Biafra: [Exposed]: Nigeria A Country That Achieved Her Unity Through The Use Of Guns And Biological/Chemical Weapons

Written By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
October 12, 2017

Nigerian Military forcefully administering poisonous vaccines to Biafran children
Just in Mohammadu Buhari is using guns and biological and chemical weapons against the innocent Biafran school children all over Biafra land while their parents are subjects of massacres on a daily basis reason being that they have vowed to be left alone by the Nigerian government.

Information has it that it is because of the Biafran peoples collective resolve to quit Nigeria through a referendum process that ushered in the forceful vaccination exercise on their children and wards in schools; it is not in the know or public knowledge that there was an outbreak of any disease or its symptoms until the arrival and invasion of Biafra territories by the Nigerian Military dominated by Hausa-Fulani hegemony.

From the United Nations and World Health Organization journals online it is a well known fact the core Arewa North of Nigeria are the people that are seriously in need of such vaccination exercise to help quarantine their people from the wide spread of such known and unknown epidemics and not the people of South-East and South of Biafra.

The resultant effects of this vaccines being administered by the Nigerian Military to the innocent Biafran school children is the reaction [endermic] on their skins which is worrisome. It kills instantly or shorten their life shelf of turning up to adults without one deformity or another; it is purely an act of depopulation exercise in progress just to force the Biafrans to stop demanding for referendum in Nigeria or better still face with annihilation, extermination of any kind either by guns or vaccines.

NATO, UNICEF, WHO and other world health relevant agencies should without hesitation extradite the chief culprits of this dreadful vaccination exercise in Biafra land to the world court so as to enlighten the Biafrans and the world at large the more reasons why the Mohammadu Buhari's government decided to embark on the exercise without the proper consultations needed before hand.

It is most regrettable that the Nigerian Minister of Information Mr. Lia Mohammed [Buhari's puppet] would lie to the general senses of the Nigerian populace using the Nigerian government compromised media houses that the core reasons the Nigerian army embarked on this move [vaccination exercise] is to help the affected areas in the State government to eliminate the spread of what he viewed as monkey pox.

Even in the wake of disease outbreak or war times the army do not engage in any form of immunization cum vaccine exercise; it is the absolute role of the world designated health agents and their agencies that are allowed to engage in such exercises and not the Military; Nigerian Military already had a stinking name with issues concerning Biafra and her people so one wonder why will the trigger happy men in Nigerian Military uniform suddenly become their healer.

A leak from Aso-Rock has it that the cloned man Jubril Mohammadu Buhari is much lively in tune with the Arewa cabals to use this measure so as not to attract the world attention to what they will be or are doing to the Biafrans; it was agreed that first the Nigerian Military should use force to delete anybody or thing that has to identity with Biafra; when their killing spree exercise was exposed to the world which received condemnation on the part of Nigerian government resorted to silent killing by using biological war chemical weapons.

The Leak also has it that since Arewa North cannot blockade the Biafra territory again nor use napalm bombs on Biafrans again as the last one Mohammadu Buhari did was exposed to the world by the oratory prowess of Nnamdi Kanu, resorted to this method of injecting the Biafran school children with poisonous chemicals; both Nigerian army and Mohammadu Buhari's information minister did not tell the Biafrans the name[s] of the vaccines being applied on their kids; left to die in pains and agony of mind.

Under investigative decorum can Nigerian government and her army announce to the world and Biafrans as a unit the company's name that produces such vaccines; when was the shipment made? Was Nigerian government and her army aware of such disease in time before its outbreak prior to having the vaccines intact for such cases? Did the Nigerian Medical Association release any form of warning to the general public on the outbreak of such disease as a guide for precautionary measures to be adhered to?

These and many more questions are begging for answers; we want to know what experimental measures that was carried out to certify that these vaccines are satisfactory for the treatment of this unknown disease that the Nigerian government and her army enforced on the Biafrans? We question the authenticity of such vaccines and would like the world to force the Nigerian government to subject the remaining vaccines to them for more laboratory and forensic analysis. Biafrans needs to know the contents of what was used to incorporate to the full assembly of those vaccines the Nigerian government is injecting on our school children.

It is viewed that guns and bullets has failed the Nigerian government; now using of vaccines to kill the Biafrans has become a necessity that must be accomplished so as to continue to enslave the Biafrans and force them to remain in Nigeria. Time to stop the Biafran serial killers is now, tyrant Mohammadu Buhari and Military Chiefs should prepare their way to prisons soon.

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