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This week’s edition of Hard Truth will be x-raying the sincerity in the threat by some faceless lawyers in Anambra state to report Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB to the court and several international bodies. Our attention have been drawn to some press statements credited to a group of faceless Nigerian lawyers who claim to be protecting the right of civilians and therefore have decided to drag IPOB to court for declaring that they will not participate in any Nigeria organised elections beginning with the Anambra State election. We shall be looking into the legality of their threat as learned members of the bar they ought to be, the planned boycott of Anambra state election and also the illegality of kicking against it by the supposed lawyers. Once again, Godwin Chinedu, Odirachinma Ezeobi and Chinenye Chukwu, all of Biafra Reporters welcomes you to this week edition of HARD TRUTH. Take note, when you talk about election you talk about the people and when you talk about the people you talk about the peoples’ mandates; suffrage or franchise. What is election? This is the process by which the people choose their leader[s] through a secret open ballot system. Have it in mind that it is not a FORCEFUL process that everyone in that given society must participate in it; no! Rather this is borne out of passion or flair in the people to have a representative that will represent their interest in their socio-economic and socio-political well being of his or her constituents. The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, is a non violent organization and are not disrupting the elections but boycotting it in totality. The online English dictionary defines ‘boycott’ as to abstain either as an individual or group from using, buying or dealing with someone or some organization as an expression of protest.

Lack of good conduct and mannerism in this faceless group of lawyers is very visible; first they have to cite before us where it is stipulated in the constitution that every adult in the state must participate in an electioneering process. When you dissect this threat by these faceless individuals in the Anambra state government payroll, you would understand the political undertone behind this charade believing that their threat will frighten IPOB into submission. Do not be surprise that the court will find them culpable of a fine for bringing false claims and allegation against IPOB.

Recall that Martin Luther King Jr., during his revolutionary days as an activist fighting for the rights of the black people in America used civil disobedience to liberate his people from the clutches of white supremacy. He boycotted the use of white and black painted bus to work by the blacks if all cannot be treated equal as in the sight of men and before God; and this worked out perfectly for him without any form of contradictions or condemnation rather it awaken the consciousness of men to address that issue at that moment. Election boycott is a legitimate form of civil disobedience to use when the citizens feel they have being abandoned by the government of the day all along. Boycotting the elections simply means you are not engaging the government in arms struggle rather registering your displeasure with the government in a civilized form. Many social and political reformists views this method as the peaceful option to avoid bloodshed of the innocent. Rather than engage in any form of violence, the people have decided to stay away from all government activities in order to disclose their displeasure with the status quo. Civil disobedience is internationally recognized as an instrument of power that belongs to the people which can be effectively used against any oppressive regime. It is disheartening that the Nigerian media outlets are writing and giving reports which indicate that they are biased and paid agents employed to tarnish the efforts of IPOB in the quest for the restoration of Biafra.

Most times, I wonder if those journalists and commentators are truly educated as they claim; Nnamdi Kanu did not say that election will not hold in Biafra land nor did he say that the people of Biafra are going to disrupt election in Biafra land. Nnamdi Kanu clearly said that his people are going to boycott every Nigeria organized elections in any part of Biafra land until a date for referendum is given. IPOB does not intend to disrupt the elections in whatever form. The false claim of disruption as stated by the group of faceless lawyers is to antagonize IPOB but they will fail woefully. It is advisable for them to come up with superior reasoning instead of issuing unnecessary threats. The peoples’ right to vote can be measured as suffrage or franchise to which I will discuss a bit further. What is suffrage? ‘Suffrage’ means the right or chance an adult have to vote and express an opinion or participates in a decision concerning them in a given country; this can also be attributed to be a vote in deciding a particular question. ‘Franchise’ is the right to vote at a public election or referendum. So when you digest and dissect the meaning and outcome of those words, you will agree with me that the power lies in the people to decide and not a few individuals who parade themselves as faceless lawyers. The people here is the government and it is the people who decide who represents them and not Governor Willie Obiano and his paid lawyers.

