October 25,2017

Since IPOB was labeled a terrorist organization; I have hardly taken a look at that for the singular reason that Nigeria is a banana republic. Anything can happen because this is a complete zoo where law holds no water. I have barely given it attention but what drew me to this very topic is the ongoing diplomatic effort by Nigerian government to make its international friends view IPOB as terrorists. The effort to tag IPOB terrorist organization followed a legal suit against USA and protests. Let it be clear that Nigeria is seeking to make others share in its failure.

Let me first make my disappointment clear; Nigeria loves making Africa look like a forest of apes, due to the fact there is a political power, they often act like every other thing service power. I am not bothered that Nigeria is making such attempt; I am bothered that a Western person has further reason to segregate me and Nigeria also giving me reason to admit racism. When Nigerian government led by Muhammadu Buhari thinks like an ape; why won’t the West try to discriminate? Who would love to associate with an ape; and in the end, we shout racial abuse like parrots.

Despite the near-declaration of independence in Catalonia; nobody tagged the people criminal let alone terrorist. Scotland agitated and still pushing for more; Britain did not tag them terrorist but tried to lobby and give them reason to maintain status quo. Kurdistan recently declared independence after years of self-determination agitation and no tag of terrorist was made. But here in Nigeria; the beauty of a black man’s stupidity blossomed. Muhammadu Buhari and his cohorts just woke up and tagged a people terrorist; even when the people in question don’t bear arms.

Another disappointment is how do Nigerians cope with such magnitude of timidity when they travel to the Western world? How do they feel when they go to Europe and identified themselves as Nigerians? By now; the name Nigeria is supposed to be a shameful name but when a pig goes to swampy dirt; it feels just comfortable. There are things Nigerian government did not consider before concluding to tag IPOB a terrorist organization and those things are what the international community will consider and disagree with Nigeria.

The present agitation for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra is guaranteed under 2007 UN charter on the rights of Indigenous People. The agitation derived its legal backing from that charter and international community is obliged to that. According to the articles of this charter; Indigenous People of Biafra have lived every single one of them. They have significantly used civil disobedience to pursue their cause and have assimilated or endured provocations. They have been killed; incarcerated, forced to disappear and abused but yet sustained peace. The media has given us the privilege to knowing everything that transpired and there is no way after killing a people; you yet tag them terrorist and expect civilized countries to come as low as barbarians.

Even though Indigenous People of Biafra carried arms in self-defense; it cannot rightly or legally make them terrorists because 2007 UN Charter made it clear that Indigenous People must defend themselves in advent of genocide for the sake of their political aspiration. While the like of Amnesty International and other human right groups have confirmed genocide and continued massacre of Indigenous People of Biafra; it is their legal and moral right to defend their lives and cannot be tagged terrorist for the sake of self-defense. But in a situation the people did not take up arms for self-defense but continued to endure unprovoked massacre and yet tagged terrorist; Nigeria is a big joke and asking international community to do same is dragging it into savagery. Other countries will not be as barbaric as Nigeria and will not eat feces because Nigeria ate.

Biafra is a cause that started since 1967 and instead of being ashamed of the inability to handle it; Nigerian government chose ridicule. Biafra cannot be associated with terrorism in any form or shape; any day Biafra goes wild; it is a certified/documented generational quest for statehood. History is there for international community to study. Biafra cannot be ascribed to terrorism on the basis that she is a state that had existed and looking for a stolen sovereignty.

Let me once more make it clear to the Nigerian government that the people of Biafra are aware of the fact that they are trying to cow them into cowardice. Any day the people of Biafra choose armed struggle; it will not be tagged terrorism because the people of Biafra will be up against occupying Nigerian army. They will be up against murderous soldiers. They will be up against state sponsored terrorism and it will be tagged second Biafra war.

Tagging IPOB terrorist organization is the business of Nigeria and not the business of the people of Biafra or other countries. Nigeria can stop wasting time on the effort to compel other countries to gazette IPOB a terrorist organization. History will always be against the terrorist tag and the world will not play sand with Nigeria. Biafra is the child of Nigerian corruption and government insensitivity; Nigeria should not expect any country to suffer its shortcomings and failure by dragging them into lawlessness.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from the Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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