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Voters' card being used as beer cover as Biafrans boycotted election, and instead were at hone celebrating Ofe Nsala Day
If anything will prevail in Nigeria; it is illegality and total negligence of their very constitution; Anambra state experienced a total election boycott whilst there are reports that figures were bloated to help the situation, yet it could not meet satisfactory level. The election is expected to have a run off but that would be a story for another day.

The mouthwatering Anambra state election has come and gone but one thing will remain in our memories; this is a year a Governor emerged with 1 single (hundred) figure. The poll was peaceful which further defines the peaceful approach of IPOB. The only thing to take home is the blatant boycott; even though a winner will unconstitutionally emerge.

An INEC official who is a friend had told me that the government would not allow IPOB to destroy things in the country and that they would make do with what they have. In Anambra state; they have made do with what they have and that is clear fight for political survival.

The population density of Anambra state is more than five million whilst registered voters are more than two million (2.1 and fraction million people projected to vote) and a leading candidate won the election with One Hundred and Ninety Seven Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty Six votes (197 256). Automatically; nearly two million registered voters boycotted the election.
The total people that allegedly voted were Three Hundred Thousand Voters; if calculation is made, we get less than 15% participation. In other words; less than 25 percent of registered voters came out to vote and this percentage summed up the friends and families of the 38 people jostling for the seat.

No matter how this goes; the election which is a practical referendum within the political sphere shows that the people are with IPOB on the quest to restoring Biafra. If 75% of active voters could suddenly boycott election to press home a demand; then it is time to consider Biafra referendum.

Let us have the mathematical breakdown:
Below are figures;

1. Total number of valid votes = 425 257
2. Total number of rejected votes = 16 985
3. Total number of votes cast = 442 242
4. Total number of registered voters = 1 770 127
5. Total number of accredited voters =465 891
Mathematically ;
Give that registered voters = 1 770 127
and votes casted = 442 242
i, percentage (%) votes cast.
ii, percentage (%) election boycott.

i , percentage (%) votes cast
% votes cast = ( 442 242/1 770 127) x. (100/1)
= 0.2498 x 100
=25% votes cast.

ii, percentage % election boycott.
% election boycott = ?
Let's find the numbers of registered voters that boycotted the election
ie 1 770 127 - 442 242 = 1 327 885 registered voters boycotted the election.
Now, % election boycott = (1 327 885/1 770 127) x (100/1)
= 0.7506 x 100
=75% election boycott.

NB: This 75% election boycott excluded the non registered voters.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via
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