Biafra: [Ofe Nsala Day]: Go There; The Biafra Macedonian Call

By Godwin Chinedu, Odirachinma Ezeobi - TBP - November 01, 2017

Ofe Nsala Day; A day to hit the politicians where it hurts the most.
This week on "Hard Truth" Biafra Reporters will be discussing, analyzing on how to make the "Ofe Nsala Day" a success. We are treating this caption that reads; "Go There; The Biafra Macedonian Call". Biafrans as we count down to the all important "Ofe Nsala Day", it will be a day of supremacy and death to Nigeria Government and her politics in Biafra land. For us in Biafra and Biafrans in diaspora it will be a day of total indoor mourning and sober reflection of our people who were murdered by the Nigeria Government and her security operatives.

Come the 18th of November 2017 will be a day to be reckoned with in our lives as we are going to know between the Nigerian Government and the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB] who own's Anambara State; the battle line has been drawn and November 18th 2017 is the date. The Federal Government of Nigeria is giving her last fight as they have 'kick-started' their half-empty stadium campaigns in various Nigerian political parties even as they are been rejected by communities in Anambara State. The Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB] have promised to unleash her peaceful nuclear weapon known as "Nnamdi Kanu Bucket of [Sit at Home] Order". To many Biafrans this is synonymous to civil disobedience of boycotting anything that has to do with Nigeria election[s] in Biafra.

This 18th day in the month of November 2017, Anambra State Governorship election will be held; as the day approaches many have stressed that the abduction of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by the Nigeria military is a plan to make sure the election holds, knowing fully well that his presence is a threat that will make the boycott a more successful one.

The Federal Government of Nigeria believes that once Nnamdi Kanu is not available or handy to motivate or build the momentum needed, that they Nigerian Government will once again deceive Biafrans in Anambra State into voting but they must be mistaken because "Biafra referendum" have been on Biafrans' subconsciousness, with or without their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Biafrans must boycott Anambra State election, Biafra owes this to our fallen heros and heroines murdered by the Nigerian Federal Government.

Biafrans owes this an all important day to thousands of Biafra generations unborn and to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for his compassing wisdom of boycott of this election exercise since voting only leaves us with little or no crumbs from the Government we give our mandate; it is the only way for Biafrans to demand for their immediate date of referendum from the Nigerian Government led by Buhari APC- Government.

It is a time for every true Biafran to showcase the resoluteness and tenacious spirit in them that they have acquired from their leader over the years. Biafrans must use every thing within their disposal and position of authority to make sure that we reach out and propagate this message to our people in Anambra State, the Indigenous People of Biafra world wide must not leave this hard task for Ananmbraians alone. Biafrans, irrespective of our country of residence, must see the task ahead of us as our own "Macedonian call " and also see the need to Go There, just like apostle Paul's God-given vision that directed the route he took on his second missionary journey [Acts 15:39—18:22], the Indigenous People of Biafra must reach out and strengthen our families, friends and the new born babies in the struggle living in Anambra State; taking the gospel of the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra to all the nooks and crannies in Anambara State, educating them on the need not to participate in the up coming election since the fantastically corrupt system of Nigeria is only meant for the Northern Hausa–Fulani oligarchy.

Ohaneze ndi oshi and the so-called leaders [Governors] we have are nothing but mounted stooges working for the perfection of our total enslavement; these set of criminals are been terrorised by their Hausa-Fulani masters to a state that they no longer represent our collective interest rather they represent and present their greed for money, fame, power and other personal selfish interests that have left them with no other option than to do the bidding of their slave masters in the North as seen in the baseless Proscription of IPOB.

Recall that this same Governors that are now, desperately in need of our votes are the same people in collaboration with the Cowardly Ohanaeze Ndigbo that first proscribed the Indigenous People of Biafra to be a terrorist organization and also banned the Indigenous People of Biafra activities in their various States as they claimed in their press statement. Isn't it ironic how they suddenly want terrorists to vote them into power.

