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Report: By TheBiafraPost
November 18,2017

If truth is anything to go with; Anambra state election ended by 12 O’clock, INEC officials were seen sitting like deserted lovers and few that have strong heart took to the beer parlour to celebrate a work free day. Circumstance gave INEC the opportunity to finish the election by 2pm and subsequently announce results but that would not happen to avoid embarrassment. It would be shameful that PDP had 12 votes and APC 3 while APGA mustered 14 in a state election. This means that the result of the election will be delayed for doctoring.

This was the exact story a source told The Biafra Post. The people of Biafra have no interest in who emerges the winner of the state election and neither can anything be done to cover the fact that the election in the state was totally boycotted. Our sources made it clear that a lot of things will happen from now till midnight so as to lie to the world that everything went very fine. Election boycott is a big threat to the functionality of Nigeria as that would put Nigeria in a tight corner before international community. It is therefore expected that Nigeria will go a long way to undermining the effect of total boycott of the election.

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Report by Ifeanyi Chijioke
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