Biafra: [Biafra Killers Turned Healers]:
The Nigerian Army Python Dance Exercise And Her Free Vaccination Exercise; The Doubts In People's Heart

Written By: Odirachinma Ezeobi - TBP
October 12, 2017

Biafran Children running away from dead vaccines from Nigerian islamic army
"Onye obula malukwa nwa nke ya oo" (each parents should know his own child oo) Such was the voices of our mothers I heard over one of the videos going on viral about the most gullible and unintelligible scenario, I have seen this week as they scamper in one of the schools taking their children home.
In Nigeria today under a brutal Biafra serial killer Mohammadu Buhari there are more than one act of depopulating the Biafrans either by bullets or use of syringes to achieve unity by force under the pretense of a free medical exercise by the Islamic murderous Nigerian Army.

Tension was seen high in every parts of Biafra territories as parents and guardians were seen running about to take their children and wards back from school due to the on-going vaccination exercise in Biafra land spearheaded by the Islamic Nigerian Military without the proper knowledge of the affected parents; no proper consultations was made before the Nigerian Army engaged in this immunization exercise prior to ascertain the medical status of those being vaccinated as to know the implications or health hazard it is already causing to the children.

As a Biafra Reporter; I reported earlier-on, as I was studying the situation and was still in a bit confusion as whether such is a propaganda before I received a call from one of the schools in my hometown, I was reliably informed that parents are withdrawing their children and wards from school because of a free vaccination exercise being conducted by the Nigerian army under the name of python dance.

Undoubtedly, the soldiers were forcing the said treatment or would i rightly say the vaccines on the innocent and suspected to be killed school children and they have to scamper for safety. Now in sane clime; sane minds will ask "why, when and how did the situation in Biafra as alleged by the Nigerian Army become a necessitating issue or out of bound that the killer soldiers turned to medical experts?

How come that the venomous Python suddenly turned to be friends to the afflicted Biafran people? Sane minds tend to ask "why were the Nigerian soldiers forcing the children to be injected with this biological weapon of mass destruction called vaccines after killing their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and host of other relatives? Sane people simply will deduct from this scenario above that the Nigerian government have sinister motives of depopulating the Biafrans through the use of vaccines.

Sane minds will go further to ask "how can the Nigerian Army act with such high level of impunity embarking on a medical exercise in agitated Biafra region without the proper approval of the State's Commissioner of Health, and no proper consultations, debriefing with the Federal Ministry of Health announcing to the outbreak of this epidemic before the Nigerian Army start to inject the Biafran school children.

There was no form of awareness and proper sensitization of this transmitted monkey pox through the inoculation of this biological war chemicals except the information released by the APC lackey -Information Minister Lai Mohammed when it has dawn on them that the resultant effects to the children is alarming and worrisome to the affected parents. It may interest the general and unsuspecting public to understand the fact that the Nigerian soldiers are not here to make friends to no-one but do the job they were rightly sent to execute which is "inject them with these vaccines and if they refuse then force them and make sure you inject them with biological chemical so as to impair their growth rate, fertility rate and untimely deaths".

Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari's government of the day needed nobody to speak out against his dictatorial tendencies in Nigeria hence he is the Commander of all Nigerian Armed Forces; Mohammadu Buhari gave his Military such orders whether they agree to that or not, the Governors' press statement on the unfortunate incident didn't exude any disappointment with the Military rather the statement criticized  concerned citizens of Nigeria that raised alarm over this unholy move by Mohammadu Buhari's Military sinister agenda that prompted the State Governors to give a stand-by order to halt the Nigerian Military vaccination exercise in Biafra. 

The government of the day in Anambra State and South-East as a whole is so weak and gullible that the Nigerian soldiers can come and destroy her subjects while they fiddle like emperor Nero of Rome. How can the Governor of Anambra State and her erstwhile States explain the fact that some military men turned to doctors and started such exercise in a state without their general consent and they were fumbling with the microphone?

Yes to the last question being raised out of millions of questions raised today by some parents are; how do you expect a man to accept you treat their children or ward under such name "Python dance"? How do you expect parents that knew that the only thing Nigerian Army are known for and are capable of doing across boards is taking peoples lives out of the surface of the planet earth. How would they believe that you have come to be a healer and saviour at same time?

Recall that the Nigerian Army attacked Umuahia and massacred many young men and women, what were they [Nigerian Army] thinking that those innocent young men and women in their prime came from the moon? Absolutely NO!, they are the brothers, sisters, cousins, in-laws, friends, father's, mothers, etc of those Nigerian Army went to vaccinate today, and the Nigerian Army were expecting those young brilliant Igbo school children to believe that their "killers have turn to healers". Nigerian Government and her handlers must be joking.

There is a great mistrust of the ability of the Nigerian Army, the Security Operatives, the Political Class to protect the lives of ordinary Nigerian civilians. The common civilians are much aware that they are not safe with Mohammadu Buhari's regime full of atrocities across the length and breadth of Nigeria; and that anything Mohammadu Buhari and his Army touches, their innocent blood will be soak-in like dogs and baboons; anything Mohammadu Buhari touches turns automatically to a killing agent. 

With this recent activities of the Nigerian army's vaccination exercise encouraged and paid by the political elites in the South-East; the manner and impunity at which they shoot at Biafrans and the rate and mannerism of denial they adopt once they are done with the deed has woken the consciousness of an ordinary man on the street of Biafra to the extent that the Nigerian Army will unavoidably be avoided like lepers no matter how good their intentions may be.

On this note, Biafra Reporters wish to inform the general public that cares to know that the Military free vaccination exercise is more or less not needed in Biafra rather the Northern parts of Nigeria as Boko haram pillaged and ravaged their land leaving many in unventilated and unkempt environs with many bacteria attacking them; Boko haram continues to have their own version of "Sharia Dance" while the Nigerian Military are having their own version of "Python Dance and Crocodile Smiles" in Biafra.

Biafra region needs peace not killer vaccines, our "Compatriots" in the Northern parts are suffering out of many disclosed and undisclosed diseases and Biafrans stand in solidarity with them to be treated or vaccinated as Biafrans in general reject the Nigerian Army kind gesture to them, the Nigerian Army should take their vaccination exercise to the North and "save" souls.

As for the States Governments, we are not surprised of hearing such epidemic outbreak, crippled and leprous remark being vomited by them because they didn't do anything different when Biafrans were massacred under their rightful watch; why making such press statement to cajole yourselves the more now that Biafran school children ran away for dear lives depicts that the Governors are not to be trusted in their shady dealings with our lives.

You all have no much time left as Biafrans are going to pass a general civilian vote of no confidence on the political class come 18th of November 2017, Biafrans shall sit at home to remind them all that without us whether termed as terrorists or criminals, they all are doomed without our collective franchise to which Biafrans shall withhold, Biafrans are the most necessary part of your existence and few weeks from now, Biafrans shall be proving same.

Parents be careful what you listen to, they will come back with sweet and enticing words, they might change or halt the vaccination exercise since all eyes are on them now; but they will never, I mean never turn to be your healers, make sure your children and wards stay away from any immunization exercise and if at all like the woman banging on one of the school gates shouting "unu amaghi ihe bu onwa ite olu"!! (you don't know the meaning of nine months!!?) As she was shouting, if you truly know that childbirth is painful and losing a child is more painful, make sure you and your kids do not go out and cast any vote for anybody on 18th of November; stay in your various houses and you will be doing a great favour to yourself, family, generations to come; Africa [Biafra] and the world at large.


Edited By: Eke  Macdonald Ndubuisi

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