October 17, 2017

My people- my people! Our governor- our governor!

It took 520million Niara to construct the statue of a man that has not contributed or added anything to the lives of Imolites and the money came from the pockets of Imo people. Taxpayers’ money deserves respect but if Rochas could waste such, then he has really embezzled to the brim. The worst of it all is that the statue remains a meaningless thing to Imolites because there are great sons and daughters of Imo; who died for Imo and left legacies that deserve their statue constructed than this other man from South Africa and has no business with Imo people.

Before you Imolites start appreciating me for voicing out your frustrations; I want you all to write a letter of apology to Nnamdi Kanu and promise that you will henceforth start listening to him. I vividly heard Nnamdi Kanu before 2015 general election shouting and pleading that nobody should allow APC gain ground on the holy land of Biafra to avoid Islamization agenda. On Rochas Okorocha; he screamed that the man is a Trojan horse; he is a Northerner by blood, water and character. You Imolites feigned ignorance and had to collect Two Thousand Naira each to vote him in against all odds.

I recently saw you guys throwing stones ‘footage’ while the Imolite recording- bitterly complained that that was what Rochas Okorocha wants, to destroy Imo state. At first; I did not get what was happening until I was told elsewhere that Imolites denied right to ride tricycles’ which help ends meet are attacking the Governor’s taskforce men. The reaction was immense that even market women; policeman and passer-by joined to attack the taskforce men. What happened therein is nothing but a clear sign that the entire Imolites are against Okorocha’s unpopular policies.

Let me say in brief that what Nnamdi Kanu warned few years back has finally come upon Imolites though there is a window to making amends. Islamization is not only when Rochas Okorocha built Mosque in Government House and other places and demolished churches and traditional markets. Islamization is also when he severe Imolites, drag them into poverty and keep few men afloat so they can quickly penetrate you all. In a situation you all are poor and few men are rich; the rich dances to the tune of the Islamization agenda and forces you all into Islam for a better life, who wouldn’t love to be a Muslim by then?

Imo rescue mission and you all jumped up like monkeys without asking is Imo being rescued to whom? The rescue mission is now clear; Imo state will certainly be rescued to the Sokoto Caliphate but our prayers and work will stop him. For the purpose of emphasis; Islam thrives in a situation the populace is financially made weak and otherwise. The target of Rochas Okorocha is to make Imolites weak so that the top and rich can dictate to them.

I have digressed enough but that is the foundation of this piece; Jacob Zuma’s Imo state visit has played a dangerous role in the lives of Imolites. Rochas Okorocha has once more shown that he has no love for Imolites and has sacrificed them all for Zuma. I was asking myself why a tricycle which is arguably the safest shuttle could be ordered off Imo roads. Answer did not come forth until the visit of Jacob Zuma was made open. Okorocha needed to show Zuma that Imo is standard at the expense of Imolites.

It is a pity that the insensitive governor could no longer hide his hatred for the people of Imo and Igbos at large; while great men are shouting my people first, Okorocha is shouting Jacob Zuma first and my people second. It is a pity that Rochas value the visit of Jacob Zuma more than the existence or wellbeing of Imolites.

He demolished ancestral markets and left our people in hunger to make Imo worth coming for Jacob Zuma. He banned tricycle which contributes or sustains the existence of our people and ordered expensive taxi for expensive people. he wasted taxpayers money on Jacob Zuma security and accommodation without providing jobs with it. He paid Jacob Zuma’s hotel bill and transport bill but refused to pay our teachers and pensioners. God will judge; Imolites must be hopeful but only Biafra will root out evil.

Let me conclude this by categorically telling Rochas Okorocha and Jacob Zuma that education is not the problem of Africa but bad leadership. African leaders have failed Africans.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist  and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from the Onitsha in Eastern  part of Biafraland

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