The Biafra Post | October 23, 2017

A Biafran gunned down by the security outfit of the APC governorship candidate, Hon. Dr. Tony Nwoye
To be killed on 18th of November or not to be killed is a choice to be independently made and victims will have nobody to blame. I am not a prophet of doom and neither making a propaganda piece; I am simply writing a precautionary piece. The people must have faith in their media and above all; listen to a perceived investigative columnist/journalist. Anambra state election is likely to be bloody; this is an election that has cost a lot and marred by threats and counter-threats. I will breakdown factors and realities that will convince you even though my record proves I hate propaganda.

Good people will save life by making sure this message gets to everyone; your family and friends and those you care for. It is our collective responsibility to share information capable of saving lives and bringing to the awareness of the people the likelihood of bloodbath. On the 18th of November; we must endeavor to save life because life has no duplicate. It is in my opinion that the government of Nigeria first addresses the grievances of IPOB that said they will boycott and that of Niger Delta militants that vowed election will not hold before going to any poll.

On the ‘day’ of flag off of the APC flag bearer; the people of Anambra lost a soul, which is just a preamble. What is to come will be immense. The death of the victim is not my point; people often die on Election Day but the diseased in Anambra state was by gun. A report had it that the diseased was trying to move ahead of armed escort and the next thing was to shoot him to death. That is all; nobody talked and nobody will talk, he has gone and woman will bear another.

The shooting by escort or security in Anambra state could be attributed to:

1. the security or escort sees everyone in Anambra as a suspect.

2. the security or escort is trigger-happy simply because he is afraid of the escalated election situation in Anambra state.

3. everybody in Anambra is seen as a member of IPOB and as such you are a terrorist.

4. to the security, Anambra state election will surely be bloody and any suspicious move is geared towards disruption.

This is a very delicate time; Anambra state election is likely to be bloody and nobody will be held responsible for the bloodshed. Let me make it clear that the army, police, sars and every other sister security outfits are motivated and geared towards containing anticipated attack. Whatsoever happens to anyone on the Election Day will be justified and there won’t be room for redress. If the people of Biafra have been labeled terrorist and having also made it clear that election will be boycotted; anyone coming out that day is doing so at his own peril. Terrorists will be killed and nobody will give a damn.

Nnamdi Kanu has gone missing after Nigerian army invaded his home and killed over 28 youths; it is pertinent to bring to your attention that what led to the military operation codenamed ‘Python Dance’ was as a result of IPOB’s insistence on election boycott. Anambra state election boycott has generated tension that spread throughout Biafra land. The army rolled tanks and deployed personnel and having called off the military operation; we did not see tanks driven back from where it came and neither were the personnel. The simple truth remains that the tanks rolled out and soldiers deployed will be used to contain what may likely be Niger Delta militants vow to stop Anambra state election.

The military and police are motivated and they would always put their index fingers on the trigger; that is the situation in Anambra state because nobody knows who is who. Nigerian security outfit is known for its unprofessional approach to civil matters. Needless to convince anyone that killing of the civilian populace is a usual thing in Nigeria and in a situation the gun-wielding security man is afraid; they fearfully shoot to kill anything that comes close. On the Election Day; the men bearing arms will always frightfully pull the trigger because every Anambrarian is a terrorist.

Again; the army, police, sars and all security outfits have been given an indirect order to kill the people of Anambra state. When these people suddenly proscribed IPOB and declared the people terrorists; their motive is to justify killing of the people. The big question is; how will they know who is IPOB and who is not IPOB? The intention of deploying soldiers that were camped in Oba- Anambra state remains to contain IPOB who are Nigerian- certified terrorists.  It is crucial for the people of Anambra state to know that being an IPOB member or not will make no difference. IPOB bears no mark on the forehead and this practically made everybody coming out on the Election Day IPOB member. Anambra state election will be a life threatening act that must be massively boycotted until the government rectifies with the people.

Niger Delta Militants vowed to stop Anambra state election and nobody knows what they are coming with and how the government forces have prepared for them. The people must avoid a situation of being caught in the middle of a war just because of Five Thousand Naira. Anyone that comes out to vote is doing so at his own risk because there is no difference between the voters and the Niger Delta Militants or the unarmed IPOB ‘terrorists’. The people of Anambra state must know that on 18th October; there would be a blood feast and the best approach to this is to stay indoor or out of the state and come back afterwards.

The government contributed immensely to the escalated situation; tagging a people ‘terrorists’ to kill them and still calling them out on 18th to lure them into a net of death is cruel. Having deployed military personnel and charged security outfits to contain a people ‘terrorists’ without identity throws the entire state into suspicion. IPOB members cannot be identified or differentiated from the rest of us which automatically made everybody IPOB. Even party agents and members risk death because the military personnel deployed were not given identity of a terrorist to kill or spare.

Let us kindly avert this bloodshed!

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