The Biafra Post | October 14, 2017

Biafrans protesting for a State of Biafra be granted them & for the release of its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
Europe is a civilized continent; people reason and follow due process, leaders are bound by the law of their various nations. There seems to be total negligence on happenings bothering on human rights violations in underdeveloped African continent. Many have claimed that silence of developed countries is nothing short of racism.

In various African countries; humanity suffers man made death on daily basis, with state sponsored massacre topping the chart. The disturbing occurrences have pushed Amnesty International to plead for action- citing the case of Nigeria vs Indigenous people of Biafra. Amnesty has also voiced its worry over Southern Cameroon right abuses.

In Africa; leaders aspire for leadership to make more money, enjoy immunity, help their different tribes, get at their enemies and wield power. The taste of power that gives them diverse satisfaction made politics "do or die affair" in Africa. Study has shown that average African leader love power and can do anything to get it but can’t manage it.

In Spain; Catalonians are agitating for self-determination and have even gone to the extent of conducting a referendum and despite the high-handedness of Spanish leadership, no single death was recorded in the cause of the agitation. The violence that recently trailed their referendum was condemned by all and sundry. The recent threat to get the head of the leader of Catalonia met a fierce response despite the fact he is a secessionist leader.

Come to Africa; Nigerian leader stormed the home of the leader of Biafrans with contingent of soldiers and killed scores. Before the invasion; and according to record; Nigerian government has killed more than a thousand Biafrans. The crime of the people murdered was that they asked the government to conduct referendum to determine their wish.

In Cameroon; Cameroonian leader has severally taken down internet to cover the atrocities being committed against the Anglophone region that goes with the Independent name Ambazonia. Video evidences like in Nigeria have shown that there is genocide going on there; Ambazonians are killed like their counterparts.

In Togo; the government of Togo has heavily come upon Togolese who simply asked or demanded an end to a family rule of over 50years. The constitutional monarchy system of government hit a wave of protest that has seen bloodshed. Togolese who have no weapon have often use black magic to face murderous soldiers.

In Kenya; the instability orchestrated by poor or unruly government keeps claiming lives of the populace that are opposed to irresponsible government which has often rigged elections to his favor. Kenya is still believed to be unrest caused by opposition to the ruling government but critics believe it would snowball if not handled now.

In Gambia; it took the intervention of ECOWAS to avert a spring that could have claimed lives of determined Africans who yearn for modern life or government. Gambia is not supposed to be in peace had the previous government had enough soldier or influence on the floor of ECOWAS parliament.

There is relative peace in Zimbabwe; Mugabe is holding off opposition and doing everything to buy the people of Zimbabwe over. Time is ticking as external personalities are already sniffing and to be fair to all; Robert Mugabe’s age is over-due.

Africans are giving their lives; dying on the fight for a better life and good governance while some want self-rule to push over tribal hatred. Their various leaders have rolled tanks and unleashed soldiers against African citizenry. Victims have described the development  as the height of "man’s inhumanity to man in Africa".

The wave of African spring may be mild but will soon become a tsunami that would toss corrupt and murderous African leaders. African continent needs attention and such attention must start by backing Biafra to pave way for a stable Africa with potential.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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