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November 18,2017

Buhari has summoned party representatives across all major political parties vying for Anambra governorship slot; this is according to reliable sources within major political parties that are sympathetic to IPOB. The invitation or meeting came through the Spokesman of Muhammadu Buhari.

Effort to reach other top party officials for clarification proved futile and our sources could not confirm if Buhari was directly aware of the move or the call was made with the name of his spokesman to draw attention of party chieftains.

They said that a meeting will be held and Buhari through his spokesman is making the call and that is all I know now” one of our sources said.

Further details revealed that the meeting was called to bring stability in Anambra state and urge candidates through their various chieftains to accept the result of the election no matter what comes up. The meeting will determine who thoroughly won the election but there might be the need to hype the figures or margins to save the day. The meeting is also aimed to avert what is likely to be a constitutional crisis in Anambra state owing to the fact that if the exact figure of voters are made open, it would not reach the constitutional percentage needed for a winner to emerge. Going further; the meeting will ensure that touches are made to things that needed to be made before coming out to the public. This is to make sure that the stunning election boycotted in Anambra state doesn’t cause further chaos.
Our sources further disclosed that it would be very hard to convince candidates but the federal government is ready to appease everyone to making sure that constitutional crisis was avoided. Asked when and where the meeting will hold.The sources explained that the message is still unclear as some were saying that no such meeting was called and assured to update if development changes.

Report by Ifeanyi Chijioke
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