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Lifeless Miango people of Jos Plateau state, massacred by the Fulani violent islamic terrorists
Yesterday, it was the turn of Igbos, you cheered them for murdering unarmed IPOB youths and drowning others in a mud waters. Today,it's MIANGO people in Bassa LGA, Jos Plateau state. For three days now, Fulani herdsmen have been slaughtering people like goats there.

Don't forget that General Gowon, the Genocidist, Jeremiah Useni and many more generals are from Plateau state, yet Fulanis are decimating every living thing there to subdue and conquer them.

You can Google other towns, communities they have visited, they are all Christian communities. Your town or community should not rejoice yet, if they've never visited yet.

The military will come, but not to help or protect you the victim, but to make sure you don't have a catapult to protect yourself, talk more of weapons.Nigeria forces are Fulani terrorists in uniform, so don't hope in them.

Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB understood Fulani mission and vision in Nigeria better and they know that, it's the Sovereignty of the indeginous people can stop them. Only Biafra Republic, only Oduduwa Republic, et al can stop them.

Another group of Miango people in Jos Plateau State grussomly massacred by the Fulani islamic terrorists
But as long as Nigeria exist, Fulanis will conquer everyone like they did to Hausa people. Psychologically, many have been conquered, the so called intellectuals and inferior detribalised one-nigerians are the greatest victims in this group. You will read them defending and rationalizing every evil from Fulanis. They blame the victims, not the oppressors. They turn the victims to be the villians with empty grammars.

Debased minds only good in speaking grammar laced with political correctness. Ndị ara!

Listen up, the scions of uthman Dan Fodio are on a mission. They are everywhere,in every front. Some are with uniforms,some are not. But all of them are with AK47 and machete. Boko Harams, Fulani herdsmen and Nigeria Forces are working together for Sokoto caliphate. Their vision and mission remains conquering and islamizing Nigeria, and they will achieve it.

Your empty grammar in "Ibadan declaration" can't stop them.Your Ọhaneze ndị aka azụ are conquered already, so don't look up to them. Afanifere fine communiques alone can never stop them. Your Pdp in coma cannot stop them.Apc is their own political vehicle for islamization, so no need to count them. Many of the governors are taking orders from Sokoto caliphate, so they are powerless.

Who is going to stop them? Who is going to save you and your families when they enter your town or community? Can't you see that you are on your own? Sorry in advance if you see that.

As you continue to disparage Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB who are the last men standing in your defense, think of your day with Fulanis in your community without help from your Nigeria. I can only say sorry to you like I said to Jos people today.

The IPOBs and all the men who died defending themselves and agitating for their freedom died bravely and courageously. We will always remember them.

But you will die begging your oppressors. You will die painfully a coward and you will die for nothing if you don't leave IPOB alone and face Fulanis our common enemy today.

Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are not your problem, Fulanis are your terminal sickness.

#Boycott every #election that keeps the present Nigeria, starting from #Anambra State. #NOV18TH remember.

Biafra Biafra must be restored.

©Michael Dickson

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