Biafra: [On Hard Truth]: Time To Differentiate A True Biafran From A Myopic Igbo Man And Woman

By Mazi Godwin Chinedu; Mazi Odirachinma Ezeobi; Mazi Chima Onyekachi - TBP
October 23, 2017

There is a famous expression that says When the going gets tough, the tough get going , now the Big question is are the Igbo speaking Biafrans tough enough to rescue the whole of Biafra land from the damnable zoological republic called Nigeria? Like they say time will only tell and don't forget, it's yet another time on this facts finding and expository segment on "Hard Truth".
This week Biafra Reporters will be deliberating on the topic that says "Time To Differentiate Between A True Biafran From A Myopic Igbo Man and Woman".

Freedom they say is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint; but we must not forget the fact that it's one thing to seek for freedom and another thing to pay her great cost. As the quest for the restoration of the sovereign  state of Biafra reaches a decisive point of truth; the international Communities and other Foreign observers are watching with keen interest to know if the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB] are mentally tough, ready and determined to fight with an arsenal of election boycott starting with Anambra State to save this generation and the ones'  unborn from incarceration and death at the hands of the extremist Islamic Nigeria. Back home in Biafra land there has been great fear as other clans of Biafra [Ibibio, Efiks ,Ijaw, Uhorobo/Isobo, Igala, Idoma, Itshekiri, Igbanke, Isoko etc] wonder if the Igbos are going to be resolute enough and tenaciously grounded to liberate the entire Biafra land come 18th of November 2017, knowing fully well that the Federal Government of Nigeria are ever ready to do anything humanly possible in deceiving the gullible public into voting.

The battle line has been drawn as tyrant Mohammadu Buhari APC - led Government is now letting go of billions of naira; information has it that the said huge amount of money has been drafted and shipped to the South-Eastern part of the British created Nigeria; Nigerian Government under a despotic ruler and her handlers believes that an average Igbo man can do any thing for money as that has been their saying from time immemorial, just as the arch genocidist General Jack Yakubu Gowon will always boast that had it been he knew the Igbo man loves money more than life, that he wouldn't have spend a penny buying sophisticated weapons which he used in killing millions of Biafrans but rather he would have bribe few Igbo men to fight against his Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu.

Peter Obi, Ex Governor of Anambra State, caught on camera bribing poor Anambraians to vote for his candidate
The election campaign have kick started with various Nigerian political parties making fake campaign promises as envisaged in their party manifesto; lots of them [the politicians] vying for the gubernatorial seat and other portfolios in the State are now giving away money and other material stuffs on ground while campaigning for them to be voted in, yes of course lots of sweet campaign promises are coming out from these hypnotists; but this is also a time to separate a true Biafran from a selfish and self-centered Igbo-Biafran.

They have also come up with evil and diseased amnesty program rebranded into "Empowerment and Rehabilitation" of the Biafran people as we can clearly see in Ebonyi State, the Igbo speaking Biafrans must refrain from this evil trap by the Federal and State Governments of Nigeria to keep the Biafrans in perpetual slavery, the Igbo-Biafrans must prioritize and place their freedom above any other thing since the destiny of our Biafra people rest on their shoulders; Biafrans are not criminals neither are they terrorist to be given any form of amnesty program by the serial killer of the Biafran people.

The issue of election boycott has been a thorn in the flesh of most Nigerians and Anambra State politicians in particular, they have done a lot already to destabilize the campaign for election boycott. Today the Nigerian State in their desperate move and frustration to stop the Indigenous People of Biafra from boycotting the Anambra State election had led them into committing heinous crimes against humanity that has helped propelled and pushed the Biafra struggle forward, this has angered the Biafrans to remain more formidable than ever in the history of this struggle and agitation for referendum. Now that Anambra State election is by the corner and billions of naira have been pumped into Anambra State, people do call Biafra Reporters to express their fear over the success of the election boycott exercise as there is a confirmed information that billions of naira has been pumped into Anambra as a bait to lure the people into voting.

Biafra Reporters are also aware of the millions of naira pumped into Anambra State Churches in tune of #10.000 000 [Ten million to each Church] as mandated by the corrupt Nigerian Government. Their duty is to preach against the election boycott as promulgated by the Indigenous People of Biafra. When Biafra Reporters heard the information that money was pumped into the church, they didn't align with that till two weeks ago when it was announced in the Church that every member should submit his or her voters card to the Church that the Bishops needs them for something beneficial to the people.

