Authored by Odirachinma Ezeobi For (TBP)

Nigeria media have proved no doubt to the whole world that their works is not based on truth, facts, evidence and of course ethics. Recent events have continued to expose the decadence in the media forum of Nigeria. This same media and their reports had continued to mislead the vulnerable Nigerians over the years because there was no option than to swallow hook, line and sinker from them without giving a try to find the truth. But the game changed immediately Mazi Nnamdi kanu came to the fore. Yes Nigeria government and cabals didn't take him serious because they believe that the media is under their control and that no man can do much without the media. Little did they know that there are millions of biafrans ready to take it upon themselves to report their own news, they were in oblivion of the fact that biafra young media warlords could dismantle their lies, take over the media world from them and defeat falsehood with plain and confirmed truth. Just as the ark was build by unprofessional natives while titanic was build by professionals but the question is "which lived long to prove its professionalism, which ship stood the test of time?

It is still vivid in the mind of our people about the ozubulu massacre and how confused Nigeria media was in reporting the event. How could a media house that doesn't know how many people died in the event come out to tell us what caused their death? The daily sun was reporting a different figure from the punch, so is the vanguard paper reporting a different story from the tribune. The decadence in the media outfit is so bad that investigative journalism have gone into extinct in Nigeria.

Yesterday, Nigeria media added to the list of shameful report already piling up on the internet when the daily sun newspaper, one of the most patronized dailies in Nigeria reported in its front page that the leader of indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi kanu has gone into hiding. Most people became confused and irritated that such a media outfit can come out so clearly to report lies that even s toddler can identify

he next moment the said Ipob leader who they reported went into hiding was seen addressing biafrans while holding a copy of that fake paper on his hand.

How shameless Nigeria media is. Is it out of frustration to please the abuja masters that made the daily sun paper to add to their unprofessional reports?

This report coupled with few recent reports from Nigeria gutter media justifies Ipob resolve to report their own news without compromise. We report our news with all sense of sincerity, professionalism,media ethics,truism. Nigeria media should hide their face in shame for continuously reporting lies just to please a robot and his handlers. They should bury their face in shame for not upholding the dignity and honour of journalism. What remains of a state whose media is government owned and controlled if not ruins and death?

Mazi Nnamdi kanu, no need to explain can never go into hiding for any man or any reason. If there is someone that has gone I to eternal hiding, that person is muhammadu buhari. And the compromised brown envelope Nigerian

media should do the people the favour of finding out where their president is hiding and should stop seeking for cheap popularity with reporting fallacies about KANU and the struggle for that only exposes their flaws the more.

Published/Edited  by : Anyi Kings 
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