Many have been wondering why the International Community give more attention to the newly emerged nation of Catalonia even when we the Biafrans have a more stronger case than theirs, but the truth remains that their political leaders stood solidly behind them all through their agitation for self-determination not minding the threat and subterfuge from the Spanish Government, but ours is the other way round. Biafrans should also recall that the Macedonian call was not for apostle Paul alone but also for Silas and Timothy his companions, and that is the reason we the Indigenous People of Biafra must use our grassroot Prowess on this great task. On like the Macedonian outreach then, we are now in a dispensation where you don't necessarily need to be present before you can reach to the good people of Anambra State to boycott election. A text or a telephone call can go a long way.

Therefore Biafra Reporters implore our people to make use of their WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc to convey the message. Your center of interaction must be built around the Anambra State election boycott. True Biafrans must engage our people in Ananmbra State daily; Biafrans must stage a global phone campaign to Ndi Anambara if we all want a successful OFE NSALA DAY. Hopefully the history of the Anambra election boycott and in the entire Biafra land will forever change because of the God-given dream known as the Macedonian Call.

When we talk about "Macedonian" it is all about sending the gospel down to the heart of all mankind; this time the message of Biafra have virtually not only gotten to, but shaken all parts of the world. Biafra restoration project as championed by IPOB is something that has grown to a stage that no man can quench. If the above is the case, a wise man may be tempted to ask, why then do we need to work for people to boycott Anambra election?

Yes, the enemies knew that on a normal ground, that IPOB have taken up the psyche of all Easterners and if they fail to act fast, that IPOB will see to the total boycott exercise and make sure such election doesn't stand in record times; they knew all these and had to invent conny plans to make sure they silence IPOB. First, they believed in the dictum that says "strike the leader and the herds will scatter", so they struck to get rid of Nnamdi kanu in other to silence IPOB.

Secondly, they knew how poor and devastated they have made the common electorate in the street, they believed that if they silence IPOB and are able to throw peanut about, our people will be helpless than to eat and vote away their conscience. Nigerian politicians goofed when they believed that getting rid of Nnamdi Kanu will silence the ever resolute Biafrans and that getting rid of Nnamdi Kanu will kill the message of "no referendum no election". The Macedonian call is a duty and a mission which must be sent down into the consciousness of all true Biafrans in the street.

Money sure is a powerful tool, money makes man a lazy thinker, money can douse the consciousness of man thereby limiting his or her ability to reason. Poverty destroys mans intellectual space of reasoning and Nigerian politicians knew that fact and they created poverty in the land so they can control the minds of their subjects with money and goodies that can't last for way too long. This is the more reason why we have taken up this Macedonian call, a call to create in the hearts of true Biafrans that very heart that detest temporary goodies which is being presented by the gullible politicians.

Now Biafrans, the message have not changed, what have changed is that we don't speak much about what will follow the election boycott exercise because that itself has started to manifest; start counting how many persons that have died in the process of campaign for political power; Biafrans, there is a choice before us all, this is a choice to choose between generational suffering or an end to the feudal destructive system we found ourselves in.

This mission will start in Anambra State, if Ndi Anambra fails to boycott this election it then means that:
1. They are not interested in the peaceful restoration of Biafra but rather in war
2. That Ndi Anambra can sell anything for money including the future of their generations
3. That they are better off in this contraption called Nigeria, better suffering than to be free.

Yes we are aware of the monies they are pumping into our land, we are aware of the psychological effect in the mind of the poor masses. As we didn't go begging after the war, even after the 20 pounds abomination against the Biafrans, even after seizing our properties, then we can reject their millions for our fatherland to be restored.

Biafrans must be careful and know that this is not a fight that should be left for Ndi Anambra only, it is a war that will shape our entire history, do not get it twisted, if the election boycott doesn't hold, it cannot stop Biafra restoration but it only means that more blood will be spilled. We cannot fail to remind Biafrans that the murderous politicians have concluded to do everything possible to capture power back on the 18th day of November 2017; nobody will care for your corpse if you die in that polling units. Boycotting election is saving lives; Boycotting election is getting Biafra restored peacefully.

Edited By: Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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