Authored by Chima Onyekachi For (TBP)
October 27,2017

In January 1967, at a meeting attended by delegates of both the Federal Government of Nigeria and Eastern region, an agreement was reached and agreed upon by everyone in attendance so as to avert a civil war. This agreement was called Aburi Accord as the meeting was held in Aburi, Accra Ghana, Yakubu Gowon led the Nigeria government delegation while Odumegwu Ojukwu led the Eastern region (later became Biafra) and there is an iconic photograph showing both men having a meal together from the same plate portraying a genuine agreement was reached.

The meeting was also attended by Col. Robert Adebayo (Western region), Lt. –Col. David Ejoor (Mid-Western region), Lt.-Col Hassan Katsina (Northern region), Commodore J.E.A. Wey (Vice-President), Major Mobolaji Johnson (Lagos state), Alhaji Kam Selem, Mr. T. Omo-Bare, the secretary of each region and the Federal government, and were hosted by the Chairman of the Ghana National Liberation Council, Lt-General J.A Ankrah. Furthermore, the official reporters of each regional government and the Federal government were furnished with tape records of the proceedings of the meeting.

With the hope that all is well, Ojukwu returned back from Aburi Ghana and had a broadcast to explain to his people the outcome of the meeting with the Nigeria government. Whereas, Gowon returned back and reneged on the agreement after consultation with the British government. Instead of abiding by the Aburi Accord he willingly agreed on, Gowon chose to declare “police action” in the eastern region and also began to craft out states in the eastern region instilling the divide and rule tactics, seizing the natural resources and vested supreme power on himself. Gowon brought war upon the people of Biafra which resulted in a genocide killing over 3 million civilian. This feat earned Yakubu Gowon a place in the history book as the 10th worst dictator who killed the most people.

Fifty years after actively participating in the Biafra Genocide of 1967-70, Gowon is gallivanting as a free man instead of cooling off in jail, claiming he has become a prayer warrior and the national convener of a prayer group called Nigeria Prays. After the death of Ojukwu, Gowon began to suffer from verbal diarrhea making him to propagate falsehood and twist facts to suit his senile state. Gowon is shocked that the offspring of those he worked hard to exterminate from the surface of the earth has risen to clamor for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Gowon can continue to speak lies over the memory of Odumegwu Ojukwu but the facts and evidence available will always prove him a liar and a murderer of Biafran civilians. Gowon is not spiritually sound enough to discern the reason why his kinsmen in his home state of Plateau are continually being butchered by the Fulani ethnic group. Providentially, Gowon cannot ever feel comfortable in his ancestral home due to incessant armed attack by the Fulani herdsmen. I will advise the mass murderer in the person of Yakubu Gowon to focus on praying himself and his people out of the killings against them and leave the matters of Biafra because it is an ideology that can 
never be crushed.

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