October 13,2017  

I nearly fell into a gutter while laughing; as my stomach no burst that day, God really made this stomach strong that no amount of pumping fit breakam. As for those of you my esteemed readers abroad; don’t be confused that a man could fell into a gutter. My brother once told me that he has never seen open drainage oversea; this place is opposite, we have never seen closed drainage. The polluted or waste water that flow through a drainage sometimes leave us irritated, we see it and even sometimes our phones fell off the road and roll into the drainage, trust us, we pull our shoes and fold our trousers and jump in there, it is a normal thing, Africans behave like big but Nigeria kills like vampire.

The reason I laughed that much was because Aisha Buhari and Buhari’s family are playing sophisticated game; could you imagine Hausa/Fulani family using our brain? I don’t blame these people; as first class in their various Amajiri populated villages, they often see other people as second to them. Aisha Buhari should be well told that no matter how much she package things; she came from the world of Almajiri.
 I am not a talkative and I respect people so much that I don’t haul unreasonable insults at them; before you mistakenly classify me, let me clarify things. Aisha Buhari and a certain Buhari’s daughter are championing a campaign on Villa Clinic state of emptiness. They even went further to claim that there is no syringe in the Villa clinic. Recently; Buhari’s daughter told us a tale of how her father was not aware of the state of the clinic. Finally; they are on a wild goose chase for a probe; the daughter wants his father to probe Villa Clinic scandal and the wife wants review of Villa budget.
Another call came from opinion maker that Villa clinic should be commercialized; let Nigerians start coming to Villa for medical care. That very opinion is the wisest of it all but then what do we make of the call by Muhammadu Buhari family’s campaign against Villa clinic?

Aisha is trying to shift our focus from the very fact that her husband has nothing to do with Villa clinic and should be held responsible for Villa clinic scandal. Instead of shouting wolf; why not start criticizing her husband’s role in destroying Villa Clinic. Maybe she is not aware of the fact that her husband is the cause of the poor state of Villa clinic or she is trying to sway us from the reality of the situation.

In the first place; Villa clinic was established for the president and his aides and the presidency. But in a situation the president himself gets medical care abroad; setting pace for all his workers to do same, what is the essence of Villa clinic? How on earth could Aisha Buhari expect Villa clinic to be filled with equipments when they are there for nothing. Abi the president don repent that he don sack all his foreign doctors’ residence in London? How could Aisha Buhari expect Villa Clinic to be equipped or have syringe when her husband made it clear that Villa clinic is in London. No say na me talkam o; if Villa clinic no dey for London; how come Mr President dey go London every time he wants medical care?

Muhammadu Buhari’s government to pocket Villa clinic budget is the wisest decision I have seen from this government. I am very much convinced that any equipment bought and kept in Villa clinic will rust for the singular reason that Muhammadu Buhari will never go in there for the equipments to be used and neither will the presidency. Muhammadu Buhari has given Britain enough oil since he came into Nigerian mainstream politics far back in 1980s and the oil is supposed to have given Britain enough medical apparatus and then Buhari has his clinic in London. Let us kindly go to bed and spare the public a nuisance; Villa clinic has nothing or any role to play in Muhammadu Buhari’s life or the presidency. After all; every government person has a special clinic or doctor in London or any other foreign country because Villa clinic budget has been split and used for medical trips.

Can Aisha Buhari and her cohorts go and sit down and stop unnecessary noise? How could they be shouting that there is nothing in Villa clinic when Buhari is very much aware of that? No one has ever eaten his cake and had it back; the money that was supposed to be used for syringe and other medical apparatus has been used for Muhammadu Buhari’s medical treatment abroad.

Aisha Buhari and her cohorts are simply making Muhammadu Buhari a fool; the issue of Villa clinic is not supposed to be a case at the very moment he jettisoned the clinic for London clinic. Villa clinic was not abandoned by anyone but Muhammadu Buhari and this is why Aisha Buhari must stop disturbing the peace of innocent man over there. By travelling to London for medical treatment; it is very clear that Muhammadu Buhari has nothing to do with Villa clinic and equipping Villa clinic will be a waste of resources. As Baba dey fly in and out dey treat malaria and typhoid; why won’t all of us in government fly as well?

As I said earlier; Amajiri is Amajiri and if Aisha Buhari and her cohorts are serious about fighting Villa clinic scandal, they should first of all fight treatment abroad. If Buhari doesn’t treat himself abroad; Villa clinic will be filled with medical apparatus. If Buhari treats himself in Villa clinic; what will ever bring about scanty clinic? Buhari is fully aware of Villa clinic and has nothing to offer; he is not an extravagant kind that would waste money on buying apparatus that will never be used.

I believe this noise from Aisha Buhari and her cohorts can now end; they should stop distracting us from the real thing. Muhammadu Buhari is a weak and a corrupt man that only knows the business of killing.

Authored /Edited by Ifeanyi Chijioke
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