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Report : BY TheBiafraPost
November 18,2017

The effort to fight off election boycott of Indigenous People of Biafra may have given the federal government of Nigeria room for illegality as 8 luxury buses from Owerri and 14 from Delta state carrying illegal voters stormed Anambra state. The source that disclosed the happening to The Biafra Post could not update if the illegal voters were from Owerri or beyond the state. He also could not identify the source of the 14 that plied Asaba to Anambra state. An eye-witness account stated that the luxury came in with security men while civilians filled the buses as though it was a commercial luxury on normal fare. The move became suspicious when the news circulated that luxury buses from Asaba also entered the state.

Intelligence report gathered showed that the buses conveyed the people to Alor and from there; they were dispersed to various places to vote. It was hard to ascertain the places they went to because of movement restriction in the state but intelligence reported said that they were conveyed in smaller buses to different places to vote. An unconfirmed source said that the people smuggled into the state are in arrangement with the security in Anambra state and this ensured that the smuggling was smoothly done without security operatives seizing or arresting anyone.

The source also said that he has enough confidence to believing that Dr Chris Nwabuze Ngige, the minister of labour was responsible for the illegitimate voters that were smuggled into the state.

Report by Ifeanyi Chijioke
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