By: Ma.Marichu Contado Ekwoma
As:  Ada Ora

My fellow Biafrans, parents, brothers, sisters, sons, and  daughters  of Biafra land hear this  once  again your  comrade from  another mother, but  as  a spiritual daughter of  the area  I feel the  pain and  tragic result of the  oppression, and  I can not  be silent  though by life  or death may suffer me, I will shout  the truth how BIAFRA had  long been deceived,  and  every Election done  in her yard serves as a manner of taking poison to kill her own body . We have been from all these years, in more than a hundred years exercising this deceit believing that we are part of One country called  NIGERIA, but unfortunately, the truth is, “WE HAVE NOT BEEN PART OF ONE NIGERIA.” Now, in every election, who is fooling who?

Being ONE has a proof of reactions from complete senses. ONE BODY will never do to hurt its part. Have you seen an average man chopping his leg? Or cutting his neck? If  ONE NIGERIA is real, then why slaying his part? (BIAFRA) If in case it claims as one? Isn’t it only an abnormal mind can do such thing against his body? Even a fool when he hurt himself when he feels the pain, he will stop worrying unless a demon is with him it can not be controlled.

But why Nigeria? Is this mean a demon is under control this body called Nigeria? Or Biafra had never been a part of the organization called  Nigeria? WHY? Simple reason. “Nigeria is determined to kill  Biafra” Is this normal? Isn’t it even a leaper when one of his body affected, he will determine to give cure and not to cut it or kill it or else himself the whole body dies? But  Why is  Nigeria?
When did Biafra start voting and believing they are part of  One  Nigeria, have it profited the land? Has any good come out of it? When  Biafra voted  Buhari believing his all deception and lies APC etc.  is not the same  Buhari who constitutes the killing and massive murdering of the  Biafrans? Now, you will say because  Buhari is a Hausa man from  Daura, and he is not a Biafra man,  Okay lets come far to the one you voted a  man from  Biafra, your  Governors Okorocha, Obiano, and co., are they not supposedly Biafrans? But WHY?

The reason is simple. They are the poison which  Nigeria uses to destroy Biafra from within.
Sorry to say, “ THERE  HAD BEEN NO ONE NIGERIA  FROM THE  DAY  OF  HER  MAKING” Nigeria had never counted BIAFRA as his part, but despitefully Nigeria was robbing Biafra in all her resources by the term of false marriage amalgamation made by criminals and fools!
NOW, THEREFORE; WHY STILL TO DRINK  THE SAME  POISON AGAIN? Are we foolish like  Nigeria? Of course, we are not! So we declare every election done in Biafra land a poison to kill. Why we drink and take it when we know it well this time? Voting is a right of suffrage to enjoy when you are a real citizen of a  Nation.

Voting is a privilege, but it had never been for us  Biafrans. Every time you vote leaders, inside and out  Biafra they become your terrors.  Because they have a pledge with the false Nigeria to brought his constituents to Nigerian slaughter in exchange for their power to execute to eat their flesh after every election was made. When before  Buhari was born out to be president did he killed Biafrans more than after electing him as President?  When  Obiano, was not yet in his power, did he authored killing his people more than after he was governor elected his same victims the  Biafrans?
If every election in Biafra land under  Nigeria spirit is a deadly weapon against the Biafrans, why we will do to participate?

Now all is clear than crystal water, ELECTIONS in Biafra land is a POISON  TO  KILL the  BIAFRANS. Biafrans are starting Anambra must be  AWARE!  BEWARE! And CONQUER! This time we will execute our very power to put away this deadly poison out  of our  land. That our governance shall  rise with full life and our sons and daughters  shall drink  the fruits and juice  of a new wine from our vineyard full of life  and truth, that they  will live in this glorious land  like before.
All hail Biafra together  we shall conquer! And shall possess our homeland BIAFRA!

Miss.Elyn Barata Davila writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Ugwu Okechukwu
For Biafra Reporters



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