeria and every thing in it are fraud. how fraudulent the so called Independent National Electoral Commission. (INEC) and their partner's in crime NUJ Nigeria Union Of Journalists. aka Badagry express way gutter media and their brawn envelope journalism.

It's evidently clear that no willingly Anambara indigence came out to cast their vote as every one were busy in their respective home preparing and enjoying the much advertised delicious Biafra Anambara Indigenous Soup called (Ofe Nsala ) except few party agents and family friends of party candidates and few , hungry and ignorant paid voters who came out to cast their vote for instant cash interest. All these acts of election malpractices were not hidden there are proven videos and photos evidence for the world to see and international observers were present and witnessed all that happened. There is no middle man or woman who can swear that he came out to vote willingly for any candidates without having interest in instant cash or gift for voting, one of the zoo media called Sahara Reporters undeniably quoted that vote buying were rampant.

Having recorded these out standing success. It's expected of the IPOB leadership to step up to their strategy and utilize this success of record creating history to the final restoration of Biafra. As Biafrans are in high spirit to welcome their New Nation now not tomorrow. The world have seen that Biafrans has spoken through Anambara election that we are fed up with Nigeria and it's time to go. It's not surprising that Anambara indigence complied to the order of election boycott and Sit at home order, but it's amazing to see that all part of Biafra land Sat at home in solidarity with our people in Anambara State to join and register our displeasure in the fraudulent unity of British one Nigeria. Aba (Abia State ) Igwocha (River State ) is a case study. Biafrans are eagerly looking up to IPOB leadership to diplomatically approach the United Nation with evidence of our displeasure on the so called one Nigeria and our readiness to govern ourselves.

It's time to take our destiny to our hand and be ready once a gain to defend our territory by driving out every occupational leadership of agent of Hausa/fulanis in our land.

It's quite understandable that the zoo called Nigeria have lost the argument against IPOB in all front and the international communities are quite aware . But due to fraudulent nature of the zoo and her handlers they can never and will never admit to it in order to let Biafrans go instead they shall continue in her  fraudulent nature of which the zoo was built on . In a civilized society where judiciary works and rule of law is respected. INEC won't have declared any candidates winner in this concluded Anambara state election as there were not up to constitutional 25% vote casted Due to IPOB election boycott order.

And defiantly there would have been constitutional electoral crisis. But in order to save face and retain the  statuesque INEC conspired with zoo media at the order of FG after series of indoor meeting with political parties officials they came  to term on agreement to float numbers of votes  in order to avoid embarrassment they came up and announced none existed figures   And officially without shame in the the very eyes of international observers imposed Wilie Obieno for the second term in Anambara state

 And every one are mute not even the so called professor of laws, clergymen and women, civil societies,  party oppositions  , or zoo media they are all partner in crime just to retain the  fraudulent one  Nigeria  against the will of over 70 million Biafrans who are fed up from this unworkable contraption and discredit IPOB stance and the success recorded in by boycotting the election .But in the other hand unknowingly  vindicated   IPOB that Nigeria is unworkable and can not work as it's built on lies and it's been sustained on lies .
This is why IPOB leadership must tighten their belt even as Biafrans all over the world has proven to be ready to obey the last order from them to see our nation restored without looking back . As the zoo and everything in her including clergymen and traditional leaders, party oppositions , civil societies, are united in crime to keep their fraudulent Nigeria one so shall Biafra all over the world shall be United in determination to liberate ourselves from the same fraudulent system called Nigeria now not tomorrow. We have learnt to boycott every election In Biafra land and and we shall do it again and again  but  it's time to utilize the very success to achieve our freedom without waiting to campaign for another boycott come 2019 . The spirit is high and with this very spirit we shall achieve our freedom and be able to defend our lives and our territory with whatever its shall take because we are morally and legally justified. and chukwuokike abiama is on our side All hail BIAFRA!

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