October 14,2017
By Kelechi Okorie, For TBP

The essence of living is good qualities attach to it, serious government plays major roles in standardize the living condition of its citizens by making sure everybody is satisfied with the system of its governance and her assiduous working methodology.

The imperial former military junta Mohammadu Buhari, usage of Biafran machinery   in exchange of political appointment to inflict hardship, torture, discomfort, illegal detention, extermination and dehumanization of Biafran existence in courtesy of South East Governors Forum, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo and other hungry political jobbers in Biafral and to pave ways for evil Nigerian government to achieve their demonic aim. These common criminals are working in between the clock to obliterate and occupy Biafraland by all means; original owners of the land are more or less irrelevant in the scheme of things, they regarded as third class citizens perhaps, vandals (Nigeria) ceaselessly rape their natural endowments without remorse. Every applicable mean seems to be abortive as IPOB were seen as a stumbling block to execute their Jihad war and Islamisation agenda.

Though, South East Governors Forum dialogue was allegedly properly anchored in Enugu with the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, in attendance to iron out lasting solution of Hausa/Fulani and Biafra unresolved dichotomy. On the process of adequate Biafra consensus consultation, Nigeria military invaded Kanu’s house scores were shot dead while many seriously were injured and their body’s whisky away to avoid trace. Till date he (Nnamdi Kanu) has neither seen nor heard by his supporters’. Military deployment after South East Governors Forum meeting encountered dissatisfaction to convince the leader to succumbed unfavorable conditions imposed on Biafrans at the detriment of collective interest of all and sundry.

Jamborees clubbing by Buhari’s machineries thought IPOB have been wiped out and their well planned black market terrorist prescription by hired Justice Abdul Adamu Kafarati, bring an end of Biafra agitation for further spreading of contaminate vaccine to school pupils through free military medical treatment . In as much as the world is watching with keen interest for any further military bombardment, physical combat against innocent unarm citizens another dangerous digital tricks more than rocket propel grenade was adopted ‘’Biological Weapon of Mass Destruction” using the same staunch stomach infrastructure from Igbo speaking extraction to transmit deadly disease at St Michaels Catholic Church in Onitsha, where school students were seen taking their heel for safety.

Drug addict governor Willi Obiano’s deceptive press statement was ridiculously trying to disassociate military vindication in planned vaccine mass murder. Never in record where Nigeria military founds rendering free medication at Internal Displace Camps in North East where high rate of epidemic prone diseases have full control of the centers. Military deviating from primary constitutional responsibility to defend territorial integrity against external aggressive invasion.



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