Authored by Chima Onyekachi - TBP
October 27, 2017

South-East Governors
‘They’ will not be happy with me for warning the politicians and ‘they’ may cease to divulge information to me because of this article. Who are they? They are the angry and frustrated indigenes of Biafra whom are feeling betrayed by the political class of Biafra origin. The people of Biafra are worried that those that were voted into power are more interested in achieving personal interest and not interested in their welfare.

And the lone voice that has inspired hope and strength is nowhere to be found after the gang up by the politicians against him. The IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is nowhere to be found since September 14 when Nigeria soldiers invaded his home shooting indiscriminately at everything in sight. The Nigeria Army has denied killing or abducting Nnamdi Kanu and tension is building up over his whereabouts. In Biafra land, the politicians are taking a huge chunk of the blame for the disappearance of the IPOB leader.

The South East governors showed complicity by hurriedly proscribing the activities of IPOB thereby setting the pace for its designation as a terrorist organization by the Nigeria government. Not minding that they had a meeting with the IPOB leader in Enugu state for a peaceful resolution of the clamor for the restoration of Biafra, these governors remained docile while the Nigeria Army invaded his residence. The use of armored personnel carriers (APCs) and anti-aircraft guns (AA) by the Nigeria Army against the civilian populace was never condemned, an act that is illegal and against the Geneva Convention Act. Till date, there have been no investigation or inquiry instituted against the extra judicial violence and killings against defenseless Biafrans by the Nigeria security forces as demanded by international human right watchdog, Amnesty International.

Meanwhile in the north region of Nigeria suffering from incessant terrorists attack, the Nigeria Army is not allowed to use the least whip on the civilians. Even checkpoints manned by the security forces do not engage in harassment and extortion of motorists. Not forgetting that Northern elders have never stopped speaking against the killing of members of the BokoHaram terrorists group.

The call for restructuring by these politicians was used as distraction against the clamor for the restoration of Biafra but they have not made any meaningful impact on their agenda to restructure the country. The politicians in South-East and South-South are placing themselves in grave danger by going against the demand of their people for a referendum. The plea for restructuring by these politicians will fail woefully but before it is too late they still have the opportunity to be on the side of their people.

Sure, the political class of Biafra origin is feeling secured and untouchable because of their connection and wealth but they will be unable to withstand the tsunami that is coming against them. The reality is that there must be a revolution in Nigeria and the clamor for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra is in the forefront. For the politicians, fleeing abroad will be the most convenient and safest means of escape from the angry populace but they should never forget that Biafrans sympathetic to the restoration of Biafra are located all over the globe and even more radical than those in Biafra land.

The politicians must backtrack on standing against the demand of their people for a referendum because it is legitimate. They must be aware that they are being looked upon as the greatest barrier to the restoration of Biafra which places them in grave danger. The politicians of Biafra origin must know that it is time to make a choice, either they are for their people or against them. Let them make a wise choice!

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