Without wasting much time on the meaning and legality of the boycott order from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu which comrade Chinenye Chukwu had factually explained, I will like to at once take on the morality, the sincerity of such threat from the so-called lawyers. It remains clear in the minds of Biafrans; the massacre that took place in Anambra state on May 30th 2016, when our people were mowed down with guns and ammunition that found their way into the hands of heartless Hausa/Fulani BokoHaram in army uniform and well supervised by the federal forces.

The killing took place right in Anambra state and many lost their lives while thousands were injured. Like I said, the incident which evidences still abound even Amnesty International confirmed same but the lawyers from hell are till date not found condemning such heinous crime not to talk of dragging the perpetrators to any local court here in Nigeria. These same lawyers are jumping up today claiming to be protectors of human right. Are protectors of human right not supposed to protect human life as the basic of human right? A lifeless body has no business with right to freedom of expression and what have you. Are the learned counsels that are dreaming of dragging IPOB to court not aware of the fundamental human rights? Were they on holiday in London when the massacre against Biafrans took place? If so, what was their response as they came back to Nigeria?

Which is more important? The blood of innocent Anambarians that was shed on the streets of Nkpor for no just cause or the ambitions of corrupt politicians who seeks our mandate in order to continue milking us dry and shoot at us at any slightest provocation? On a personal note, I am not adding my opinion against these shameless lawyers of Willie Obiano for dreaming of dragging IPOB to court rather I am more baffled of their claim of fighting for the rights of the people. They have proven from their body language that they are doing the biddings of their masters. They laugh when they are instructed and force tears down their cheeks when they are instructed. They lack the moral justification to claim to be fighting for human rights while they all went on holiday while Biafrans were massacred in their own land for no reason.

It is laughable that some unscrupulous agents who claim to be legal advocates are so clueless about the tenets of democracy but what do you expect in this contraption called Nigeria where people go to school for six months and go on strike for the next three and half year. That is why they end up producing lawyers “who cannot even defend their call to the bar” just like we have seen in the action of this group of faceless Nigerian lawyers in Anambra state. I will start by correcting the impression of these Anambra lawyers, our only objective is the restoration of Biafra. We want to be addressed as Biafrans first before referring to me as an Anambarian, come to think of it who are the so called Anambarian that those incompetent lawyers are representing? I am an Anambarian, I hail from Nneobi Idemili L.G.A, and I can confirm to everyone that our people are very glad to hear that our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu granted our request on boycotting the November 18th governorship election. Participating in elections under the fantastically corrupt system in Nigeria violates our human right and that of the entire Biafra people. Also, I want to remind those brown envelope lawyers who are speaking for themselves and not me and our good people here in Anambra state. We voted for Mr. Peter Obi under this same evil contraption but he connived with the federal government and killed our people at Ezu River. Not too long ago, we witnessed the killing of Biafrans in Ozublu by the same Hausa/Fulani BokoHaram in army uniform. Willie Obiano expects us to vote but he cannot be bold enough to tell the world the truth of what really transpired in Ozubulu on that Sunday morning, he is busy aiding and abating these terrorists because the Nigeria government has terrorised him to a state of coma. Now you can see for yourself who is actually violating our right as a people; the Nigerian government asking us to vote or our leader who has always represented our collective interest? I also want to remind them that in a democracy, election boycott remains a civil way to protest or make your demands known. The entire people of Biafra (Anambra state included) came together and decided not to participate in any election organised by the Nigeria government, this we presented to our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Those saying that Nnamdi Kanu is boycotting Anambra state election are mistaken because it is the will of the people of Biafra in making a clear demand for a date of referendum to put to rest the argument that the unity of a failed state as Nigeria is not negotiable. I am very glad when I heard they filed a case at the AU, EU and UN against IPOB, I cannot wait for the case to be called up so we will as always expose to world the mess in Nigeria judiciary.

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