October 31,2017

Report By Kelechi Okorie For TBP

I doubt the authenticity of insult meted on Biafran veterans receiving pension alerts in Enugu, this compels me carry out thorough investigation in Aba and Enugu respectively where they claimed payment were made, which was a total mere fallacy from Buhari’s handlers to manipulate gullible fellows. If their hallucinate pension/compensation were to be paid it might take century to consolidate the crime committed against humanity during Biafra genocide. The hopelessness of ruling party exposes their lies no matter how State sponsored national daily news papers disseminate junk to belittle Biafra veterans, it becomes advantage and an eye opener for Biafrans to take caution on disgraceful inducements. Information gathered in Enugu Government House debunked Buahari’s fraudulent pension approval and payment of veterans that fought in defense of Biafra, was only on pages of news paper.

Biafra media team interacting section with a veteran Nnachi Agwu Ugbo at his late 80’s, a Lt Connell with Service Number: 46525 berates the claimed, according to him, he was the commander officer of 59 battalion under 57 brigade, 11 division non of his colleagues that are still alive confirms the payment. He blasted Buhari as an idiot and a coward that ran away when the battlefield gets hot, turning to pay him is an insult, he encourages every hardcore Biafran to disregard the announcement made on Wednesday by the Pensions Transition Arrangement Directorate, he says it was another strategy by Nigerian government to divert attention on the embattled Biafra agitation. Perhaps, over 47 years of Biafra veterans pension denial unlike, vandals that fought for Nigeria that consistently receives remuneration at when due. Assuming government of Biafra veterans pension is viable how did they intend to balance the gap of complementary benefits inequality? PTAD myopic arrangement to eschewed all decease families in Biafra land their entitlement proves their interior motive using groups of persons to destabilize efforts made so far by those fighting Biafra secession.

Proceedings by IPOB Media team recorded in Aba environs, its residents collective mocked Buhari’s led government distress system of governance, Ifeanyi Elechi, asked where in the world terrorists are paid by a reasonable government? He opines failure to deceived Biafrans with their fraudulent rehabilitation/amnesty program after their black market terrorist proscription, resulted payment of Biafra veterans which he beat his chest as dead on arrival.

 Furthermore, Uche Emedo, from Shalom Victory Zone, vehemently objected PTAD scheme he challenges Nigerian government to refund Biafrans the actual amount of money in various banks other than 20pounds slave stipend after the war was declared “No Conquer No Vanquish” and reinstatement of all Biafrans in all indigenous industries to quash indigenization policy that conditioned Biafrans into petty trade. At this modern world it is laughable after proscribed a w
hole nation terrorist then turned around to pay their parents that socialized the ideology to the younger generation. Buhari is running out of idea, the game is over for him, Biafra restoration is imminent that must be achieve come rain come shine.

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