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I never believed that the democratic concept of no election stance of IPOB starting with the upcoming Anambra state election is still not understood. Some have openly questioned where Nnamdi Kanu got the power to tell the people not to vote while some said the declaration is illegal. I have rarely discussed Anambra state no-election because it has saturated internet space. Virtually; every dick and harry discuss and write on the topic; the awareness campaign is fertile that even my grandmother has declared he would not vote on that day.

Let me firstly give the commonest definition of democracy:- democracy is defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. Let me digress; we are poor students of complete history and we have only sought after the history that favors us. When Biafra is restored; we will enroll again in Biafran University to study history because Nigeria is and cannot be brave enough to teach history. Even though they decide to teach it today; they would distort it because studying history in Nigeria has the tendency of giving birth to revolution. Who would know that he was created by a man and living in forced geographical area and will not revolt? Neither will a Biafran learn how his 3million people died and continue to exist with murderers and genocidists. The little time in Nigerian school for history; they only rant of how Oduduwa broke coconut and planted it and Odudwa nation grew into human beings.

Quickly track back to 1980s; the system of government practiced was military system and how things transpired. Most recent and last military regime of Abacha; I vividly recalled him bringing down price of bag of rice and nobody questioned him. The reason is because that is his government; the people have nothing to offer because it is not their government. In military regime then, the government took decisions and even most times without consultation.

This is democracy and as defined above; the people are the leaders in this era, they decide what happens, who leads and if a seat will be vacant. Unfortunately; the people has chosen that they want nobody in order to press home a demand and somebody faults such move. I have continued to question the rationale behind criticizing Nnamdi Kanu. Should he give his people guns instead? Nnamdi Kanu to have urged his people to forfeit election until a demand is met and his people wholly accepted and were not forced; that is the beauty of democracy.

We should rather begin to question why there is disconnect between the people and representatives the people put on seat of power. The people have right to make a choice and as good as making a choice to vote any candidate of one’s choice is as good as making a choice not to vote. Democracy has given the people all the power that leaders virtually remain powerless without the people. The concept of democracy is what is being played out in Anambra state and there is nothing illegal about that.

For more than 50 years the people of Anambra state have been voting; it is shameful that they cannot boast of stable power supply, pure water, good roads, infrastructure and social amenities. The people continue to serve political leaders who identify with them during election and quarrel with them after election. There is no conviction or reason to continue voting; this is minus one out of more than fifty years and the people are ready to chart another cause.

The reason politicians are hunting Nnamdi Kanu is simply because they know they have failed and have nothing to show for the period of years they have been in leadership. Nnamdi Kanu is only but applying the concept of democracy in Anambra state and it is left for the people of Anambra to cease the opportunity and make their lives better or continue to wallow in their stupidity.

On the reverse; if the people have been active or fully engaged in politics, defying all odds to come out every election period to vote and their lives remained the same, it is worthwhile to stay out of election this time but once to see if that would bring a change. The issue is expected to be understood that as the people boycott Anambra state election, they are just seeking for their survival.

In Anambra state; Nnamdi Kanu will be appreciated only but if we understand the concept of democracy and the desire to bring a change. It is left for the people of Anambra state to choose what happens; either to vote and continue with their situation or forfeit election and try a new approach.

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