October 24,2017

It took World Bank for most of you to admit that Muhammadu Buhari is the chief of nepotism; before the statement by World Bank, many of Buhari’s apologists never allowed me hear a word; it was always how merciful, generous and loving Buhari is. After initially admitting that Buhari is the worst of the crop; few turned back and told me that World Bank’s discussion with their president was misinterpreted. They often play this card because official men don’t trade emphasis; of course, as World Bank has made it clear that they were told to focus on the North and Buhari says he was misinterpreted; will World Bank come again to repeat or tell Buhari that he lied?

But for his diehard fans; they can hold unto that one, misinterpretation is a relief, this relief we often seek is what will keep us in perpetual bondage. World Bank has made it clear and instead of accepting that it was wrong and promising to change, Buhari is perambulating and looking for how to bypass critics. Baba must understand that he had no time to get educated; he joined the military to shoot and coup his way to leadership. There is no way he can bypass his critics; they will always be waiting because Baba will always feed them.

I do not blame Buhari for a bit; Buhari is simply being a true leader, a patriotic personality, the South can cry me a river while the West cry me a pool. As for people wey understand wetin we dey do for Nigeria; please help me and explain to them that there are three different nations that made up Nigeria. There is no time you would expect Buhari to order World Bank to focus on the nations he has nothing to do with. Religiously, culturally and politically, Buhari has nothing to do with you Southerners, even your language is alien; so why on earth are you guys complaining that Buhari urged World Bank to focus on his loving Northern people?

What you should rather be complaining are other orders Buhari made; not everybody or institution would confess as World Bank did, so we should rather be wary of other people or institutions he told to focus on the North at your expense. World Bank has nothing to do with us in South; we are not losing them at our expense. One thing is clear; Buhari must have ordered all eyes to be on the North, in the sense that everybody must start serving the North until he leaves office.

Ohaneze had the order to focus on the North; like I said earlier on, service to the North is an order that must be carried out by all until Buhari’s regime ends. Ohaneze Ndigbo having focused on the North warranted the recent meeting held in Abuja for nothing but on how to further slavery of the South. Hence the aspiration of the people of Biafra is against the wish of the North, it is the duty of Ohaneze to curtail or fight it. Focusing on the North is complete service by all means which protecting the interest of the North is the basic. Ohaneze Ndigbo must not focus on the North at our expense; there should be other services beyond trading the future of gallant Biafrans. Ohaneze Ndigbo has been bought to serve the North and sadly; we shall bear the blunt, like World Bank’s focus is drilling us.

The political focus is immense; recently, the governors in Southeast came together with their senators and proscribed IPOB which paved way for tagging the people terrorists. Shortly after the act; Northern Nigeria praised the governors and everybody that assisted in making the proscription come through. While the people of Southeast are killed on daily basis in the name of terrorists and proscription, one wonders how the governors sleep when their people are massacred. Take a clear look at the development; it is yet focusing on the North. The North doesn’t like what the people are agitating for and Buhari ordered the governors to focus and make things easier for the North. To bringing peace of mind to the North; IPOB was proscribed by their governors, wonderful service!

The death or abduction of Nnamdi Kanu is the part of Northern focus; prior to Nnamdi Kanu’s abduction, Buhari held meeting with representatives of the South and urged them to focus and consider the North. He views Nnamdi Kanu’s resoluteness as a threat to the North and to focus on the North; Nnamdi Kanu must be killed and to kill Nnamdi Kanu, he must buy the approval of the South like he bought the approval of the World Bank. Nnamdi Kanu had the tendency of relinquishing the North of their numerous oil blocs; then to conspire and kill him is a service worthy of their time.

The Northern focus is beyond World Bank; the security service chiefs are all North which defines the focus in question. The unpopular speech that North will have 97% attention while South get 3% for not voting Buhari is part of the focus on the North. This redefined and refined nepotism is the reason agitation in Nigeria is justified. The killing of the people of Biafra is part of the Northern focus; of course depopulation of the South is crucial. The biological war- Monkey Pox virus the Northern controlled military embarked on is part of the Northern focus. Humanity is in one almighty mess for having a fanatic and ethnic bigot like Muhammadu Buhari.

Sadly; Muhammadu has hijacked everything to the advantage of the North; Nigeria has been hijacked for the North. World Bank aid has been hijacked; Ohaneze Ndigbo has been hijacked, our governors have been hijacked, our senators are not spared and our politicians are not spared. The reality remains that there is never a time Nigeria will be workable until the contraption accepts that nationhood is the driving force of development and peace. Biafra is a nation; Oduduwa is a nation and Arewa is a nation; until we agree to face independence, the country will continue to be tribally ruled.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from the Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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