Published on October 13, 2017
By The Biafra Post

Nigerian islamic military forcefully injecting Biafran children at gunpoint with deadly poisonous virus to depopulate the region
What happened in Ghana must happen in Biafra; gather them all and burn them because sabotage is the weakness of Biafra since inception. Nnamdi Kanu continues to build while these men continue to pull the house of Biafra down. There is nothing that can be done about this if not to take risk now than later; declare independence and protect Biafra boundaries.

Equip men ready to die on the boundary and beyond Biafra boundaries and if they are defeated; we embrace our fate of eternal slavery, but Biafra like Israel is undefeatable. We have Biafrans abroad; millions of Biafrans abroad who can push this Israeli like war. 1967 class don’t have the advantage we have today; the internet and the presence of our people abroad. If anybody is waiting for any action that will warrant giving one freedom; then we have really missed it. Freedom is taken and not given.

Biafra as the kingdom of God on earth suffereth violence and only the violence taketh it by force. If any country in this life will come peacefully; it is not Biafra, strong countries come through the hardware. Who is that man on earth that will give God’s kingdom to his children? We are descendants of David; name them, those great men that fought for the kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is fought and taken and not demanded and given. India got her freedom through peaceful means and it took a century! Shame to myself.

But the reason this shame will not touch me to the bone is because I love criticisms. Nnamdi Kanu; the leader of over 70million Biafrans is missing and yet nobody could do a thing. His house was invaded and his properties carted away; that was a show of force. Four weeks later; nobody has seen our leader and yet we still dey watch them dey patrol like untouchable gods on our streets.

Prepare men; declare independence and protect Biafran boundaries. No country has ever survived second civil war; Nigeria is not united enough to execute any war, they can’t fight in North, fight Biafra militants and fight territorial war at a time. Nigerian military is weak; fearful men that cannot die for a useless country; they know that.
They accuse us of being terrorists; gazette us and confiscated our properties, accused us of importing arms and even killed our leader’s cousin sister and our people. They boast that we are nothing but bastards; that we are noise makers and that if we are serious; we should go beyond words. Yet we watch them make mess of our culture, our tradition and we looked on.

Shame to myself; I deserve a big shame.
This big shame might touch me to the bone but I have to claim everything is alright. These thoughtless governors proscribed us and said we have been banned from pursuing our inalienable right to self determination. They even had the gut to say we have to register to receive assistance that we are just frustrated youths. Yet nobody did anything and they kept embezzling monthly allocation and sleeping with their two eyes closed. What happened in Ghana must happen here to pave way for our freedom.

I am not a frustrated youth; God forbid, I am a gallant industrious Biafran; notwithstanding that am under slavery.
The federal government after a wonderful night rest said that we are now terrorists; after killing thousands of us without provocation, they turned and said their victims are terrorists. They killed scores of us the day they labeled us terrorist and we have worked our socks and remained holier than thou to make sure we escape terrorist label. Here we are and labeled terrorists and treated like terrorist yet nobody did anything.

The world has responded to the Nigerian government that we are not terrorists but law-abiding people of the world but Nigeria persisted. What again do we need to be convinced that the world is on our side and expect us to defend ourselves having been labeled terrorist to facilitate ethnic cleansing?

But we are still afraid that if we defend ourselves; we will become terrorists, we had better continue to defenselessly die to be Mr nice guy. Please even a terrorist has right to self-defense; where are the strong men in Biafra land? Nnamdi Kanu has restored Biafra; it needs just finishing!
IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu has restored Biafra; this is why it is being hunted and Buhari giving his everything to make sure he kills IPOB. Abeg will Nnamdi Kanu marry for us; sleep with our women for us and impregnate them for us? How can we watch them suddenly militarilize our land and killing our people; their own people hang their lives in the sky?

We are afraid of being called terrorist and afraid of armored tanks being rolled against us. What was rolled against us recently? Was that armored tank or hummer jeep? What we so much fear has come upon on and why continue to fear their assault?
They have suppressed us into denying our identity; we are Biafrans for Christ sake and have the right to wear Biafra insignia. Last time I was on the streets of Biafra; I didn’t see Biafra flags I do see every day and neither did I see many insignia. They have surrendered us and ready to pull their trigger if we ever confess or show that we are Biafra. What is even happening; where are the strong men in Biafra, have they all gone to sleep?

Ok let us forget the fact that the arrowhead of Biafra was arrested, killed or missing after his home was invaded, what about the killing of the defenseless people. Since 1999 the agitation for the restoration of Biafra began; have we not lost thousands of Biafrans? If those men died in a strategic battle with Nigerian murderous military, don’t you know their death could have restored Biafra?

Must Nnamdi Kanu do everything for us? Yes IPOB chose peaceful agitation and I love peace but what about the strong men in Biafra? Are we going to watch them continue killing our people; suppressing our identity and pushing us at gun point to forget over 3.5 million Biafrans that died in 1967 to 1970?

1967 class seem to be more confronting than us even when we have everything it takes to execute second successful battle. I have always made it clear that it is going to be strategic in the sense that our land will not experience war again; let it be a boundary dispute and beyond.

If you have lost your child to the recent biological war; may his or her soul rest in peace.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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