October 27,2017

The news broke out but everything was done to avoid heating up the polity; three people were gunned down on Anambra state campaign flag-off. Though politicians have always fought dirty but when it comes to sustaining political business, they become friends for that time and execute the mission. The death of citizens in Anambra state on the campaign flag off ‘day’ of APC candidate Tony Nwoye portends blood for the November 18th election and for all political parties, it was crucial to kill the news.
Nigerian press was bought; they have to do the dirty job- cleaning the political mess that gives citizen reason to boycott politics. The story was shifted by the police in Anambra state; they said that the deceased was escaping when police officers on duty pursued him and shot him to death. As concocted news to be used to douse tension; Nigerian media bought it and promoted it without independent investigation. The final accusation was that the deceased was carrying bags of marijuana. But then; may the soul of that innocent citizen that doesn’t smoke ordinary cigarette rest in peace.
I decided to independently investigate what really happened because of the unprofessional approach by Nigerian media; my anger was that Nigerian media never bothered to investigate the cause of the death but happily and wholly accepted the concocted story the police emailed to them. Journalism is not always practiced in the comfort of various homes but in a scorching and troublesome situation. It took me nothing to storm Anambra state and moved straight to Tarzan; eyewitnesses longing to tell the story but nobody bothered to know what happened. They had a relief that at least somebody cared to know what transpired other than the lies published by mainstream media. It’s a two lane major express; one leading to popular Up Iweka and the other to Enugu, my first sight was a police van burnt as it plied wrong lane.

This police van was burnt after we used the guy’s Camry to block the road; we placed his dead body on top of his car’s bonnet for the world to see. We were still angry when they tried to intimidate people with siren and ply one lane against traffic rule” an eyewitness said to me as I pointed to ascertain what happened to the van. That fateful day was as busy as a bee; with siren crazy convoys rushing down to All Saints Cathedral where APC Tony Nwoye situated his campaign flag off. In a bit to make the flag off on time; politicians in company of their escorts started to ply one lane against traffic rules and harassing citizens to make for their pass.

They killed a total of three people; the first victim caused chaos which led to the killing of other two” an eye witness account said.
According to the eyewitness account; trouble brewed when the young man who was shot tried to make chance for the escort convoy to pass but was already at the breadth end of the road. He had explained to the mobile police escort that he cannot wheel off the road any further because he would fall into the gutter but the mobile police escort continued to harass him to do something about his car.

While the siren was mounting pressure and political convey getting frustrated; the deceased opened his car door to alight but was shot immediately which caused fear and people scattered. The shot dispersed people and the convoy later passed but then the people got angry and tried to save the man but it was too late. They carried him inside the car to rush to a hospital but found out he has given up; they later placed him on the bonnet of his car and protested mildly. The account further said that when the man was shot; the mobile escort released further bullets but the account could not specify if that was when two other persons got killed.

Some said that the man got angry and decided to leave his car there because he was lawfully ’on his lane’ when the policeman shot him” he said. The death of the man led to total collapse of order at Nkpor which by the end of the day took three lives. Anambra state election has started to show signs of blood because politicians and their orderly will always be at alert over threats by Niger Delta militants. Who knows who is a militant or the unarmed terrorist that vowed to boycott election? Nigerian forces will trade same path on November 18th and by the end of the day; the stubborn citizens that dare to come out will have themselves to blame. I have brought the story of what happened because Nigerian establishment paid to cover the story. Anambra state will be too hot for citizens that dare walk the path of political activities. If citizens die on just campaign flag off; imagine what the real election on 18th of November will look like. To before warn is to before arm

.Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist of Thebiafrapost  and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from the Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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