Biafra: [Ofe Nsala Day]: Between The "Toothless Bull Dog" And The Fuddled Governor, Who Wins The Day?

Opinion By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
October 25, 2017

This very topic is what I have been running away from as a reasonable and unbiased columnist not until my numerous readers beep me on this subject matter that I must write or contribute my own personal opinion on this very important issue. In Africa to be precise, the political leaders cum class use what I call the use of state excessive militarization on their citizens not minding that after killing or mowing them to death who will they rule or govern again. Common sense should at least tell them that tyrants don't live forever.

I wouldn't like to derail nor digress from this an all important discourse; Willie Obiano of Anambra State got it all wrong to challenge the mammoth crowd on their collective and constitutional right to assembly devoid of violent and other social vices, Willie Obiano lacks the power to confine the Anambraians into doing his personal biddings because human as a social being will always make their personal wish and thought.

The Indigenous People of Biafra wouldn't have mandated her people, residents and indigenes of the said state to boycott the forthcoming Anambra election barely one month ahead, if the state governor hasn't turned himself to a tyrant; the governor uses his military might to prey on the lives he is meant to protect, he turned his people into objects that must be hunted down by all means available to him.

The government of Anambra State under Willie Obiano chain of command failed woefully in his constitutional duties of protecting lives and properties of his constituents by abating crimes against humanity; this governor remained muted till date as an emperor he is even when the Indigenous People of Biafra have evident to substantiate their claims that he is the brain behind these senseless killings that took effect under his watch.

On 30th of August 2015 in Awka the State capital, Willie Obiano killed his subjects without any sign of remorse; on 2nd of December 2015, Willie Obiano striked again; on the 17th of December 2015, Willie Obiano murdered his subjects in cold blood; on 29th - 30th May 2016 at Nkpor, Onitsha and Asaba head bridge, Willie Obiano strucked again as a vampire he is. What about the Ozubulu Church killing and other dark crimes committed against humanity in Anambra state that went unreported by this blood sucking demon in Awka government house.

Also recall that when the Indigenous People of Biafra questioned the continuous gruesome murder of her members by the state sponsored military mights against her armless members, Willie Obiano called them "toothless bull dog"; since it is now crystal clear that Willie Obiano in connivance with Mohammadu Buhari are on a clear mission to exterminate all Biafrans, then who do this fuddled governor wants to reinstate him back to power through their mandates?

Willie Obiano forgets so quick that the light of the righteous man rejoices but the lamp of the wicked will be put out short as a result of what nature tends to pay back with; Willie Obiano is the wicked one to which the people have resolved that they will put off his lamp on the 18th of November 2017 by boycotting his re-run exercise. We have it in good faith to announce to the public that Willie Obiano is the chief architect coupled with Ohaneze ndi oshi behind this "Operation Python Dance II" exercise going on in Biafra land, Obiano make this move when his rented quack lawyers failed him; the Indigenous People of Biafra challenged Willie Obiano and his unmerited lawyers to take them to court as the faceless group threatened.

Willie Obiano because of his selfish and personal interest connived with the rest of other South Eastern governors and Ohaneze ndi oshi not being exceptional to deliberately proscribed the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra in their various States which led to the terrorists tag/declaration by the Army and the ever biased and criminal Injustice Abdul Kafarati of the Abuja Federal High Court without any form of prima facie before his dishonorable court to proscribe IPOB.

Willie Obiano we are aware of the millions of naira given to the Church leaders to preach about your election in their respective sermons urging their members to submit their voters card to the Church and castigate the Indigenous People of Biafra stance on boycotting election in Anambra state; Let us assume that the terrorist tag got a smooth sail, do you rightly know that terrorists are considered to be felons? And felons are not meant to participate in government election exercise. How would you in your 'left' sense expect the criminals you openly condemned to come out and cast their votes for you to become governor again so as to continue with your killing spree on them.

Willie Obiano and his cronies should mark 18th of November 2017 as a mourning and burial day for Nigerian government and her military activities in Biafra land; the army of perdition will see no one to kill that day as we have also unravel at their sinister plans of which IPOB has foisted by bringing it to the notice of the world. Willie Obiano was so blind to know that power belongs to the people and not those his few advisers as we await them to vote him in. No right thinking Anambraians will relinquish his or her mandate back to the killer of his own people because Willie is a failure from pit of hell.

Willie Obiano is heavily drunk in love with power that his activities becomes loathsome to the people within and outside Anambra State; he was not man enough to caution Mohammadu Buhari to stop the killing of his own people as it will mare his reputation as the governor of the state and chief security officer of the said state as stipulated in the military fraudulent 1999 Nigeria constitution.

The lesson the Indigenous People of Biafra is about to teach Willie Obiano and others at large within the Nigerian government corridor of power is that; 1. dead people don't vote, 2. Felons nor terrorist have nothing in common with voting exercise of a government that proscribed them. The South-East governors are so blind as stooges who cannot lead the people that Nnamdi Kanu leads; the necessary question we have for these blind misguided elements is " Can the blind lead the blind in a war? Will they not fall into the ditch.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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