Authored By Kelechi Okorie For TBP
October 23,2017

My fellow comrades in Anambra, I’m written this piece of letter with heartfelt with pains, sadness and uncontrollable tears in my eyes for decimation to my people in the whole of Biafra land, right now we are in agony with detrimentally recession of negative effects on our living as humans at the expense of staunch Hausa Fulani slave South East political gladiators and its partner in crime Ohaneze Ndigbo, that drinks costly wines to eschew us from scheme of things. Their intention to obliterate us with guns and bullets as last option even when dialogue remains the best option made me to question you the essence of voting starting from Anambra gubernatorial election?

We had systematically reduced to nothing, our so called elders and leaders regard us as miscreants, hungry touts, terrorists and thugs that are only good for 4 years election campaign/voting after which you’re dump for another 4 years perhaps, electorates roam around the streets with empty stomach while their children are schooling abroad spending our collective resources extra vagrant.

What is the need of living if we can’t reason to effect change in our social environment? We had voted over 47 years now, what are our reward if not unemployment, dilapidated infrastructure, bad roads network, lack of portable drinking water and decay health care to the extent English dogs are been well taking good care of more than human beings. The results of voting over the years ought have compel us to re-strategize operation no voting in up coming Anambra governorship election , to enable only rubber stamp South East politicians and their children to vote for themselves. Besides, Anambra election had been rigged long before now going out to vote stands a risk of wasting your life in the hands of blood sucking political thugs that are blood tasty to please their evil gods.

Recent sad news of Tony Nwoye’s APC campaign was a tip of iceberg for what is to come when you vote in forthcoming election, none of them has the interest of Biafrans at heart if a candidate that has not gone into office could allowed his terrorists security personnel to shot innocent man dead what will become of him when he assumes office? Last year 2016 Biafra Remembrance Day at Nkpo Anambra State, can never be forgotten in a history of mankind, we came to commiserate our falling heroes / heroines, sadly hundreds of us were shot to dead by the ordered of drunken master at Awka Government House, Willie Obiano, acid was poured on decease bodies and buried in a mass grave while thousands of us were seriously injured. Personally I was at Nkpo, to show respect for our falling veterans that fought gallantly for me to be a proud Biafran, only ends up caring both dead bodies and wounded Biafrans just because we summoned to honor our heroes. Onitsha Head Bridge massacred remains fresh in our memory, protest is a means of getting government attention to address burden issues but what came up to our demand was rain of bullets from government, they killed us in numbers and tag us terrorists at the same time tricking us to vote, does terrorists vote? The ballot boxes should be taking to Sambisa Forest or Gwosa, Boko Haram terrorist enclave to vote for them before bringing the deceptive ballot boxes in Biafraland.

Till date our leader Nnamdi kanu’s whereabouts remains unknown after Operation Python Dance II that was specifically designed to murder our leader in his home, group of idiots that killed our friends in our leader’s house is intimidating us to vote, only a mentally ill Biafran, a traitor and back stabber can come out to vote in Anambra. As a political analyst by profession never in life have I voted because there is no need for it irrespective, of my eligibility and exposure, elections in Nigeria do not count from the day of their fake snail democracy, only imposed candidates on us that is why electorates can’t hold their representatives accountable for abuse of public office and maladministration. It’s far batter to answer a terrorist with mega phone, Biafra flags/costumes, pen and books preaching the restoration of Biafra than a foolish South East governor that laundered public treasure and abandoned it in Brazil, came back with empty handed, these are types of leaders that claimed to had represented you.

My fellow comrades in Anambra, you must take the burr by the horn now to boycott that useless Anambra election that is less than a month, boycott all boycottable to enable us have a substantial mandate for Biafra referendum that will usher in inclusive governance where respect for human rights is paramount and future for our unborn generation is secured.

Published /Edited  by Anyi Kings                
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