Authored by Odirachinma Ezeobi For (TBP)

Just as the proposed anambra election boycott date draws close. Just as the politicians continue seizing every opportunity to gain access into peoples will. To use economical power to hook the youths to do their biding. Just as Ipob leadership and her volunteer writers and learned men and women of honour continued exploring new means of explaining the scenario and the whole game to the good people of anambra state .

In such a time in the history of man, it became pertinent to share experiences, gather more facts and explore new grounds until each and every anambrarian understands the vanity of voting in Nigeria and the game of politicians in the state.

Few days ago, we were witnessing an occasion(new yam festival) in one of the towns of biafraland. We were of course there on a mission as we were rightfully informed that a notable politician will be there as he was one of the chief guests.

Just as we expected, he came in convoy and after few magics of the politicians, he dropped a sum of 400,000 for the youths and aged people at the occasion, but it was all a political game. How do we know that? As the youths were exchanging blows just to have a share of the bloody naira, the young politician and his host were sitting watching them with mocking interest. Drinking and laughing at the youths whom they were only giving a test as they warm up to open their arsenal of cash stored in a land only the gods can tell during electioneering campaign. The host said to the visiting brother in crime, '"can you see the people fighting for Biafra, Claiming they will boycott election , only 40,000 and they are all falling upon each other to get a share

The word was enough to any right thinking being to understand the game. The frustrated youths couldn't say no to such money They couldn't resist the temptation because they are jobless and hungry Because they have children and parents to take care of. The youths and people were more keen on surviving the next minute than fighting for Biafra to come.

That is how the ruling class have conditioned the minds of the common man, the  economic system in shambles is also a big tool in the hands of the few rich who controls the masses using economic power because people are hungry and desperate to survive for the day. We all must understand that this is what we are fighting against We are fighting against people who already believe that nothing can give them so much control over the people than the cash they have to throw about during election period We are dealing with people who never believe that a time will come in the history of humanity that man will defile power and food for the sake of generations yet unborn.

Our youths must understand that nothing is more important than the future Our people must understand that whatever the politicians (directly or indirectly) give to them is not without a price higher than what they were given in million fold. You are simply selling the greatness and future of your generations to come.

What it will take us to change the mess we are into is not voting and hoping on God. It is not trying to survive today while tomorrow plans for itself. It is not resigning to play politics of a thousand naira just because you are frustrated.

Changing our situation requires men with strong heart. It requires men of great character. To change the future for the better is to despise their money for once. It is time to rise up and stop them from using us as caricature before fools. We must rise up and stop them from using us as species in biology laboratory.

We must boycott anambra election no matter the psychological game they are coming up with No matter the economical strangulations they are introducing. Is time to prove to the world that we can pay the price for the future of our posterity. Boycott anambra election for Biafra to come Boycott anambra election for the sake of freedom and progress.

Published/Edited  by : Anyi Kings 
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