Biafra: [Redemption Song]: Victory, A Son Of Sacrifice

Poem Written By: Odirachinma Ezeobi -TBP
On Election Boycott | October 30, 2017

Former governor of Anambra, Peter Obi, sharing bribe money to poor Biafrans to vote his candidates
The day is hard, there is hunger in the land of the living.....
The hyenas have comfortably risen to feed on the hungry masses.....!
There food is power,
The bait is money....!
The means is election
The masses are hungry for food
The hyenas are in desperate need of power
Get close, eat for the moment and have your blood given out as a reward to the hyenas.

Oh! There is tantalizing opportunities.....
But remains clear a dead path
They have stretched their hands as if to help, but they need the service of the intellectuals and illiterates alike like akin...
The gain is some happy days
The sacrifice is your generation

Eat, brother eat!! See, they are your comrades and they are eating
Do you want to starve to death....!
I see their faces.....
Of a truth, they were my comrades
But they became weak and fell to the enemies side.....
I cried because I knew they don't want what they are doing
I cried because their minds were manipulated with goodies
Goodies in exchange of their destinies....

I and million others want this historical starving so much
We will starve for a greater future
It will be an honour to starve for freedom sake
Yes it will.....!
The prophet in me have shown the woes of those that eat in exchange of freedom, they shall hunger for eternity Where is thy grave or you sandy human?....
Where is your being your conscience or you of vain stand ?....
Your throat do quickly became an express to thy grave.......!

Have you not heard......?
That victory is a son of sacrifice
A redemption one at that Oh Mother land...
Betrothed to a known tomorrow....
Leave the retired comrades of mine alone
They will eat today and come to me tomorrow
It will be late for the grave have been dug by their unwilling hands....

They will sing the melodious song of failure
But freedom my son will rejoice forevermore....
They will shed tanks of tears but it will be too late for the deed is done...
They will remember those days of their derails
They will remember thou redemption songs
They will remember thy poem that says
"Victory is a son of sacrifice."

Edited By: Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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