By Kelechi Okorie For TBP
October 22,2017

The world seems to had murdered pragmatism as the flexible means of getting problems solved other than hypothetical fictions of United Nations Human Rights Summits that are limited to black race. Those created in Africa periphery are deeply submerged by internal oppressors without international protection or aid as if they are half humans, United Nations Security Council on their part plays at gallery of animal farm where all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. They are less concerned to grant IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, as an internationally protected person that falls within their jurisdiction under the UNSC Article I, of the Convention. IPOB leader’s protected right must not be swept under the carpet to ensure his safety and to save Africa from impending war that might threaten International peace, security in sub Africa region and world at large.

United Nations General Assembly summit encourages every leader to uphold tenants of democracy and rule of law in their host country. Meanwhile, Mohammadu Buhari, led federal government is a human rights abuse pioneer in Nigeria, democratic constitution provision is squash, buried with replacement of military decree to kill Biafrans yet, UNSC is mute to support Biafran victims. At the summit US President Donald J. Trump, opines “if the righteous men do not confront the wicked field the evil will triumph, the forces of evil will only gather power and straight against the oppress which might not last forever and a day shall come people will face a choice against continue terror and bloodshed”.

Biafrans blood bath under Buhari’s regime is helplessly crying for vergers, his well orchestrated military exercise Operation Python Dance II in South East Nigeria was specifically assigned to murder Nnamdi Kanu, in his residence where more than 28 persons were shot to dead, dozens injured and whisky away by military to avoid trace, till date IPOB leader whereabouts remains unknown even when Defense Minister accepted military invasion on Nnamdi Kanu’s house on interview granted by Channels TV. On the other hand, Chief Judge Binta Nyako, at Abuja Federal High Court was hell bent to protect human rights abuse, miscarriage of justice in her precedence that military reckless actions without court order was none of her business only interested to provide IPOB leader by sureties shows her biasness to defend government atrocities against humanity. Nnamdi kanu, is neither a terrorist nor stressing the existence of Nigeria only expressed his view on self determination which is the right of every Nigerian whether it is agreed or not but cannot be deny in a democratic settings.

High rate of insecurity among Biafrans has gone a point of international protection, the families that lost their love ones during military exercise in Biafraland were not consolidated or showed remorse by heartless Buhari’ Gestapo administration. Unlike, Spain where Catalans where medically treated, consolidated for maltreatment by police during Catalonia referendum perhaps, Perplexing speech by Charles Puigdemont, the Catatonia leader’s attempt to declare independence from Spain before he immediately suspended that decision for dialogue with Madrid leaders. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, neither arrested, shot, killed nor raided Catalan leader’s home for his view for Catalonian secession. Here in Nigeria, fire and brick stones were inflicted on Biafrans by paid security forces that are made to protect life and properties of citizens surprisingly nobody is saying anything including United Nations that has the responsibility to maintain global peace is deaf ear to come to an aid for Biafra leader, is it because they are blacks or their life is worthless to be internationally protected? What is the essence Africa continent to be included in world map, if their future is not guaranteed or defend by international organizations? Bruce Fain is a US constitutional lawyer and human activist who sued Buahri and Buritai for second genocide committed against Biafrans.

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