As this information was filtering in, Biafra Reporters approached one of the Church workers and questioned him as to know the reasons behind this sudden moves by the Church Bishops but his responses were coated junks. The truth is that the Church is now a willing tool for the Government to rig the election through manipulating the peoples' voters card. Howbeit; today the United Nations are looking closely on Anambra State election, the UN body will be observing in sequence to see how successful the election boycott will be in Anambra State.

The restoration of Biafra through a peaceful referendum is now in the hands of Anambrarians, the first son of the Igbo ancestry. Yes, the truth is money will be pumped into Anambra State because the Government is desperate to cover up for her loopholes but then are Anambrarians going to sell their birthrights as the first son of Igbo-Biafrans for a morsel of yam? Yahuah forbid it that Anambra State indigenes cannot turn such historical epoch making time to nothing; history will be there to judge Anambraians as the first son of the land that betrayed their ancestors.

It is no more news that the United Nations are counting on the Indigenous People of Biafra's ability and resoluteness to boycott Anambra State election as to decide Biafra referendum; Biafrans must not allow thousands and millions to define the Biafra future for if we allow money to define our path to freedom then we are a finished race.

Anambra people must rise up to their constituted responsibilities and deliver Anambra State and of course the whole Biafra land from eternal slavery orchestrated by bad Nigerian Government aided by our own brothers in the corridors of power. This is Biafrans' last strike towards a peaceful restoration of Biafra; any other thing than boycotting this election will mean nothing but betrayal and suffering that no man can save Biafrans from unless we pick up arms. Biafrans are aware they will rise to manipulate the election result but the game here is sit at home, prove to the whole world that with or without monetary inducements Biafrans are impregnable; that Biafrans already know that Nigerian bloody politicians can go to hell all we care; and yes we can do it.

Biafrans can survive without collecting bribe from these bloody looters called politicians no matter how they have suffocated us economically, Anambra must prove they really worth their position in Biafra land. Biafra Reporters believes that Biafrans have gone pass the issue of a true Biafran or myopic Igbo man and woman because the recent military operation code named "Operation Python Dance II" did not separate those who support the struggle from those who did not.

Take for example the invasion of the home town of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it affected everyone in the Afara-Ibeku community and her neighborhood towns not minding whether they supported the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra or were they against it. The forceful vaccination of Biafra school children in most parts of Biafra land did not also differentiate the children of those supporting the struggle from those who do not.

Biafran little children running away from being injected a deadly poisonous vaccine by the Nigerian Military
The events that have happened since the invasion of Biafra land by the Nigerian military shows clearly that the people of old Eastern region have lost faith in the Government of Nigeria. The success of the two previous sit-at-home exercises in Biafra land should be able to push for a successful election boycott in Anambra State. It is true that the politicians in Biafra land are frightened by the election boycott which have made them to "pump-in" millions of money to the traditional and religious leaders in Anambra State so as to scuttle the resolve of the Biafran people. Voters’ cards are being forcefully collected from civil servants and even Church members for the sake of the Governorship poll in Anambra State.

The success of the election boycott will be symbolic and will announce the seriousness of the Indigenous People of Biafra to the International Community of their quest for the restoration of Biafra. But Biafrans must be aware that they are dealing with a ruthless blood-sucking Government [the Nigerian Government] that has continually shown it is no respecter of law or diplomacy and will continue to exhibit barbarism and violence.

The Biafran people must not relent to adjust in a situation that if the International Community fails to compel the Nigeria Government to act civil and conduct a referendum and choose violence that any reprisal attack on Nigeria will be more deadly and festive of blood, Biafra is known as the kingdom of God on earth and by now the people of Biafra which includes Ibibio, Ijaw, Igbo, Igala, Idoma, Igbanke, Isobo, Itshekiri, Isoko and Efik should have known by now that Gods kingdom suffereth violent and by violent taketh it by force; Biafrans will always suffer violence and only through violence shall they achieve their freedom but unity amongst them is paramount and sacrosanct.

Yahuah Bless Biafra

Edited By: Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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