The Declaration Of Indigenous People of Biafra As A Terrorist Organization By The Nigerian Army; The Army Denial By Chief Of Army Staff - Lt.Gen.Yusuf Burutai] The South-Eastern Governors Proscription Order On The Activities Of Indigenous People of Biafra And The Quick Response By The Nigerian Judiciary To Perfect The Order

By Mazi Odirachinma - The Anchor Man; Mr. Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - The Guest September 27, 2017 There has been heavy pandemonium or would i rightly say reactions trailing this whole event and the mess it has thrown Nigeria into since this declaration was made.....

Good day eminent Biafrans and good conscientious people of the world, on this day September 23, 2017 Biafra Reporters will be analyzing in sequence the unfounded declaration of IPOB a terrorist organization by the Nigerian Army; the proscription on IPOB activities by the South-East Governors and the ugly help of the Nigerian Judiciary to stamp in the unconstitutional demand by these set of Government mercenaries.
As stated above, Biafra Reporters are going to explore, and discuss in greater details the recent activities leading to uproars in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria [The Biafra Nation]. The measures already taken, put in place by the Nigerian Government and her criminal minded agents in their desperation to stop the peaceful agitation initiated by the Indigenous People of Biafra seeking for their inalienable rights of self-determination through a United Nations supervised referendum; and the constitutional blunders it has generated, orchestrated by the criminal minded agents of the Nigerian Government.
Biafra Reporters have been following events, and studying the developments as they  unfold; we wish to throw much introspection on the evils of certain declarations, illegality and hypocrisy of the Islamic Nigerian Army; the South-East Governors and The Nigerian Judiciary arm.

Comrade Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi, What do you have to say or contribute on this issues of Nigerian Military declaration on Indigenous People of Biafra as a terrorist organization; the proscription by the South-East Governors; and the fraudulent pronouncement by the Nigerian Judiciary to help the criminal minded agents cement their evil acts against humanity?

Eke[Respondent]: Thank you once again Mazi Odirachinma Ezeobi and the host of others in this news room for granting me this opportunity on your platform of hard truth; i must say i am honored. First as a political commentator and analyst I must kick start by telling you gentle men of the press that the parties involved in this quagmire acted out of frustration and neglect of the law. The Nigerian Army acted on a script being downplayed to them by the coalition of Arewa Youths and their elders; the Nigerian Army are not in tune with world modern scientific military practices, this is the first thing to beacon on.
In International or world modern scientific military practices as to have an enabling environment to tag a group or body a terrorist outfit or organization there must be what is called or known as "terrorism tendencies"; then come back and ask yourselves do the Indigenous People of Biafra has such and the answer is No!. Then what is terrorism tendencies? These are acts in motion of carrying out terrorism attacks on unsuspecting/suspecting people and public places by acts of indoctrinations using lethal weapons, improvised explosives devices and sophisticated guns [assaulted rifles] to cause death in tolls and afterwards claims responsibility of such heinous crimes against humanity. What I mean here by unsuspecting people is; at times, instead of the terrorist to miss his or her target in action of not delivering his or her assignment to the designated area or place might choose to unleash mayhem on soft targets, the innocent people that come in contact with him or her; secondly the suspecting people is when the terrorist has been detailed of a particular place or people to unleash mayhem on; for instance :- Religious places, Schools, Open market, Motor parks, villages etc.

Going by the fraudulent 1999 constitution of Nigeria; section 4-6 and its subsections granted and recognized the powers vested in the Legislative arm of Government to enact  such law of proscription on any individual group[s], then the Judiciary headed by a Judge will interpret it on-ground to proscribed an organization with terrorism tendencies or evidences abounds which will be signed into law by the executive and gazetted in the Federal journals; but this has the Nigerian Army and her South-East Governors violated and usurped the constitutional powers of the legislatures and the Judiciary. The criminal minded Nigerian Government and her agents failed to come to terms that the constitution they swore an oath to uphold have in it freedom of all that democracy is situated upon. The Government and her agents cannot overturn the freedom of the people to expression, speech, press, worship, right to life, information, assembly and association.

Another area that the Nigerian Army goofed in their declaration of Indigenous People of Biafra as a terrorist organization was where the Nigerian Army cited that members of the Indigenous People of Biafra used sticks and stones on them against the invasion caused by the Nigerian Military on armoured tanks and assaulted rifles; there was no mention of bombing; shooting on the invading army rather the Nigerian army killed without a reprisal attack yet have the effrontery to declare a people peacefully living in their various homes terrorists Org, then  the question is who is fooling who ?
. The South-East Governors are men without balls beneath; I have always questioned what happened to the sense of an average black man all my entire life as an adult who can make out reason in a much difficulty times, five persons that we handed over our collective mandates went ahead to proscribed us. The insincerity of a black man cannot be measured with anything measuring instruments; five individuals proscribed the activities of over 70 million people because of the crumb the enjoy as allocation from the federal treasury. These degguted men were seen nowhere nor to have any meaningful meeting[s] where it was seen either in secrecy or open condemned the activities of the marauding Islamic herdsmen that ravaged and pillaged their people's farm lands; killed their fathers and sons, rapped their mothers and sisters while some were left to die in pains; inference from the terrorism index certified this Hausa-Fulani herdsmen as the 4th dreadful terrorist organization in the world and neither did we see this five misguided Governors proscribed their activities in Biafra nor write to the Attorney General of the Nigeria Federation, The President of Nigeria or the Senate but were jittery and quick to condemned the Indigenous People of Biafra over their stance on election boycott.

When you talk of a bunch of confused set of persons make inference with the five South-East Governors; repeatedly they have goofed and failed woefully on upholding their constitutional jurisprudence of saving lives and properties of their people, with this recent attack on their people by proscribing them, it has become expedient that the excesses of these degutted five men be check-mated. In what capacity of law do they drive the power to proscribe their people if not that they are downplaying a script written to them to act upon by the Arewa Sokoto Caliphate.

Their gimmick cannot stop the Indigenous People of Biafra this time around and in future sake rather they should channel their respective energies into advising their principal Mohammadu Buhari to conduct referendum to this people. The injudicious pronouncement made by the corrupt and biased Justice Abdul Kafarati of the Abuja Federal High Court has really shown that this biased and tele-guided judge is an APC lackey; working in tandem with the demand made by the Arewa North to proscribe the Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist organization without evidences to substantiate his ruling, we also have it in good spirit to challenge this biased judge Kafarati that same Abuja Federal High Court on the 1st and 6th day of March 2017 in her ruling made an open pronouncement of IPOB being legal and legit organization to carry out their activities without being kidnapped, tortured, molested and being extra judicial killed by the Federal Government security operatives and till this date the Nigerian Government being the prosecutor has not challenge this ruling rather we saw with dismay the inglorious move by this criminal judge to proscribe the Indigenous people of Biafra a terrorist organization without terrorism tendencies or evidences that abounds, we simply demand that this criminal in a judge cloak license be revoked and his academic qualifications subject to further assessment.
I thank you my guest for this wonderful expository; we will like to have you back sometime on some critical issues concerning Nigerian Government and her politics towards the Biafra question. Eke [Respondent]: Alright I would gladly obliged if I am on my spare time; because I am always heavily engage with so many essay works and writings. Thanks

Eke [Respondent]: Alright I would gladly obliged if I am on my spare time; because I am always heavily engage with so many essay works and writings. Thanks

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